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Michael Jackson's Kids - Best Allowance Ever!

1/15/2010 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's kids just got their allowance upped -- from $60,000!

TMZ obtained court documents showing that Wednesday, the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case increased the monthly allowance, which totals $60,000 for Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

Sources tell TMZ the reason for the change -- the accounts guardian and lawyers underestimated the monthly expenses.

We don't know how much they're getting now, but it's a good bet Prince won't be slinging newspapers on your front porch anytime soon.


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Peace Be Still - Pt. 3
Sorry this is late but for some reason TMZ sent into sailing into Never Neverland. But since I see the discussion is continuing on, Here we go. Now watch this really closely as it's probably the only time I'm going to get into this response thing:
Re: #1030, 1035, 1037,et al.: -First, Bunny: Thanks for yet another great link. Please stay in the fight for justice for Michael. It amazes me some of the research and links you come up with. I aspire to be able to do so also.
-BTW: Thanks to you and Butterfly for your support. Got to keep it real, you know.
-Second, Tellit: I'm going to say this also with L.O.V.E. despite the animosity going on here; I'm sorry you and your buddy found my post so long but I'm glad to hear that at least YOU read it so now I know you're a little more educated than you were. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat know the drill.
-Second, I'm sorry that my post offended you and out of all of that all you got is that I was attacking you and other posters but again I ask you; if you go to a story blog on a certain individual and CONSISTENTLY post negative comments about them, they are NOT going to be happy about it. You and others like you have got to get that if you don't get anything else. You had a problem with my last post but how many posts of yours and others do I read on a regular basis that are negative--clearly you think MJ supporters are crazy and dumb just like Ric because you seem to think we don't see through your numerous posts like that last one on the World Music Awards. Why do you think we need to see that garbage? Believe me nobody is interested--that is nobody who has a life. As I stated before I am, have been and always will be a MJ Supporter and I refuse to put up with threats and condescending attitudes from non-supporters. I may not agree with your opinion but I know this is America, God help us, so you're's what made this country so great, right? BTW--Did you see how I pulled that off? Another long post (well I tried to keep it short but guess it didn't work) WITHOUT ANY PROFANITY...I ADMONISH (there goes that word again) you to try it. Peace

1740 days ago


-Second, Tellit: I'm going to say this also with L.O.V.E. despite the animosity going on here; I'm sorry you and your buddy found my post so long but I'm glad to hear that at least YOU read it so now I know you're a little more educated than you were. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat know the drill.

And here is MY opinion; since you can't seem to leave Tell alone, yes I said that post was too long and felt no need to read it. Are you saying I'm 'uneducated' because your post put me to sleep? I do hope not, because as nice as I can be on here, it can change at the drop of a single smartass comment, so let's not go there, mkay? And lay off of Tell, she's as entitled to her opinion as you are; only hers don't put me into a coma.

1740 days ago


As long as the kids are happy, Michael would be happy too.

1739 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Tellitlikeitis and Holmes you two are boring.

1739 days ago


1050 must be steve the troll who
never gets any thing right

1739 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Tellitlikeitis and Holmes are very boring.VOTE YES 29 NO 2

1739 days ago


1050. Tellitlikeitis and Holmes you two are boring.

Posted at 7:47PM on Jan 19th 2010 by Jerry Springer SHOW

Whatsamatta; your sister outrun you again?

1739 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Tellitlikeitis,Holmes they are still boring Vote 76 No 2

1739 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

VOTE 102 NO 1

1739 days ago


Re: #1024 by Cher
I can enjoy good humor as much as the next guy but when you constantly bring up those false Molestation allegations, that's where I get off. You say the Crazy fans lack intelligence, even created a name--Jacksontologists, but every day you are here with them. Wonder what name we should come up with for you and others like you? You not only don't care for Michael by the tone of your posts, but you also don't know much about him which I find odd...I would never spend that much time defaming someone without first educating myself on them.

Read more:

I really reading your comment about these people who don't know much about Michael but are keen to believe what the tabliod written, start the hate on him and carrying on to accuse him for what he's innocent.

Even the FBI had found nothing and he's 100% not guilty, why are there still so many of them choose to deny the fact?

Michael has a sweet heart of gold. If he's around, he'll sure to find ways to help the people in Halti.

1739 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Tellitlikeitis and Holmes are very boring. Vote 257 No 3

1738 days ago


I realize there are a tremendous amount of supporters & w/ that comes haters but really...who are we to judge how & when the allowance of MJ's children should be increased. One thing I feel in my heart is that he LOVED his children & worked his tail off from a young age to build the most successful empire today in hopes of having children to leave it to. As for his mom, this is a woman who has put up w/ a lot of undeserving crap from Mr Joe Jackson so I completely understand why he (MJ) intentionaly left him out of the will. These poor 3 children we must remember @ the end of the day have lost their only active parent & i bet if any of them were asked would you rather have your daddy back vs the money they would all say they miss their daddy & would take time w/ him here over any amount of money. Paris said it best @ the end of MJ's public memorial, so sad but heart felt. Can we as humans give this family time to grieve? They have lost a son, father, uncle, brother & tremondous talent to the music industry. I challenge all the haters to attempt to accomplish @ least one of the numerous records MJ has set as a pioneer in the entertainment industry...they just aren't there today nor do they come close to meeting the records MJ set as the King of Pop. RIP may your soul finally be @ peace & the haters be blocked....really isn't it time???

1738 days ago


About the leeches up in the Encino compound ..
I know people who work at the house, and the kids don't go out too much. When they do, the bodyguards don't just take care of the trio, they also protect the other cousins that are with them. usually 7,8 people at the time. Of course the costs may be high. For food the costs are also big, there are like 20 people eating there on a daily basis. Katherine fights a lot with the sons, and joe, because of money. She helps Jermaine's and Tito 's children, and Rebbie's daughters as well. When clothing is bought for MJs children, the other kids receive clothing as well. This happens with everything. If MJs kids get something, Omer and the rest of the grand kids do too.Grace does most of the shopping for them, she gets piles of cash. The children's money is used first each month, when that's gone, katherine uses hers . The staff in the house is paid mostly with the children's money even though they are just three and in that house you have 30 people on a daily basis.

Very interesting reader comment concerning same issue reprinted from:

1737 days ago


thank you for that 'tiredofleeches'....but that link isn't working....can you check it out please?
I believe what that poster said. Didn't the Court appoint someone to look after the kids' interests? They're not doing a very good job then, are they. Katherine should be held accountable for every penny she spends of their allowance.

1737 days ago


Those children are the rightful heirs to their dads estate they should get the money but the way things are going i think the judge should check in and see where the money has been/is being spent and on who.

1736 days ago
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