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Conan -- Not Backing Off NBC Attacks ... Yet

1/22/2010 7:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien signed a deal promising to lay off ripping NBC -- but judging from last night's show, it probably hasn't taken effect yet.

Conan O'Brien: Click to watch
Last night, the exiting late night host said he was "determined to make the best of the situation" and "tonight and tomorrow we're gonna have a lot of fun on television."

He also went over some secret terms of his parting deal -- one which says he stay at least 500 yards of 11:30 at all times.

Tonight is Conan's last night. Sad face.


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good ridence!

1704 days ago


Is this news?

Time to move on.

1704 days ago


Conan is acting like a silly spoiled childish brat. Millions of people are being laid off, losing their jobs and most get NO severance pay. It's hard to feel sorry for Coco and his $33 million payoff, and harder to laugh at his stupid jokes. Enough. Show some class, man and stop whining. You failed as the Tonight Show host. Move on with your financial bonanza and join the ranks of the job hunting masses.

1704 days ago


i'm smiling and i'm throwing a party. hopefully i'll never have to see that howdy doody face again. he is not funny...just funny looking

1704 days ago


I am so sick of this whiny baby now. I can't wait until he is off and gone. He didn't do the job, he was let go, he gets millions and he is nothing more than a little baby about it.

Why anyone would feel sorry for any of these people is beyond me.

1704 days ago


Best wishes to you Conan! You'll do great whereever you land. The money may not be as much as NBC was paying, but you'll be appreciated there and be supported. I'll be watching tonight...would be great if your last show goes out as the most watched "Tonight Show" of all time...other than JC's last show that is.

1704 days ago



1704 days ago

Laine Zane    

Good for Coco! He'll be better off without NBC (morons) I'm with Coco and will follow him wherever he goes. NBC made a BIG mistake.

1704 days ago


Um, nothing he said last night was in any way, shape, or form attacking NBC. I'm sad to see him go, but glad he & his staff are getting what he deserves. It's funny how some people are still blind to the fact that Leno was the failure. Statistics show that most people do not switch tv stations after 10 pm. Leno's show was on at 10 pm - people didn't watch that, they didn't watch the local NBC news and they didn't watch Conan. Leno was the failure, not Conan. NBC knew well in advance that it would take 1 - 2 years for Conan to develop a strong following. It took Jay between 3 & 4 years and he didn't even have all the competition that Conan had. Conan's starting #'s were higher than wan Leno's were, when he took over the Tonight Show. People really should get their facts straight.

1704 days ago

Michael Whitlow    

I'm a Conan fan and in the PR biz. This is interesting in that it has taken the social media and put it in play in a broadcast setting. These zingers from all quarters are almost like Tweets on Twitter. The small communities around these late-nite celebs are following and making this a trending topic online. Take a look at The Buzz Bin:

1704 days ago


hilarious. keep it coming conan.

1704 days ago


I am really going to miss him and hope that at least in September he will be back just as great as ever!! Jane1342 said it all and I really agree with her statement! I just hope Leno tanks after all of this!! Jeff Zucker needs his butt canned! I wish all the celebrities would boycott Jay Leno's tonight show!

1704 days ago


He's getting approx 40 million dollars. Poor Conan. Boo Hoo. I hope he will be all right. Of course I've never met him, but would TMZ print non-truths? Of course not.

1704 days ago


Who finds wasted $'s amusing? Show a little class!

1704 days ago


The more I think about it, I think the reason NBC allowed him to stay on the air this week and do whatever is because they're letting him dig his own grave.

O'Brien has done everything he can to sensationalize his leaving NBC. Now he's trying to act like he was fired and had no choice in the matter to gain sympathy. All he had to do to maintain his employment was to agree to start the show at 12:05. He chose not to do that.

His song and dance about not being willing to move the Tonight Show to 12:05 because it would somehow damage the Tonight Show legacy has a hollow ring to it since he has done everything he can to leave the show in shambles.

O'Brien has not been able to maintain the slightest amount of dignity through all this. I got the feeling hearing him last night that it's starting to hit him that he's blown it big time. IMO his "People of Earth" letter was a huge mistake. His quarrel with NBC should have stayed behind closed doors. His total lack of professionalism is something I think potential future employers will take note of in weighing whether hiring O'Brien is worth the risk.

1704 days ago
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