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The Bachelor & The Producer

Who'd You Rather?

1/14/2010 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka (left) -- and Ryan Callahan (right), the producer who got fired after allegedly hooking up with Rozlyn.

Jake Pavelka & Ryan Callahan
Question is ...


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What was Rozlyn thinking? Probably trying to further her modeling career by hooking up with someone in the business. Glad she got the boot. She was obviously really coniving anyway.

She was not in the show for Jake...just to further her own career by getting some face time on national TV. It wouldn't surprise me if she wanted this scandal. We all know that with scandal...comes a lot of publicity.

1709 days ago


Keep in mind this poll is based on looks alone and no one has really proved that anything really happened between them. If it did, perhaps he is a nice man. Honestly, I find Jake a little annoying with his constant smile and incessant moaning about nice guys finishing last.

1709 days ago


Anyone with 20/20 eyesight would pick Jake but Jake has something "odd" about him that I can't put my finger on yet. He is too perfect and life tells me that no one is really that perfect. I have a feeling he may have some skeletons in his closet somewhere too.

With that said.. Roz looks like a gold digging bitch and of course a "producer" could help her with her career in some way....if this wasn't true she would have denied it up and down that very night!!

1709 days ago


if this guy was wrongfully fired -- that nothing inappropriate happened like miss roz claims -- then he should have legal recourse. The real story will come out eventually.

1709 days ago


Forget paying for SuleMOM's gym membership, we need to take up a collection to get Roz some glasses.

1709 days ago

oc gurly gurl    

Rozlyn was/is a scandalous fame Wh#$e. I am gland she is gone. And Jake is HOT!

1709 days ago


the whole thing was probably created for drama and to showcase rozlyn! ABC knows how to do drama!LOL

1709 days ago


Apparently SOMETHING was going on.. no one can prove sex if they aren't actually in the room with them. And for the idiots who are complaining that Jake can have access to 25 women and they can't do the same, well, duh stupid they are suppose to be there for Jake!! If not then get the hell out.

I am just confused as to how none of the girls saw any of this. They all looked shocked. How did they keep this a secret from them is my question. Wouldn't they have seen Roz with this guy??

1709 days ago


It never was about finding true love for her, it was love of money.
She thought he was a big time producer. Rozlyn floated Ryan's boat
thinking he could advance her career. Instead he loses his job, she
gains notoriety and will now make lots of money for appearances at
parties, nightclubs and TV talk shows. If she ended up with Jake,
she would have dumped him after the finale.

1709 days ago


Can you say "PRODUCER", That is the reason she was with him. She wanted a career.I feel sorry for his wife.

1709 days ago


I have to agree with London #23 and the few who find Jake odd and annoying. I do also, and he annoys me some reason. It is hard to say why, he reminds me of this old show really old show "Its Howdy Doody time." He reminds me of howdy doody. He plays a victim role to much I personally don't care for that type of man. As the show progresses I might feel differently. I wish him the best in his search for love. As for the girl, well she made a mistake and was not genuine in her relationship with Jake.

1709 days ago


OMG are you kidding me???? WTF??!! I thought he was a contestant on the Biggest Loser!! No wonder she wouldn't admit to doing what she did! OMG!!!

1709 days ago


Jake has some SERIOUS lines on his face. He looks like a shar pei. Must have a lot of flight hours. Moisturize

1709 days ago


Is it just me, or does he look kinda like an older version of Jonah Hill?

1709 days ago


Seeing what the guy looks like reinforces my thinking that she is telling the truth moreso than ABC. Betting she might of played nice to him to get in contact with her son and he fell for it. I do believe whatever happened .. it didn't involve sex.

1709 days ago
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