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Octomom Not Fit For Fitness

1/12/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Octomom Nadya Suleman works out in the middle of the night ... it's easier to get into the gym when you're persona non grata.

Octomom Not Fit For Fitness

We found out Octomom fell behind on her membership fees at least three times at 24 Hour Fitness. Looks like the gym has a 3 strikes rule, because our sources say Octomom's membership was yanked January 4.

As for what led up to the termination ... Octo apparently used at least two credit or debit cards that were declined.

Suggestion -- if Octo needs a workout, she can lift her 14 kids.



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Ronald Raygun    

Back a few months ago we didn't anything about this cretin. Now, all of a sudden, she is back in the tabloids. I mean TMZ isn't nearly as credible as some rag such as the National Enquirer, but come on already!!

1747 days ago


The funniest part of this ongoing "story" is TMZ wondering WHY she's in the gym in the middle of the night? Do any of you that work there happen to be mothers? Good luck if you get a chance to use the BATHROOM at home during the day, much less work out. Yeah, yeah, I know she has nannies and runs around on errands during the day, but the simple reason is b/c that's when she has the time to do it, boneheads! Can't stand her, think she's a nutjob and had no right to bear all of those children, etc...but it's not some big mystery why she's there at that time. As much as I hate her, gotta give her kudos for hauling her butt to the gym at that time (or any time).

1747 days ago


Shouldn't this thing be at home watching her herd in the middle of the night? She's the one who wanted 14 of them. Clearly she is a fantastic mother. No doubt trying to lighten up that fat ass for her TV show. The show I will not be watching because her giant forehead and fish lips freak me out.

1747 days ago


TMZ did nothing wrong, they are terrific at sleuthing info, it is their job. Besides, Octo's Gym dues were paid by state aid- our money.

1747 days ago


She works out in the middle of the night & someone else is loving her babies, I am guessing when she sleeps in - in the mornings (because she has been at the gym all night )someone else is loving her babies... Wonder if she ever is home just to love her kids?

1747 days ago


Thank you, TMZ for outing this parasite! She's on welfare. She has 14 kids and no job. We taxpayers were footing the bill for her gym membership. Oops--guess she spent that welfare money on pedicures, false eyelashes and trips to the mall. She should be home taking care of her children instead of showing off her plastic-surgeried body at the gym. Stay home, SKANK!

1747 days ago


If Octomom got in shape by going to that gym, then if the gym had management with any business development wit, you'd think they'd approach her to do some promotion for her and give her the membership free along with a contract as spokesperson. Instead they're letting this unique and high potential situation slip out of their hands. Looks like she did her part, at a great deal of personal effort. The gym just wants to take money, obviously they aren't there because they are concerned about people or health or anyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if their staff are paid minimum wage minus slave labor union dues. You know the type. BOYCOTT 24 HOUR FITNESS UNTIL THEY GIVE HER A FREE MEMBERSHIP!

1747 days ago


Geez people, this woman has a lot of kids to take care of, you know her lacking on her gym fees isn't that surprising nor is it the end of the world. I don't agree with what she did to have all those kids and yeah it was stupid but the fact is she has those kids now, they are here and all these bottom feeders like TMZ and others making her life hell isn't doing a thing but hurting those kids. If you hate the ground she walks on then fine but just remember those babies and they have it hard enough already. As for whoever reported the situation, If were her I'd find out and sue their asses off.

1747 days ago


Oops, maybe it's time for her to pimp out some more kid picks so she can pay for her gym membership.

1747 days ago


Uh, PolarBear? Why would any reputable company want to align itself with someone so vilified and maligned? What kind of message would it send--"Hey--I'm a welfare cheat and Workman's Comp defrauder and I got a FREE gym membership! 24-Hour Fitness can't get anyone else as a spokesperson!" Der....

1747 days ago

the DQ    

Thank you TMZ for disclosing what this nasty flaky as* bitch spends money on (eg - manicures, pedicures, gym memberships, etc). Damn c*** better not be collecting ANY welfare of any kind.

1747 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Hey PolarBear....thank you for my laugh of the day.

Like ANY company would want that "welfare" and worker's comp cheat and liar as a spokesperson.

Giving her kids horsie rides, jumping on a trampoline, having five back to back pregnancies ending with an octuplet pregnancy. Bad back my azz! YET she got tens of thousands of dollars due to her BAD back! (There are photos and videos.)

I wouldn't give that skanky scammer the time of day, never mind a free membership.

Let her get a JOB and work to support all the kids she says she wanted. At the least, she should stay home and do (most of) the child care herself!

1747 days ago


Sheeeesh shes an ugly mama!!! hope the kids dont have her mouth .....

1747 days ago


Last year at this time she was in the hospital waiting to give birth to the octuplets. Her six other children, three of whom were on disability (autism, speech delays, adhd), were living with her mother in a rundown three bedroom house that was on the verge of foreclosure. Nadya did not have a home for those babies,a crib for them to sleep in or diapers or bottles. She set up a website for donations "for the babies" and the cash went to Starbucks and shopping sprees and gym memberships for herself. Horrible. Hi peanut miss you guys.

1747 days ago


Hopefully, the next time she's in this position is when she's trying to fight off Big Bertha in the prison showers. People in jail don't like child neglecters.

1747 days ago
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