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Accusations Fly in Sudden Deaths of MJ Giraffes

1/13/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The owners of two celebrity giraffes -- which once belonged to Michael Jackson and roamed freely in Neverland -- are crying "foul play" after the animals mysteriously died.


PETA sounded alarms this morning when news broke of the giraffes deaths, pointing fingers at the Banjoko Wildlife Preserve in Page, Arizona -- where the giraffes had been living since 2006 -- claiming the preserve was responsible for the deaths due to "improper feeding and/or exposure to cold temperatures."

TMZ spoke with the Banjoko Preserve founder, Freddie Hancock, and she tells us -- "We suspect foul play with the giraffes. There is no other explanation for their deaths. There is currently a police investigation going on. Someone has hurt these giraffes, they were healthy."

A necropsy is currently underway to establish an official cause of death -- but Hancock insists the animals were well taken care of: "There is no sign of infection, abuse, or neglect."

The giraffes -- named JJ and Rambo -- had been at the center of a vicious legal battle between Banjoko and the local city council over a $100,000 bond to cover the animals in case of emergency.


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its obvious michael jackson had the animals killed by tito so he would have some food to eat in his crypt...and its reported that there is cable tv being watched in his casket and the shows are ,,boys to men and boys life..go figure,,joe jackson was wseen installing a cable into the crypt last week

1746 days ago


69. Mimi and your hundreds of other nics you post with: are you retarded and can't read the sign above? Why do you take every story pertaining to Micheal Jackson off topic? What does what you posted have to do with this story? nothing. Don't you think that is rude or you just don't think? Geesh, get a life already.

Posted at 11:31AM on Jan 13th 2010 by sad for the animals

I think you are being unfair to MiMi. Virtually EVERYONE here takes the stories off topic; why do you think there are so many posts per topic? If everyone came in, stayed on topic, posted their opinion and left, there would be about 25 posts in each topic. For some reason TMZ has become like a message board or a blog; I am guilty of it too.

I don't know who you are but I think your complaint is petty and you are just trying to stir up trouble. Leave MiMi alone, she is not hurting anyone, unlike SOME PEOPLE here do day in and day out.

1746 days ago


They died of a virus. PETA is so fanatical some times. Crazy is crazy no matter what intention it comes from.

1746 days ago


Maybe the giraffes were going to spill the beans on their love making sessions with Jacko.

1746 days ago


Thank you Deb. I appreciate your kind words.

Posters have been wondering why there had be no recent news of the children. Being this is the most recent MJ board I thought it appropriate to place the story here.

I suppose I could go back and add this to the "Kids Have A Baller of A Thanksgiving" board, but then no one would see there now would they...

1746 days ago


Max put out my flames baby cause I'm on FIRE!!!!!WE LOVE YOU MAX!!!!!

1746 days ago


These animals were so beautiful. They've had so much disruption in their lives since 2006. They lost a home that was familiar to them, and keepers they (presumably) had known most of their lives.

I've always wanted to pet one, but I've been told that their breath smells like fruit. The are very sweet and very gentle critters.

1746 days ago


The State of AZ just pulled funding from their University system due to lack of funds. It's not hard to imagine that citizens in a small community decided to take a potential bond issue into their own hands and do away with source of the problem. These giraffes have been doing fine for several years. For them both to die suddenly seems more than a little suspicious. Don't bet on the police making a serious investigation, though. Arizona is not known for their attention to human rights (ranks dead last in education and bottom five for healthcare), much less animal welfare. And before a bunch of gun-toting yahoos from the desert jump on my case about this, I am from AZ, so am not just randomly critical. Why doesn't the Jackson estate ensure funding to care the animals he took on?

1746 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

What pathetic losers to do this to innocent animals!!!!!!!I can not wait until Michael's kids get old enough to put a stop to this sort of thing!Horrible jerks,I hope these losers get criminal charges brought against them.We need tougher laws for so called humans that do this to an animal.

1746 days ago


These animals should have been treated with kid gloves. It is not fair that they died due to improper care. Both died? What a shame. Sue the crap out of them!

1746 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

Maybe the giraffes were going to spill the beans on their love making sessions with Jacko.

Posted at 11:46AM on Jan 13th 2010 by Deb

Everyone this is Michael's Giraffe. Bleeat Bleeeeeeat. Michael and I never made love, we just f*cked. BLEEAT BLEEEEEEAT!

1746 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

These animals should have been treated with kid gloves. It is not fair that they died due to improper care. Both died? What a shame. Sue the crap out of them!

Posted at 12:00PM on Jan 13th 2010 by Jeff

When mj was a lot less decomposed he would "handle" the giraffes with a sequined glove. If you get what I mean.

1746 days ago


Thank you MiMi for the info on Michaels' children, I've been wondering how their holiday was.

1746 days ago



1746 days ago


MiMi thanks for the info on the kids. hello everyone.Praying for justice for Michael and his children. I check here daily every morning searching for news but i also check the main search engines too. I dont always post because i dont like the cloning and the fighting some of it is so immature. I work full time and also care for my grand daughter but my thoughts are with all of you and you know who you are!

1746 days ago
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