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Idol's Skiiboski -- Dirtiest Ice Cream Man Ever

1/14/2010 3:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before the rambling, the hair carving and the misspelled shirts, Skiiboski from last night's "American Idol" was trying to make a name for himself by turning the skill set of an ice cream man into a giant scoop of sexual innuendo.

Skiiboski: Click to watch
Don't worry folks, you'll see him again in Hollywood ... if only briefly.


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ooooouuuuuffffff... why don't these losers just go away and leave space for the actual talented!

1710 days ago


black people are sooooooo embarrassing

1710 days ago


gangstas have no class....!get edumacation

1710 days ago


Dont have words for this. The sad thing is this guy probaly has 2 or 3 kids who have him to be there role model. How can you kep hope alive with trash talking punks like this.

1710 days ago


he is so gross and obnoxious. if he dropped his attitude and charactor he's trying to be, he'd be tolerable. he can sing, i'll give him that.

1710 days ago


Get this punk out of my sight, what a waste of good space.

1710 days ago


Yet another d******d to see on tv, what a gimp.

1710 days ago


Wow this guy is a super douche bag. Totally annoying on A.I last night.

How he acts and talks and carries himself over shadows his singing talents.

1710 days ago


2. black people are sooooooo embarrassing

Posted at 9:50AM on Jan 14th 2010 by thebigO

Read more:

fail. thats just not true and your a retard because all races do this:

ballon boy parent
hedi and spencer

so stfu you failure

1710 days ago


There's only one true Ice Cream Man..David Lee Roth!

1710 days ago

black folks    

2. black people are sooooooo embarrassing


wow...yeah i like how you ignore all the other ignorant and embarrassing white ppl that were on the show, like that redneck who was a clear and obvious retard nearly killing himself three times. you ignore his behavior and act like its not a reflection of the general white population..but you pinpoint this guy as a reflection of all black ppl.

its amazing to me how you ignorant ppl do that. skiiboski represents skiiboski..he doesnt represent the black population but whats the point arguing with you right?

1710 days ago


I agree, he wasn't that bad, and this video is funny. In no way though does it represent the African American community, this is one dude. Your not going to go judge the whole Caucasian community because of this comment, or the whole Argentinian community by Manu Ginobli of the San Antonio Spurs. It is people like you with comments like that, who delay a chance for world peace, while you are probably asking for it. Racism is still a problem in this country. And you just proved it. And Skiiboski I think very well could have some social disorder, or just be putting on an act like Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell.

1710 days ago


Simon told this guy NO, but the other people who
always just sit there said YES to him. This guy
will never be the next AI. He is bad looking and
cant sing. When I see him I want to barf.

1710 days ago

Karen Jackson    

Skiboski is just a Tyler Perry version of taken a little bit too far. The guy that did the pull your pants up do you know anything about if they are making that into a song. Is it true that the style came from prison when the men were not allowed to wear belts?

1710 days ago


How is it that TMZ has a AI contestant on it's site. I thought this was for celebrities?!?! Quit turning nobodies into somebodies TMZ!!!!!!

1710 days ago
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