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Sandra Bullock -- The Sunny Side of Parenting

1/25/2010 8:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock spent some quality time with her step-daughter in Huntington Beach yesterday -- proving yet again that her "commitment" to 5-year-old Sunny James is rock solid.

Just last month, Bullock -- star of "The Blind Side" -- and her husband Jesse James were awarded full custody of Sunny after a nasty dispute with Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder.

Last year, Sandra had fired off a letter to the judge saying, "I know the term 'stepmother' carries many connotations, one of them being a 'glorified babysitter' ... My commitment and responsibility to Sunny ... goes beyond that."

It appears Bullock doesn't just talk the talk ...


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While I completely support Sandra stepping forward for Sunny, one has to ask the obvious question here;
If the bio-Mom was "fit" enough for Jesse to f*#k, and "fit" enough for Jesse to marry, why the major drama now?...
Jesse was fully aware of the bio-Mom's lifestyle when he hooked up with her, and I'm sure that was part of the initial attraction...
Jesse was also aware of bio-Mom's battle with drugs, as stated in previous interviews...
I don't believe that bio-Mom is in any position to raise Sunny right now, but I do believe that Jesse should be held accountable for the bad choices he's made, instead of shifting all of the blame onto bio-Mom...
The only ones in the entire picture that are 100% innocent are Sandra & Sunny...But, if Sandra is content in cleaning up Jesse's messes, then it's on her...

1739 days ago


Janine went to jail for minor tax issues (that were Jesse's fault!) ... the judge was just going to fine her but Sandra wrote a letter begging the judge to put her in jail. Sandra used that as a chance to steal Janine's baby. Sandra and Jesse are evil! Janine is a wonderful mother, now becuase of Sandra this child is all over trash like TMZ...

1739 days ago


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1739 days ago


Thank you for this story TMZ. I LOVED Sandra's comments. I am a biological mother to 3, and step mother to 2. And I often say that you hear that being a mother is the most thankless job. But it is FAR FAR from true. Being a step-mother is the most thankless job. So many of us "step-moms" are the only real mother these children know. Or worse yet, they know horrible biological mothers who don't deserve the title "mother". Yet step-mothers are always painted as evil by everyone (including Disney!). It's nice to see Sandra standing up for herself in court. I had to too.

1739 days ago


Dear tmz & photogs,
please stay out of our neighborhood. aside from the recent tornado that touched down, we have a mellow little beach town. SB & JJ are my neighbors, so what. no one cares or bothers them here.

1739 days ago


#19 Hussie - you made some incrediblly valid points regarding the responsibility of Jesse: he made a baby with a drug addict and a porno star (not knocking porno stars, but they pass a horrible legacy to a child). Jesse knew exactly what he was getting into with that woman.

HOWEVER, for whatever reason he did see the light and got that kid away from the negligent, drug-addicted mother. Cheers to Sandra - I personally know of a number of step-moms that DO NOT want the kids from the prior marriage (a neighbor told me, "I don't want those kids around MY kids!"). Bless the little girl and I am ecstatic she now has two loving, responsible and involved parents that allow her to be a secure kid.

Sorry for porno mom....her life must suck

1739 days ago


Hmmm... maybe it's just me but I think if there are any plans on making a Movie on the life of Michael Jackson... Sandra Bullock would sure look MJ's part given some makeup touches here and there. Never mind if Sandra's a woman. Heck... Peter Pan's character was performed by a female on stage. Voice? No problem. It's the digital age now.

1739 days ago


These people are good folks. Please do not judge unless you know the whole situation. Thanks.

1739 days ago


Sandra and Jesse turned in Janine to the IRS for not paying her taxes. Not paying taxes doesn't make you a bad parent. Jesse is being sued by former business partners and his former lawyer. Wesley Snipes hasn't paid millions in taxes and also Nicolas Cage. But neither of them are in prison or had their children taken away but Janine was sent to prison because an aging Hollywood actress can't have children of her own.

Jesse left his 8-month pregnant wife for that home wrecker Sandra Bullock. he denied the child was his after he met Sandra until DNA tests proved differently. He then left Janine and her daughter for the first three years of her daughter's life. He came back in her life two years ago. Janine was happy and she started making him baby books considering he did miss out on the child's first three years. Janine allowed him to have joint custody.

Janine said one day Jesse lost it and started suing her for sole custody. The judge settled on joint custody. Someone tipped off the IRS about Janine. It's been reported by many that both Sandra and Jesse tipped off the IRS so to kidnap a little girl away from her mother and older brother. That was two years ago.

He married a porn star and got a porn star pregnant. But because an aging Hollywood actress can't have her own children, now Janine is no longer fit to raise children though she's been raising children for over 18 years. You all say she's a drug addict. NO! She's a former drug addict JUST LIKE Jeese is. Why aren't any of you throwing in his drug past?

Janine was doing fine raising children for 18 years. But an aging home wrecker who can't have her own children thinks differently. Sandra can't throw porn in the faces of the other women who have Jesse's children. So she goes after Janine considering her child is Jesse's youngest child.

All the women on here defending Sandra would think differently if Sandra went after your husband and then tried to take your child away three years after the sperm donor abandoned them.

And anyone throwing Janine's porn history in her face. Janine is doing no different than what Sandra has done. The only difference is Janine did it in front of a camera while Sandra did it throughout the casting couches of Hollywood.

Sandra has also many times thrown Janine's daughter into the spotlight in front of the paparazzi. Janine never gave anyone permission to do so. But Sandra needs a new toy to gain publicity and media attention. Sandra is making a little girl a kidnap risk. Sandra is only a babysitter but has done many interviews saying how all of Jesse's children are now her own children. Get your own children! Either open your home to foster children or adopt them. They won't be her children either but at least she can lay claim to them unlike a little girl who already has a mother.

1739 days ago


She skipped the nasty stuff - pregnancy, poopy diapers, sleepless nights, fevers, etc. I guess she saw a great opportunity to take another woman's child. I'm not a fan anymore.

1739 days ago


OMG i live in HB where was she at? :D

1739 days ago


Why doesn't Sandra Bullock have a baby of her own?

1739 days ago


. let's just hOPE it was the kids birthday, dressed like that, i hope so. please say no to 'playdates with suri" !!

I guess you have no memory or any pics of your childhood and being 5 yrs old. Just about every 5 yr old who is by the grace of god allowed to just be a kid dresses up at that age!! Don't bag on her for letting the child be creative...

Leave the Children alone!! They are all the innocence the world really has left. We are only children for a short time.Once we grow up we are grown up forever....

1739 days ago


wow..Now..defend Janine as a good Mom..please by all means. But, slammin Jesse & Sandra is insane. Google Oregon & LA newspaper articles on this whole subject and you'll see some facts.
#1 Jesse and Janine's rocky marriage was like done before he dated Sandy. Jesse has NO drug problem past. He quit drinking, he admits to that.. Before the Kiddo was born, the relationship was over. The paternity test was 1st fought by Janine for a year. Jesse gave child support without a test for a year. Then Janine went to request more, then Jesse went for visitation. It was 3 years of legal stuff. Then visit were done in Oregon.

#2 Janine's IRS debut was owed BEFORE she married Jesse. She got more than enough in divorce to pay it. She plead Guilty in court. She was retired from Adult movies when she met & married Jesse. She was back in it after the Kiddo was born. The lifestyle in her home currently is a huge concern. Today she is doing live pay (XXX) streaming out of her home. Her new husband is most likely ONE of reason the full custody of the Kiddo is being fought by Sandra's Husband Jesse.
I don't even understand why someone would assume Sandra wants someone else Kiddo. She's married to this Kiddo's Father and just does what any Step Parent would do. She's helping raise the Kiddo. All this info came from reading articles. Including Janine's court problems for violating her release from Jail. She quit a half way house. She is married to a convicted felon and just got ordered back to halfway house Monday in court. Feb 2 the custody case goes before a judge again. Good luck to them all. I'm sure they all love this kiddo.

1739 days ago


To Kimberly,

Get a life. You obviously are friends with Janine and I'm sorry that you are. Sandy does the work of Lord...that's is why she is so successful right now. She has taken in children that are not her own out of the goodness of her heart. Trust me, Sandy could have many babies by now...but that's too easy. She likes more of a challenge. And right now she has a lot on her plate right now with the children that are in her custody. Sandy has the Holy Spirit surrounding her. I'd like to see Janine mess with that.

1739 days ago
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