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Michael Jackson's Kids - Best Allowance Ever!

1/15/2010 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's kids just got their allowance upped -- from $60,000!

TMZ obtained court documents showing that Wednesday, the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case increased the monthly allowance, which totals $60,000 for Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

Sources tell TMZ the reason for the change -- the accounts guardian and lawyers underestimated the monthly expenses.

We don't know how much they're getting now, but it's a good bet Prince won't be slinging newspapers on your front porch anytime soon.


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Michael Jacksons children will join Beckham boys to step into classrooms for the first time in their lives, it has emerged.

London, Aug 30 : Michael Jackson's children will join Beckham boys to step into classrooms for the first time in their lives, it has emerged.

All of Jackson's three children were home-tutored when he was alive.

However, their grandmother and legal guardian Katherine Jackson's wants them to join other kids of their age and believes this will help 12-year-old Prince Michael, one year junior Paris and Prince Michael II aged seven.

The Daily Express quoted a family friend as saying: "It's going to be a culture shock for all three kids at first. But all of Michael's brothers and sisters agree with Katherine that it's time they stepped out into the real world."

The King of Pop had once made plans of opening up his own school for his children, as he feared they would be "treated like freaks" in other schools but the plan could never materialize.

MJ's children will attend the same 30,000dollar-a-year private school attended by the Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham. The Beckham's third son, the fopur-year-old Cruz, is expected to join the school's nursery soon.

The Jackson family friend said: "It is one of the most secure and security-conscious schools in America," and rubbished all talks of the terrifying prospects of the school to Jackson's protected children by calling them "totally unfounded"


WOO HOO!! MJ's kids will be going to school! What great news!!!!

1709 days ago

Dip Sh*t    

1. A call went out in the middle of the nite,a call for the SANDMAN.From the bottom of the bog up into the fog the SANDMAN RETURNS TO COLLECT THE BONES.

Posted at 2:08AM on Jan 15th 2010 by THE SANDMAN RETURNS

Read more:

You still here trying to feed people your bullsh*t. No one is buying it Puppetmaster full of %$#@. WTF, you need to get a life or something!

You are so laughable, HAHAHA!

1709 days ago


Wonderful! I'm in support of whatever makes Michael's children happy. I just hope Katherine is keeping it real for them, too.
Thinking of Michael tonight (er, this am) and wishing he were here so I thought I's share a little something for the poetic at heart:

"No Joy in Mudville"
There once lived a King who was everything to everybody and nothing to nobody,
He was loved, yet hated, revered, yet scoffed at,
His music was divine, his dance entrancing, and his voice from the age of 6 was enchanting,
He mesmerized, mystified, and befuddled,
His life was a Thriller, like him there's no other,
Surely God in Heaven had sent him among us,
To ease our burdens and through his artistry transform us,
He rocked with us all night then told us Don't stop,
Then reminded us of first love when he proclaimed, "She out of my Life"
We couldn't stop loving him and agreed he was "Bad"
"Bad" and you know it,
Like a Smooth Criminal, the King expanded his kingdom,
There were girls fainting in Bucharest, and men crying in Copenhagen,
It's Human Nature, he reminded us, with a grin,
But there was danger on the horizon, as he helped us remember the time,
When we were in love with a musical genius named Mike,
But while we danced like lazy children, he expanded once again,
Like a true Captain EO, the Universe was in the plan,
Just another part of me, he said again and again,
Heal the world, Feed the Children, Save the Earth was his cry,
We were amazed, but the Man in the Mirror had come to life,
This King would not settle for riches and gold, even Never, Neverland had grown old,
And just when he was in his greatest hour of need, we abandoned him like a "Stranger in Moscow", and fed him to thieves,
No girls were fainting or guys crying in vain, there was noone there to stop the rain,
When the battle was over and the Victory won, The King dusted himself off and said:
This Is It, I've only just begun."
Somewhere there are people fanning in the sun, Somewhere there are wars waiting to be won, Somewhere there are children moonwalking and saying "Hee-hee",
But there is no joy in Mudville...
Annie…are you ok?


1709 days ago


Just wanted to know where exactly was the booing? I'm sorry the articles being quoted are not reliable sources. I don't believe Michael demanded anything or that he was booed. I'm not going to argue or engage in childish name calling. I'm just stating a fact and posting videos to back up what I'm saying. Look for yourself I see no booing at all. True he didn't sing much of We Are The World, but the fans didn't seem to mind. When Michael told the audience he loved them I didn't hear any booing at all.

Here is Chris Brown singing Thriller and Michael getting presented an award. Oh and still I heard no booing.

Have a great night
Peace and Love :D

1709 days ago


1709 days ago


Clearly people need to buy yet more Sony re-issues and re-packagings and of course that lovely This Is It release, too, with song desperately dug up from decades ago.

The children are starving.

1709 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

*** It's doubtful to me that any booing would be included in any MJ video even an award ceremony. It would be cut.

1709 days ago


36.hallo tellit,are you the real/quiet tellit?

1709 days ago


He is alive and we all know it...His kids have no fault...

1709 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Michael Jackson Booed at World Music Awards
Thu, 16 Nov 2006 10:44:37

Fans less than thrilled with Jacko's half-hearted performance of "We Are the World."

Michael Jackson Booed at World Music Awards
Michael Jackson's performance at the World Music Awards last night (November 15th) in London was supposed to be a triumphant comeback, but instead, the erstwhile King of Pop found himself getting booed by fans and ridiculed by critics for an appearance that was variously described as "embarrassing," "a shambles," and "enough to make you cry. And not in a good way."

Jacko's problems started when he irked some fans by failing to appear outside the venue before the awards show began, and got worse when it was revealed that he would not be performing his classic song "Thriller," as the World Music Awards promoters had originally announced. Teen pop idol Chris Brown performed the song instead, even wearing a red leather jacket similar to Jackson's original. He elicited the evening's first boos.

When Jackson did finally hit the stage, he joined a gospel-style choir for a rendition of the 1985 charity single he co-wrote, "We Are the World." Jackson sang only a couple of lines before the sound was inexplicably cut off, and the boos rained down.

To add insult to injury, a blogger for the website Pop Revenge managed to infiltrate the singers and reported this morning on how incredibly disorganized the whole event was. One member of the "choir" told Pop Revenge's undercover reporter: "It was all so last minute they just took anybody they could get...nobody asked if I could sing or dance or knew the song. Nobody knew what was happening up until moments before." She also said that the singers never rehearsed and were kept in a room all day with no food or information about what song they would be performing.

When the singers were called to join Jacko, they were out in the audience watching the rest of the show. So the Pop Revenge reporter simply mingled with the group as they were rushed backstage. The reporter was nearly allowed onstage for the song before security realized their mistake: "It was amazing....The coordination by Jackson's people was a shambles, I could have been anybody."

When it came time for Jackson to accept his awards -- a Diamond Award for selling more than 100 million albums and a Guinness World Record Award for having the all-time bestselling album with Thriller -- he gave a brief speech thanking family, friends and fans. "I love all my fans from the bottom of my heart," he said.

Many of those fans in attendance had paid up to $700 to see Jackson perform. Jackson reportedly received $400,000 for his appearance.

--The ARTISTdirect Staff

WORST MUSIC AWARDS Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley 17/11/2006


AND the prize for the most shambolic ceremony ever goes to...the World Music Awards.

Michael Jackson's long-awaited comeback - which ended up with him being booed off just four lines into We Are The World - wasn't the only thing that left organisers red-faced after Wednesday's calamitous event.

From our prime spot backstage, we watched aghast as a series of farcical fiascos unfolded...

On the night, organisers had to beg Beyonce to present Jacko with his Diamond Award for selling more than 100 million records because no one else would do it. She then had to spend 30 minutes pleading with him to go onstage.

The usually unflappable star was overheard telling aides: "You know, I never get angry but I'm getting really p***** off now."

Bey got even more furious when heavies banned her parents, Matthew and Tina Knowles, from Jacko's dressing room.

Jacko's mic was turned off after he finally made it on stage because the event had run past its 11pm curfew.

A pal of his told us: "He is terribly disappointed. He'd rehearsed four songs but had never agreed to do Thriller.

"He'd decided to sing She's Out Of My Life but each time his car drove up to the stage he was told it wasn't ready. Then his mic was cut off. It was just one disaster too far."

An awards spokesman confirmed yesterday: "The venue cut the sound at 11pm."

And Earls Court's PRs added: "From our understanding, Michael had stopped singing."

Peaches Geldof was plucked from the audience and asked to present the Latin American Award - just five minutes before it was due to be handed out.

Lindsay Lohan got booed, fell down the stairs and then had to abandon her role as host.

Katie Melua was hauled out of her dressing room to present Tokio Hotel with the Best German Award when the organisers dis

1709 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

37. 36.hallo tellit,are you the real/quiet tellit?

Posted at 4:42AM on Jan 15th 2010 by alex

I am Tellit period. I don't raise hell or get rowdy unless provoked! lol.....I refuse to be provoked or be rowdy on TMZ boards where MJs children are a topic.....TMZ topic board Baller Thanksgiving related to the children was a real hell bender. Pathetic.
Never again. Not with me.

1709 days ago


aren't they lucky kids? they wouldn't have to lay a finger in their whole life, and that's if some greedy person does not steal from them. fantasising about what i could use that kind of money for.

1709 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

38. He is alive and we all know it...His kids have no fault...

Posted at 4:46AM on Jan 15th 2010 by gucci

I agree. MJ is not a goner.

1709 days ago


Tellitlikeitis I would agree with you if theses videos were edited or tampered with, but they weren't. In the videos the audience members are cheering not booing and they don't look like they are inclined to boo at anytime. So I will believe what I see rather than believing a few uncredited websites. I mean if Michael had been booed don't you think it would have been covered by at least one reliable news source? When doing a search all that comes up with this story are uncredited websites. When looking at things on the web I always look for reliable sources or videos because anyone can post anything on the web. The internet is not held to the same standard as print or broadcast journalism because, sadly, the laws are having trouble keeping up with technology.

Peace and Love

1709 days ago
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