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Leno Takes One on the Chin from Conan

1/12/2010 2:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno's chin is an easy (and big) target -- and last night, Conan O'Brien took a swing at it while going over his options for what to do next.

Conan O'Brien: Click to watch
As we previously reported, Conan has three options, one of which can net him up to $80 mil -- and no, "Hire Gary Busey as head of programming" isn't one of the 'em ... though that would be awesome.


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I wonder if Conan could be lured back to The Simpsons. Everybody wins.

1711 days ago


I love him! I'll watch him where ever. NBC are a bunch of flaming asssssholes!!!

1711 days ago

Tia C    

I am a Jay fan, not a Conan fan, but this is hilarious! This whole thing is such a mess. NBC has not treated either man fairly. I don't blame Conan one bit for feeling the way he obviously does. What a humorous way to vent!

1711 days ago


Conan's the best! I absolutely hate Leno (he probably knew he was going to do this all along) what a jerk!

Hope Conan wins in the end...he's way more talented.

1711 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Conan IMO has less reason to complain than Leno has. CoCo strong armed his way into the Tonight Show spot. When he renegotiated his contract in 2004, he told NBC he had another offer (Fox), so Jeff Zucker told Coco that if he stayed he would give him the Tonight Show in 2009. Jay was then told he was going to be "retired" in 2009 and the Tonight Show would be Coco's. This even though Jay had the Tonight Show at #1.

As Jay's forced retirement neared, Jay started considering other networks. Zucker, who didn't want Coco to have to compete against Jay, then came up with the idea to put Jay at 10:00 and save the network money because Jay's show is cheaper to produce than drama shows. Jay accepted. Jay was never expected to have top ratings and the network was happy because Jay was making 10:00 profitable for them again.

Two problems developed:

1. The affiliates didn't like it because people don't watch their 11:00 newscasts without people already tuned to the channel (that's how good their newscasts are), and less viewers at 10 then the less viewers at 11. Plus the affiliates could have thrown a monkey wrench into the Comcast deal if NBC didn't appease them.

2. Conan tanked and made the Tonight Show less profitable.

It's all about money. Jay didn't do a damn thing to Coco. This was all Zucker's doing.

Coco needs to stop the whining. What did he expect? Did he really think that if NBC played Jay that dirty, they wouldn't do it to him?

1711 days ago


Smooth Criminals is absolutely right. Conan made his demands and Zucker caved which started the whole chain reaction.

I personally think Conan isn't funny or even entertaining. If he left show business altogether, I don't think a lot of people would miss him.

Leno is kind of neutral on a lot of things so he's not as interesting as he could be.

Letterman needs to retire. He's just as dumb as Conan.

Craig Fergusen is pretty funny and cutting edge for network viewing.

All the others are pretty much just filler.

1711 days ago


Jay made a decision to leave and then changed his mind. Every since then, he has been just lurking around hoping that he could be going back. NBC decided to have Conan host after Jay announced he would be leaving but then Jay changed his mind. I am so sick of Jay Leno and all of his insulting remarks. His Jay Walking is only a way to show how uneducated people are about news and events in this country. He loves having people play a trivia game on there only if they don't know anything and he is always saying how fat Americans are. He just isn't funny anymore at all!! I just love Conan and he is doing a fantastic job as are all of the crew who moved to LA with him! His band is fantastic too! Leave Conan alone and Jay needs to move on!!!

1711 days ago


I think Conan had to work harder than Leno over the years. Leno was able to ride the back of the 'Tonight Show' monster. Personally, I enjoy Conan's wit, charm, and overall sense of humor moreso than Leno.

1711 days ago


Love Conan. Very funny. While I respect everyone's opinion about who they like better (unlike some idiots who post here)I have to say that if Jay was not ready to retire he should not have agreed to it FIVE years ago. And if NBC wasn't so greedy to try to keep both talents this mess would not be happening. Conan was given the Tonight Show let him have his chance. What if Carson had done a "Here's Johnny Show" right before Jay 17 years ago? Jay would have tanked. Everyone says "poor Jay he was forced to retire" did NBC hold a gun to his head? No. So he and NBC need to live with the decision and stop screwing Conan.

1711 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

There's a lot of people posting here who really don't know what they're talking about.

I saw last night after watching Coco how many people here who bash Leno actually watch Coco. That would be -0-.

Not one person commented on Coco's show right after it ended or before this article went up.

So the great Coco fans here don't even watch Coco. What a sham.

1711 days ago

Just sayin'    

WOOT! Go CONAN!!!!!!

1711 days ago


Conan should be given more time on the Tonight Show and Leno should just retire. Hmmm, what does Leno do to always get favors from NBC? Letterman Carson`s favorite had to go to CBC and now NBC and their puppet Leno are pushing Conan to Fox and whiny Leno will get his way again.

1711 days ago


Can you see into everyone's house all over North America Smooth Criminals? That's quite a talent. Maybe you should have your own show.

1711 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Too bad, Pat.

BTW what new character did Conan have on last night?

I'll give you 1 minute to reply--no googling allowed.

1711 days ago


I will never watch Jay again! This sounds like something the spoiled chin cried for and got. Conan is much funnier anyway.

1711 days ago
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