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Marlon Brando Ex Sues for Wrongful Death

1/22/2010 9:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian BrandoMarlon Brando's ex-wife is suing for what she calls the wrongful death of Christian Brando (right), the son she had with Marlon.

In a lawsuit filed today, Anna Kashfi claims that the doctor who treated Christian -- who died at 49 -- was reckless in providing medical care and monitoring Christian, which she claims led directly to his death.

Kashfi is also suing Teihotu Brando and Rebecca Brando, both children of Marlon's (but not hers), for interfering with her right to dispose of Christian's remains.

Christian died of pneumonia in 2008.

Kashfi is suing for unspecified damages.


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Rocky Balboa    

You tha man!

1733 days ago


Balls.....I like to lick them.

1733 days ago


What a shame that the young Brando died. But the Brando genes live on in Michael Jackson's children. Look at those kids! They are Brandos. MJ's best friend was Tito Brando and the youngest son, Blanket, is the spitting image of him, Tito's mother was Tahitian I believe. The older boy looks just like Marlon Brando, blond hair and gorgeous face. Marlon Brando lives on.

1733 days ago


Miko Brando. Not Tito. Yes Blanket looks alot like him. We will never know for sure.

1733 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

MIKO Brando is NOT tahitian but has a Mexican mother named Movita. I agree, Blanket looks very latino and you never know the actual sperm donor was. But we shouldn't care as these poor kids lost a wonderful father & caring one. He at least was alive long enough to teach his children to love others regardless. A valuable lesson that not many parents teach their own anymore.

1733 days ago


AliBaba can google. WOW

1733 days ago


But why did Michael Jackson even need a sperm donor? He had plenty of brothers he could have asked if he had a fertility problem. I think he wanted WHITE kids and he did have 3 WHITE kids. He probably did love them but other than money what did he provide them with? A weird life, veils over their faces, no mother in sight, and not being able to know their medical history or ancestry. Someday all of those 3 sperm donor children will want to know who their real father was or their real mother. And I believe they look like Brandos. The older boy IS Marlon Brando, the younger one is Miko Brando who is Latino by his mother, and the girl is very pretty like any Brando would be. They should someday be told their heritage.

1733 days ago


Actually, I think Prince Michael I has a certain resemblance to Christian Brando and Blanket, that adorable child looks like Miko. Hmm, regardless the only father they knew and loved was Michael. Rest in peace MJ!

1733 days ago

holmes you are saying what I've said all along.. I have Marlon baby pics-- that's so close to Prince as a baby including those ears & that big head..and Marlon's mother had Indian blood by the way--& banket obviously has Indian/Latino blood in him,too.

as for Anna Kashfi.. this Bitch just better shut up-- she's mostly to blame why christian's life was so sad.. all those custody battles whe made just to get even with Marlon was so diabolical. Now,she wants money.

1733 days ago


Miko said something very significant when he w as guest on Larry King when they made that Neverland show.. how Marlon,Miko ,Mj & the kids would all have breakfast together etc.. & how Marlon would stay mos on end at t he ranch with the kids..

well, you never heard that with about Klein have you? NO!!!!

yeah..Marlon was playing happy families with MJ.and Marlon sired kids way into his early 70's.. he e ven had Chilean kids with his chilean maid.. so cute they were,too.. blonde and fair..
also,Miko let on the first person he called upon Marlon's dead was MJ.. that said a lot.also MJ knew-- Marlon had no interest in his money.. nor will give him grief over his kids paternity.Marlon was a perfect choice..also ,apparently Prince already shows great talent in film making,acting..

1733 days ago


Some things are wrong and will always be wrong. This is one of those things.

1733 days ago


I recently rented the Marlon Brando movie "Last Tango in Paris."Truthfully,did not like the film much.Fail to see the appeal of Marlon Brando. Overrated film.I believe he was a very unhappy man
til the day he died.All of his children had disastrous lives (and deaths).Not great genes to have,violent and addiction prone.

1732 days ago


I thought this was Tom Sizemore. ha.

1732 days ago


Someone's butt should be grass over the death of Christian. That poor man only did what he thought was right and he took the crap. Thank god Anna finally got out the lawnmower. You go Anna, we love you and support you.

1732 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

she'll lose the case

1731 days ago
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