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Accusations Fly in Sudden Deaths of MJ Giraffes

1/13/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The owners of two celebrity giraffes -- which once belonged to Michael Jackson and roamed freely in Neverland -- are crying "foul play" after the animals mysteriously died.


PETA sounded alarms this morning when news broke of the giraffes deaths, pointing fingers at the Banjoko Wildlife Preserve in Page, Arizona -- where the giraffes had been living since 2006 -- claiming the preserve was responsible for the deaths due to "improper feeding and/or exposure to cold temperatures."

TMZ spoke with the Banjoko Preserve founder, Freddie Hancock, and she tells us -- "We suspect foul play with the giraffes. There is no other explanation for their deaths. There is currently a police investigation going on. Someone has hurt these giraffes, they were healthy."

A necropsy is currently underway to establish an official cause of death -- but Hancock insists the animals were well taken care of: "There is no sign of infection, abuse, or neglect."

The giraffes -- named JJ and Rambo -- had been at the center of a vicious legal battle between Banjoko and the local city council over a $100,000 bond to cover the animals in case of emergency.


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1701 days ago


As you can see from my last post, it helps to do a little research. Here is a little bit of facts I found on the internet.
Giraffe Adaptions
Giraffes have amazing adaptions that help them with their lifestyle in the wild. Because giraffes grow to a very tall height, it gives them access to a level of foliage beyond reach of all other large browsing animals all except possibly, the elephant. Along with their height, giraffes have an incredible array of adaptations. For example, their skin colouring provides excellent camouflage, as it has many different patches of variable size and colour.

Giraffes skin is very thick, so it provides ample protection and insulation. Also, the giraffe's long eyelids keep out ants and sense thorns on the branches of the trees from which they browse. The valves in veins of the neck control a huge rush of blood to the head when leaning over; this prevents unconsciousness. There is also a network of capillaries in the brain called the 'wonder-net'. It acts rather like a shock absorber and is another part of the system that prevents unconsciousness. (Also see 'Anatomy' for more facts about the giraffes neck).

Don't believe what people say, do your own research. The truth is so much more fasinating than misguided words. People say things out of spite, jeolousy and because they are miserable in their own skin, so they want to promote negitive feelings. It is very sad.

1701 days ago



1708 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Join the zoo the WHITE VAN RIDES start in 1HR...

1708 days ago


It's an unusual situation...

1708 days ago

Pink Daisy    

Poor Rambo and Jabbar.
Does Giraffe taste like chicken?? just askin';)

1708 days ago


Watch out bubbles..

1708 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** Hope TMZ keeps us abreast of new and the testing results!....since we aren't made privy to any MJ autopsy or toxicology reports....maybe we can score with JJs and Rambos....RIP

1708 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Pizzes me off royally that Wacko had any of those animals. Narcissist, he was.

1708 days ago


How devastatingly sad. Peta, I'm right behind you in support. Go get 'em!

1708 days ago


I hope they find out what happened to them but I would not hand the other two over to Peta if my life depended on it. That group is crazy and they have way to many skeletons in their closet.

1708 days ago


Peta = People Eating Tasty Animals

1708 days ago


thats sad I hope they find out what happened

1708 days ago


3. Join the zoo the WHITE VAN RIDES start in 1HR...

Posted at 12:22AM on Jan 13th 2010 by Puppet Master hints

What the hell did you just say?! Lmao there are some nuts on here.

1708 days ago


What about us?
My heart is hurting over this. First Michael's Tigers, Sabu and Thriller were in danger during the LA brush fires this past fall, and now Jabbar and Rambo...
Yes, I do think something is VERY rotten in Denmark. Someone is responsible for this, I can feel it. I don't know a lot about PETA except for the fact that they appear to go for the hype when it comes to animal activism. And now they're in a battle with the owners to take the remaining Giraffes? Sounds like this group is also trying to cash in on Michael's passing to get another 15 minutes for themselves.
Barb, you mentioned PETA has 'skeletons' in their closet. Can you (or anyone) expand on that?
BTW--I'm with you on that #8/Tellitlikeitis, January 18 is practically upon us and still no Official Autopsy. I would love to be patient and hooe for the best but the problem is I don't trust them to do the right thing and get justice for Michael. I'm convinced that unless a high profile person or entity intervenes, they will try to file his death away on technicalities.

1708 days ago
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