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Michael Jackson Executors Want 10%

1/22/2010 6:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's executors want 10% of the profits from most things Michael Jackson.

In legal docs filed today, lawyers for John Branca and John McClain asked the court to green light compensation to the tune of 10% of all profits, excluding profits from "This Is It" and profits from the Sony/ATV and Mijac catalog.

Howard Weitzman, Branca and McClain's lawyer, notes that the estates of other big musicians pay out 15 to 25 percent of profits to people who run their businesses after death.


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Pink Daisy    

20. they are not part owner of his estate,they are simply employees,they should not get a cut from anything,but they should be given a salary
how dare they ask for millions of dollars as employees while michael's kids get 60k a month?are they insane?
i see trouble when his kids are of age to inherit,these lawyers will fight them tooth and nail and win,becoz they are lawyers
pay them their 500 dollars an hour,not a penny more.

Posted at 4:19PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by T

I'm in a agreement with this. Why did they make it a point to mention they're not getting a cut of the music catalog? Yes, they say they're not getting a percentage of TII, but they were listed as executive producers on the film. I'm sure they got paid for that. Did they get anything for cutting the deal with Sony?

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    

26. Let Joe Jackson run it for the 10%.

Posted at 4:34PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by Mikey

Even though I don't trust the current executors, it's still a bad idea to let Joe run the whole thing. He is NOT a businessman. He's gotten in to bad business deals in the past. If he'd been a saavy biz guy, would he need an allowance from the estate?

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    

49. Come on guys, don't be so gullible!
With Michael's stature, managing his estate equals to managing a multiNATIONAL company. Executors are ALREADY getting paid as per the fee specified in the trust agreement. Executors wants MORE than what Michael signed for.

Sure if they make money, more money for the family. IS IT?
The family doesn't know what's in te estate, they are not in the know
If the executors are investing money offshore and pocketing the interest, noone would know! Tell me that Sony acquiring This is it copyrights was a coincidence? Did Branca het "compansated" for his "business decision". BECAUSE IN 2003, HE WAS GETTING PAID BY SONY TO FRAUD MICHAEL!!!! Which cause his TERMINATION!

Branca is familiar with CHEATING MICHAEL with offshore bank accounts

(2003 investigation & termination Letter to John Branca)

Posted at 5:42PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by Helen

I understand what you're saying. Was Branca fired in 2002 (?) or did he resign? I've read that he resigned because of the types of people in Michael's life.(Probably because those people were investigating him and that offshore account ;D )

I wonder why Michael didn't have a new will drawn up when he found out about Branca. Even if the 2002 will is found invalid because Mike's sig was forged, Branca still is executor of the will prior to 2002, isn't he?
I saw those videos...some powerful stuff.

Justice for Michael!!!! God bless, MJ3.
Btw, they should wait until Prince and Paris become 18 and let them run their father's business.

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    

51. What TMZ should do know is starting taking photographs of Branca's and Mcclain's family members, wife, kids, because these are the people who will profit from MJ's wealth. These two are trying to set up their own legacy through MJ's legacy. Conflict of interest when the same lawyer constructs a 2002 will, then becomes an executer. If TMZ start pursuing photos like these then these two executers will stop pushing the boundaries.

Posted at 5:46PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by L

Where are all of the investigative reporters??? TMZ focuses on hollywood and lighter fair. We need a good solid investigative reporter with a nose....and balls!!! one who is hungry for more than photographing emptyhead starlets crawling out of clubs at 2am.

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    


I agree. There should be an auditor. Is there another will after the 2002 will? It doesn't make sense that the information about investigation in to Branca,Sony and the offshore is revealed and Michael doesn't change his will?? Did he forget about it?

I don't know why that information about Branca and the offshore account doesn't him being an executor of MJ's estate a conflict of interest of null and void.

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    

74. 40% 40% 10% 10% behind closed doors they will readjust the will.

Posted at 8:58PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by A NEW DEAL

Only 10% when others get 15%-25% smells fishy. When Prince comes of age, let him run it. He knows what his father wanted.

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    

80. Wow... there are some pretty nasty, judgemental people on here.

Michael... we will not stop until Justice is served. We will not forget or be dismissed or discouraged.

TMZ.. you need to address the issue of the fact you printed a story TWO WEEKS ago about the investigation being complete... and there has been no development. So whats the deal with that?

Posted at 6:34PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by KAYE


It's the resident psycho/MJ hater. It pretends to be MJ fans to insult other MJ fans. Ignore the trolls, hon, and keep saying whatever it is you gotta say. The troll wasn't worth of cleaning MJ's toilet.

Justice for MJ. God Bless MJ3

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    

106. duh..this is normal procedure.. lawyers/executors don't do things for free..

why do you think Priscilla Presley begged Vernon Presley make her the executrix of Elvis' estate-- for that 10% and having an income ..

nothing new here.

Posted at 4:59AM on Jan 23rd 2010 by holmes

You forget that Priscilla turned Elvis' estate around and it's huge. And she passed it on to her daughter. Priscilla did wonderful things for Elvis' legacy and she's protected it. You may it sound like she was acting shady.

1698 days ago

Pink Daisy    

Good point. The reason being is the jackson clan never give money if it doesn't help them. MJ never gave his own money. The taxes records prove he never gave his own money.

Posted at 1:59PM on Jan 23rd 2010 by Truth Seeker

Maybe some of them gave but they didn't go out and toot a horn. We don't know their history of giving.
Whose money did MJ give?

1698 days ago


I hope they administer the estate the way Michael would have wanted, make it grow, keep it safe for Michael's children and grandchildren. They could branch out into clothing, wigs, semi-permanent face paint [eyeliner ec], shoes, bags, so many things - release some of his songs. But, the main thing is to protect his assets and children, John. Michael trusted John Branca to do what is fair, right, and the best for all involved.

1698 days ago


@#20, True!
MJ and his talent is what's making the estate the money and any profits should go directly to the children, not the lawyers. the lawyers are suppose to do their jobs, not milk someone's estate. that law should change!If MJ was alive and paying his bills/creditors and making his money from his talent, would they get 10%, no they would get their salary and MJ would keep his earnings and 10% to his children. They deserve their salary only and the motivator should be that they can be replaced if they dont do a good job and draw 0%. They want to earn money off of the catalogs and everything else MJ ownes for ever?!!! I do not believe MJ signed this will as Joe and Randy Jackson said, he was in another state on the date they said he signed it! The truth will come out one day. Pride comes before a fall! As these are some arrogant opportunist!!

1698 days ago


I noted with interest the part where it said "...excluding the profits from "This Is It" and profits from the Sony/ATV and Mijac catalog."

Why would the Estate's lawyers exclude themselves from the profits of these?

Is there an 's' missing from the word 'catalog'? They are two separate catalogs aren't they?

1698 days ago


Michael Jackson's message to all of us!

1698 days ago


They are handling all his business after his death. I suppose they deserve quite a paycheck since it appears that they will be conducting this business until they also die. As for the 10% of course, it is lower than others because MJs estate is going to be much much higher so 10% of a lot is a lot ......LOL

1698 days ago


These lawyers need to stick by whatever percentage they originally agreed on with Michael. Period.

1698 days ago
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