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Bristol Palin to Levi Johnston -- Pay Up Deadbeat

1/22/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin has gone to court, demanding that Levi Johnston step up as a dad and pay her some of the money he's raked in from his naked media blitz.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Child Support Documents: Click to view!

Court documents were filed by Bristol's lawyer late Thursday afternoon in Alaska, demanding $1,750 a month in child support from Levi, retroactive to the birth of son Tripp on December 27, 2008.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Bristol believes Levi has pulled in "in excess of $105,000 in 2009 through various media interviews and modeling related activities." The $105,000 figure is significant, because under Alaska law a non-custodial parent must pay 20% of income up to $105,000 a year -- which comes to $1,750 a month.

Bristol says in her sworn statement, "I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi." Bristol says Levi has forked over only $4,400 over the 13 months of Tripp's life -- $3,000 on September 9, 2009, $1,400 on December 19.

Bristol's request is for temporary support, pending a permanent child support order.

UPDATE: Levi Johnston's manager, Tank Jones, tells TMZ Levi has paid Bristol more than $10,000 since Tripp was born. Jones also says Levi does not make money off of every interview he does, though he did not say exactly how much Levi has made.


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In the case of a paternity issue, first the courts must determine for a certainty that he is indeed the father. He can either agree that he is, or ask for a DNA paternity test. Then they must set an amount of child support he is supposed to pay based on his on-going ability to pay. It may be hard for her to collect retroactively because there was no such agreement in place at the time he earned his magazine spread money. It will be harder for him to have shared custody and even visitation rights because he was not married to the mother, but he should have the right to be in the baby's life. Every baby deserves a mom and a dad and every child deserves to have a dad who both visits and financially contributes to support. Hopefully both of these teenagers are going to try to make decisions based on what will end up being in the best interest of the baby. And, hopefully they will keep the Stunningly Stupid Sarah out of the entire thing.

1737 days ago


It is amazing how people think that if someones Mom is running in polotics and a certin political group hates that Mom then, and the real loser that sells himself and his lies to certin media types that sell their product to said certin political group.

Then by voices of a certin political group, a certin grandchild who is an innocent party and leagaly intitled to certin funds of a dead beat father and a sell out to himself and his son and his son mother and family is a good guy, according to a certin political group becouse the said father of a certin grandson was willing to lie and humiliate himself and his child and his childs haritage to put a few bucks in his own pocket, simply for the enquireer type of entertainment for a certin said political group against a certin grandmother and her family. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD FEEL LIKE TRASH FOR EVEN BUYING INTO THE MEDIA EXPLOITATION OF LEVI AND HIS LIES AND TRASH. I TAKE THAT BACK HOW CAN YOUR BE SORRY HE FITS IN WELL WITH A CERTIN POLITICAL GROUP. ENOUGH SAID JUST A CONSERVATIVE POINT OF VEIW.

1737 days ago


Well since Bristol is basically a welfare mom, that doesn't have a job, I think Levi should seek full custody as the primary working/income parent and put Bristol on child support.

1737 days ago

TMZ Staff    

When deadbeat dads bribe the courts, this is what happens!!!

1737 days ago


Eleven bucks a day so far - that's what Levi thinks his baby is worth. Who can bring up a child on THAT? Gosh, what a guy. Nail the deadbeat, Bristol!

1737 days ago


The law applies everyone equally. More $$ you make the more child support will be no matter the gender. Women have to pay child support, too if they do not have full custody of the child. If a parent does not consistently help in support of a child, both physically and financially the courts get involved. Simple as that. You hate Sarah Palin so the law shouldn't apply to her daughter and grandchild? That is so tolerant and open-minded of you.

1737 days ago


$1750.00 a month child-support is a lot of condoms! Bristol claims Levi made more than 100K and how much did she make? The Palin family are all crooks! Wonder whens the last time they paid for anything?

1737 days ago


I am amazed by the closed minded hate filled people writing on this site. Your logic makes no sense! While Obama is telling people to go back to school and get an education, this kid has a child and is CHOOSING not to further his education so he can care for this child. Levi has chosen to make a fast buck doing interviews and flashing skin. Yet you trash the mom who is going to school full-time, has a job, and is caring for her child with the help of her family. Levi's mom could help, but she is in jail. Now explain how Levi is the better parent/person of the two because I don't see your logic.

1737 days ago


What!!!! loser grandma Sarah is the one that is supporting bristol and she does not have a job. The whole family are losers.Levi should pay nothing when my tax money supports their whole family including sarah.She is worthless to the American people.She quit on the state of Alaska and then thinks I would vote her in to office and also she can not even raise her own kids to grow up like normal folks.Look at stupid Bristol,she deserves nothing!!!!

1737 days ago


In Alaska, we side with Levi.....we've had enough lies and deceit.

1736 days ago


Levi should fight for full custody, then demand that the bitch pay him child support.

1736 days ago


The only "bitch" is that deadbeat dad, Levi.

As for you pathetic Palin haters, how sad of a life you have, sitting around wondering what some Hollywood idiot is going to say or do next.

Nothing more than a bunch of wannabe Perez Hiltons.

Pay up, Levi. You POS deadbeat dad.

1736 days ago


Maybe you whiny Levi Lovers can start a defense fund for him.


Levi Johnston is a little bitch, just like those who side with him.

The Palin's are 100% class, unlike the Johnston family - Mama is a Oxy dealer, son is a deadbeat dad, and the rest of the family are probably in jail or on meth.

Losers, just like those who side with "Ricky Hollywood"

The left is pathetic.

1736 days ago


Typical liberal responses:

"He shouldn't have to pay"

No, of course not.

The lefty's always think someone else should pay.
They NEVER take responsibility for their own actions.


Levi Johnston, deadbeat dad.

Meanwhile, Bristol is going to school, working and taking care of their child while "Ricky Hollywood" is starting his Gay Porn career.

Many on the left are seriously, mentally disturbed and the evidence is right here on this thread.

Some of you are real whack jobs.

Just remember, when Palin is elected President, you cut the wrists up and down, not side to side.

Better yet, just OD on all those drugs you regularly ingest.

A lot less messy.


1736 days ago


Mean, thuggish leftists being "progressive" in the way they treat Palin and family.

I love it.

Let the ugly truth shine through.

America is taking all that "change" they were sold - straight back to the refund counter.

Obama is like one of those 30 minute infomercials that you fall for late at night when you're drunk. Then when you get the damn thing in the mail, it doesn't do any of the things it promised to do.

1736 days ago
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