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Anderson Cooper --

Haitian Hero

1/19/2010 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper raced to the aid of a badly injured boy in Haiti yesterday -- dropping the camera and carrying the bloodied child away from a violent incident in the middle of a chaotic scene.

Cooper claims he had heard gunfire in the area and raced to see what had happened -- when he noticed some people on the top of a store throwing slabs of concrete down at looters ... one of which smashed a child in the head.

As blood streamed down his face, Cooper carried him to a safer area and handed him off to a local for treatment.

Cooper says he has no idea what happened to the boy.


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This is what real journalism is! Not this garbage trash talking stuff that TMZ puts on here!

1674 days ago


I'll admit, I really dont like Anderson too much. But I give him props for this, under it all hes a cool guy. He saved a kid.

I just think its a little ironic they caught it on tape. Not saying its not genuinue, just ironic.

1674 days ago


Great job, AC! I hope they boy's okay.

Everyone, please... if you have an extra $10, please text "HAITI" to "90999". That donation will go to the Red Cross' efforts out there in Haiti. You can cross check that info at CNN, The White House Blog and the Red Cross websites. Come on, yall... You know they need it. Take care and God Bless!

1674 days ago


I love this guy. A real hero he is...Way to to A.C. You and Gupta.....

1674 days ago


Although I am pretty opposed to people like Diane Sawyer loitering, clogging up port and airspace, and bugging the poor people in this very unfortunate situation (honestly what is she helping by being there anyway?)- stuff like this shows that our media is not entirely bad. Fatherly instincts kicked in. Props to Coop.

1674 days ago


Well I certainly hope we weren't watching some "frightened little girl with kitty runs from bombs" footage that was staged ala "Wag the Dog". I didn't see any green screens but that is the tamest looting I've ever seen. I've seen more violence and chaos at an after-Christmas women's shoe sale.

I wouldn't put it past CNN to turn Cooper into a hero to increase the ratings.

And really, wouldn't any decent human get a kid out of the way of danger? What is the big deal about what he supposedly did? He's being paid millions of dollars to be out there, the least he can do is lend a hand. There are so many people in this world who forego wealth and fame and risk their lives to help their fellow human beings. Cooper lives in a penthouse and has a weekend house in the Hamptons. He's no saint and I personally know the guy's not brave enough to be called a hero. And lets not even get into his personal life where he treats everyone like toilet paper - to be used and thrown away.

1669 days ago


He is just FABULOUS !!

1627 days ago

sukitcoop !    

Coop's the coolest ! Oh, I thought you meant ALICE Cooper ! Anderson's too biassed to be cosidered a jounalist by anyone who has taken even a 7th grade journalism class. Glad the boy is ok,hope it didn't require too many "takes" to get the money shot !

1668 days ago


I admire him by doing that thing... I think if other reporter saw that incident they will just ignore it.. and they will continue broadcasting it... good job mr.cooper
please contribute to the relief effort in Haiti

1667 days ago


Anderson is a truly hero. What a brave and selfless man he is; has my full respect both as a broadcaster and a person.

1663 days ago


Wow Anderson. This is a clear cut example about the American Mission Field. It is too bad the Haitian government is so bad. Just like the Mexican government. America needs to take care of America. And stop running all over the world. So lets give that $1.15 billion to people here in America that are loosing their homes.

I feel deeply concerned when the American government starts Giving my money away. I hope that people will see your story and realize that we are getting scamed. So please lets take care of America first.

1497 days ago
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