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Susan Boyle's O Face

1/14/2010 2:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a fabulous and stylish 60-year-old, 48-year-old Internet sensation turned pop nana Susan Boyle changed out of her usual Paul McCartney drag and glammed up to tape an episode of Oprah in Chicago on Wednesday.


Can you believe Susan is just three years younger than Madonna?!


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Madonna has had 30 years and millions of dollars to spend on trainers, nutritionists, makeup artists, hairdressers, plastic surgeons (maybe), etc. Susan just got on the scene. Give her a break. She's a WAAAAYYYY better singer than Madonna!

1682 days ago


She is 48? Madonna looks like a teenager compared to her.

1682 days ago


um....I've seen your show. I'm not sure any of you should be commenting on someone else's wardrobe/appearance.
just sayin'....

1682 days ago


You guys are jerks.

1682 days ago


Great photos, totally ridiculous article. Yes I can believe Madonna is two years older than Susan. Madonna looks about as real as plastic flowers. Susan IS real and her fans don't want her any other way. Biggest difference though - Susan has a GREAT voice!

1682 days ago


WTF you guys?? She has amazing talent & has managed to make a name for herself with no sex scandal, drug addiction, plastic surgery etc etc that all the other useless idiots who are famous-for-nothing resort to to get noticed. And then you compare her to MADONNA? Someone who has had millions of dollars & hundreds of people to mold & change her to the mannequin she is today? Shame on you! Celebrate Susan! I, for one, congratulate her on accomplishing her dreams on TALENT ALONE!!

1682 days ago


susan is a class act. people, stop comparing her to madonna. madonna is looking quite bad these days. susan, who can actually sing, became famous only a year ago. and if she doesn't get trainers, plastic surgeons, what have you...i say good for her! i'm so sick of the typical stereo type for girls that the entertainment business puts on them. susan is a grown woman. she doesn't need to look like the next britney or any of the pop stars around today. she's got a beautiful voice and since she's here to sing, that's what it should be about...NOT her looks. i think she's adorable.

1682 days ago


Oh, a few surgeries (maybe 10 or 12) nose job, boob job, butt implants, chin job, brow lift, a little lipo, some blond extentions etc. and she'd be beautiful!! Totally do-able (my last relationship didn't mind my sugestions and she looks great!!) Hopefully she has low self-esteem too.

1682 days ago


One of the things that makes me feel good about the world is how fans respect Susan Boyle for her voice and not just superficial appearances.

And then theres tmz.

Be nice and try to act like respectable human beings.

1682 days ago


Can you believe Susan is just three years younger than Madonna?

Have you seen Madonna lately? - She looks like an 80 year old worn out rag. Seen her Tales from the Crypt hands lately?!

1682 days ago


I dunno, I think that she looks BETTER than the surgery addicted starlets. This is what 48 is supposed to look like. Hard for you hollyweird denizens to recall that, I suppose.

1682 days ago


What catty and demeaning comments about Ms Boyle. Civility and politeness definitely are not a part of the TMZ ethic. I remember Harvey Levin from years ago when he would slog around the LA area on channel 9 news and act the fool. Now I guess he thinks he is really something and feels that being demeaning is the big money maker of the day. Maybe he is right but...Harvey...shame on you for publishing such trash. Your Mom must be really disappointed in you.

1682 days ago


I think she looks BEAUTIFUL - dont compare her to anyone but herself - Madonna scratched her way to the top - being sexually assaulted to get there - AND Madonna is a dancer as well - STOP SEXUALIZING EVERYTHING AND EXPECTING EVERY WOMAN TO BE A PLAYBOY MODEL - ITS DEGRADIN -- MR. LEVIN WE DONT GO WALKING AROUND MAKING FUN OF SHORT MEN OR MAYBE WE SHOULD START AND LET YOU SEE HOW IT FEELS.

1682 days ago


Susan Boyle sold 7 million CD's in 6 weeks. And she is not done yet! I know that bugs many of you cause she just does not fit in your drink-drug-sex-addicted mean-snarky-is cool mold.

Susan and her fans are laughing (politely and discreetly, of course) at you, TMZ.

1682 days ago

Fran M.    

Susan looks like the beautiful 48 year-old that she is. She is real. Madonna is fake.

1682 days ago
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