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Sandra Bullock -- The Sunny Side of Parenting

1/25/2010 8:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock spent some quality time with her step-daughter in Huntington Beach yesterday -- proving yet again that her "commitment" to 5-year-old Sunny James is rock solid.

Just last month, Bullock -- star of "The Blind Side" -- and her husband Jesse James were awarded full custody of Sunny after a nasty dispute with Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder.

Last year, Sandra had fired off a letter to the judge saying, "I know the term 'stepmother' carries many connotations, one of them being a 'glorified babysitter' ... My commitment and responsibility to Sunny ... goes beyond that."

It appears Bullock doesn't just talk the talk ...


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2. Somebody should tell her that her hair is on fire.

Posted at 7:08PM on Jan 25th 2010 by Eastwood

this post just really made me LOL.

Sandra seems like a class act. Props to Sandra

1734 days ago


Amen, Kimberly! I find all of this St. Sandra and St. Jesse stuff a little suspect, too. If I were Sandra I would be trying to find a way to keep the family together...she would get props from all sides. Why do you want to separate a mother and child? I still like Sandra as an actress but she has fallen waaaay down on the personality spectrum. Ya know the mom only went back to porn after Jesse left her, too, from what I gather. Maybe she feels she can't do anything else. Shouldn't jesse be paying alimony anyway or were they not married?

Finally, not to take away ALL responsibility from the mother...she really ought to take whatever alimony checks she might be getting and go back to school, even a trade school, where she can prove she is responsible again and can earn a better living in a respectable profession because as long as she does porn no judge will take her seriously...

1734 days ago


Allow me to amend my previous remark a little. It is NOT Sandra's job to settle differences between her husband and his ex...unfortunately my remark made it sound like she should be trying to glue everyone together. I don't mean it that way, but if it were me, I would be trying to have my husband work a little more proactively to help the mother out if possible. None of know what is really going on...if the mom is totally strung out presently and unable to put food on the table, etc. then perhaps the judgement is a good one for now. I just think it is a bit out of line for Sandra to act like she has been sole caretaker and the only one good enough to do it.

1734 days ago


You know, we all know that Janine has issues and that she isn't in a position to raise HER daughter right now...
However, Jesse has issues of his own and simply being married to Sandra Bullock doesn't negate HIS accountability for his own bad choices...
How would Jesse be faring with the Courts if he didn't have Sandra backing him?...Do you honestly think for a minute that he would be given "Sole" custody without Sandra's involvement?...
I don't think that Sandra has ulterior motives, but I do believe that she should be stringing her own husband up right along side Janine when it comes to the way BOTH of them have acted in regards to Sunny...Jesse is far from perfect himself, and is not exactly in a position to be judging the mother of his own child...

Like I said in my earlier post, if Sandra is content in cleaning up Jesse's messes, that's on her...However, there is NOTHING Sandra or Jesse can do to change the FACT that Janine is Sunny's mother...And, instead of discouraging a positive relationship between Sunny & Janine, they should be encouraging one for Sunny's sake...
When you are a parent or step-parent in a broken family, your job is to love the child more than you hate the other parent...Unless that can be done, everyone (especially the child) will suffer...

1734 days ago


Well, Kris just answered the alimony question for me! I didn't realize the mom had remarried...guess I better bone up on my porn star gossip before I comment from now on...

1734 days ago

barbara miller    

This is SAD!!!! I wonder if the great jesse james will ever take responsibility/ accountability for creating the precious, innocent, child with a porn star/ addict? A decent human being ,as opposed to an arrogant celebrity would fess up and try to show some compassion towards Sunnys mother. Lets just HOPE jess and sandra NEVER reproduce!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that becomes the case poor Sunny will become the forgotten step daughter, for sure!

1734 days ago


The thing that I don't get is, if the mother was so unfit then why would the father need Sandra's help in gaining full custody. Sandra made a statement saying that she had nothing to do with the custody battle, but if she wrote a letter to the court then obviously she did. I think when a man has children by another woman, the woman who is not the mother feels inferior. And when that woman can't have her own children probably even more so. Now she has the child, she won; but what happens when her man wants some new meat and decides to move on.

1734 days ago


To # 32 Jana,

We're not doing high horses this week. Tiger Woods already showed what a farce that can all be. So unless you're hiding in Sandra's closet there's no way you can know who she really is.

1734 days ago


Hahaha, just wait till divorce comes around for these two (and it always does), they'll pull the same cr*p-ola on each other! Always pay attention to how your spouse treats less advantaged people, and that's how it will be at divorce time.

1734 days ago


The word "step mother" makes me sick.

My ex-husband (and only husband) had an affair back at the home office across country, hard for me to know about it. When he was there he "lived" with one of the company's secretaries.

I left him after I found out. Our two adopted kids were quite young and so when my ex married this bimbo, she ended up taking care of them often enough for them to call her "mom."

I always wonder: What if a guy marries several times (Bimbo was my ex's third wife). Do they all become the "mother?" This is hard on kids and also on the "real mothers," who don't have much to say about how step mommie raises the kids.

1734 days ago


Jesse wanted nothing to do with Janine's daughter after she was born. He also denied she was even his until DNA proved otherwise. He's gone for 3 years. Sandra can't have children and is already 45. She went after Janine's husband and now wants Janine's daughter.

Janine told Good Morning America Sandra is a wonderful mother. Sandra will never be a mother and is only the babysitter! But the woman whose life was torn apart by Sandra called Sandra a great mother.

Janine said Sandra has never sat down and talked to her. She refuses to. How can any woman not sit down and talk or have a cup of coffee with the mother of a child you're now a step "mother" to? And even when Janine went to prison for not paying her taxes, Sandra refused to meet Janine and talk to her. Janine did absolutely NOTHING to Sandra but Sandra refuses to talk to her. Sandra had an affair with Janine's husband when Janine was pregnant. Janine tried to reconcile and save her marriage but Jesse found a woman more famous and more wealthy than Janine and left her. That "man" left her and her child for another woman and was gone for three years. He only resurfaced when Sandra realized she can no longer have children of her own.

There's a spot in hell with Sandra's name on it for what she's done to Janine. Jesse will do to her what he's done to Janine for her. I also heard he was horrible to his first wife also. Jesse would never have gotten anything more than just visitation if he wasn't married to Sandra. But Sandra's money and lawyers are the only reason any judge would allow an ex-con and drug addict to get sole custody over the biological mother.

1734 days ago


every time I see Sandra Bullock & Jesse I can't help but think back to the scene in "Motorcycle Mania 3" when Jesse & Kid Rock are bragging about how hard it would be for them to upgrade wifes/girlfriends. At the time Kid Rock was with Pam Anderson & Jesse couldn't believe how much in love he was with Jannie Linnedmuller although he would divorce her just a few weeks later.LOL

1734 days ago


Um, perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Janine's new hubby is a convicted SEX OFFENDER along with the multitude of other issues that she has??????????????

1734 days ago


That little girl is very lucky to have a mom like Sandra. If she were with her real mother that child would without a doubt be in a world of danger. If the "real" mom really wanted her back, she wouldn't be part of hard core drugs and hard core porn. For my child I would work cleaning toilets so my chances of custody were better.

1734 days ago


What, porn star, Jesse James. Would not touch that with two ten foot poles.

Jesse is one major piece of crap. She must have some really serious issues to settle for a piece of garbage like him. Or maybe she's a much better actress than I thought and she too is gutter trash....

1734 days ago
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