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Sandra Bullock -- The Sunny Side of Parenting

1/25/2010 8:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock spent some quality time with her step-daughter in Huntington Beach yesterday -- proving yet again that her "commitment" to 5-year-old Sunny James is rock solid.

Just last month, Bullock -- star of "The Blind Side" -- and her husband Jesse James were awarded full custody of Sunny after a nasty dispute with Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder.

Last year, Sandra had fired off a letter to the judge saying, "I know the term 'stepmother' carries many connotations, one of them being a 'glorified babysitter' ... My commitment and responsibility to Sunny ... goes beyond that."

It appears Bullock doesn't just talk the talk ...


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I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

where's the John Edwards story at??????

1702 days ago


I love Sandra and I love her relationship with her man, Jesse too. She's a class act, who never takes herself too seriously, how to have a good time, but can get down to business. Plus she's from Virginia . . . Me Too!

1702 days ago


#49 Who is Susan?
To all the haters out there, how do you know that Sandy can't have kids? She's only been in one other long-term relationship with Mathew Maconahay maybe the time hasn't been right. Some of us choose Not to have kids because of careers, & busy lifestyles.
I seriously doubt Sandy was lying in wait to STEAL Janine's kid. There had to be a real reason for the courts to awarded them full custody. I mean look at Courtney love, It's taken this long for them to take Frances away from her. They usually like to keep custody 50/50. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Hopefully this little girl will have some sort or a normal life despite all the rumors..

1702 days ago

Show ya girl some love    

Sandra's picture was taken in Huntington Harbour @ Peter's Landing NOT Hutington Beach, which is the next town south. Jesse's house is in Sunset Beach, across PCH from Huntington Harbour. Get your facts straight TMZ!

1702 days ago


Definately a step up..Good for you Sandra! The girls biological mother is a porn star and has served time in prison.

1702 days ago


Ok. People are taking this article out of context. All she said was that she gets treated like a glorified baby sitter (as do MOST step mothers, including myself) but cares for Sunny way more than that. I don't see where she said anything about wanting to take the daughter away from her mother. Unless you are personal friends with either of the people involved you should really keep your mouths shut so you don't end up kicking yourself in the a** for saying such inconsiderate remarks. You can all say "well I did reseach, I read about what's going on". You can't always believe what you read. YOu're not there when the little girl goes from one parent to the other, you don't know what is said between parents. You all should get a life and stop sh** talking people you don't even know, just because you're jealous!

1701 days ago


Sandra is dope!!!

1701 days ago


BobbityBoo and Anon, Janine's new husband is not a convicted sex offender. He was in prison for drugs. He's no longer a drug user. Neither is Janine or Jesse.

Donna, Sandra is not the child's mother and will never be her mother. She's on the BABYSITTER and the sperm donor's third wife. The mother is still alive and still in the child's life making Sandra just the babysitter.

SL, being a porn star doesn't make someone a bad parent. No one would even be talking about this issue if the porn star was a man. No one throws porn in a man's face but female porn stars are looked down at. Janine has done nothing that the others in the entertainment business haven't done. The only difference is she did it in front of a camera while those others did it behind closed doors. And Janine was only in prison for not paying her taxes. She didn't kill anyone or abuse anyone. And she got her GED while in prison and hopefully it can help her in her future. Janine has been in the adult industry for 23 years. She knows nothing else. Jesse knew this and he was turned on by it and married Janine. Now he's using it against her.

Ashley, Sandra has written to the judge saying Janine is a drug addict and passed out on drugs with the child at home. But there is no evidence of this and social services have never been called to Janine's home. It's Sandra and Jesse trying to take a little girl away from her mother and older brother.

Janine had sole custody after Jesse left her for Sandra. He came back into the child's life three years later (two years ago). Janine was happy and started making him baby books because he missed out on the daughter's life. Janine allowed him to have joint custody. Then one day she said Jesse lost it and he and Sandra started suing her for sole custody. The judge settled on joint. Then SOMEONE tipped off the IRS about Janine. This was two years ago AFTER the judge settled on joint. Janine told the Howard Stern show that one of her exes turned her into the IRS but she wouldn't say who.

And once again, Janine's new husband is not a convicted sex offender. He went to prison for drugs. But this is the media propaganda Sandra & Jesse are now putting out because Sandra can't have children and wants Janine's child.

1701 days ago


Wow stop blaming Sandra Kimberly.
Janine and Jesse were living apart way before he met Sandra. Seperated before Kiddo was born.

You forgot to mention Janine refused DNA testing 1st. Jesse paid Child support from day 1, when DNA testing happened Janine went after MORE child support. She moved and it took another year to GET visitation done from State to State.

Janine got 1/2 million in the divorce MORE than enough to pay HER back taxes She owed soley. She owed BEFORE she married Jesse.

You seemed to think Sandy stole this Kiddo from Janine. Janine is using Sandy's name on TV to get money, isn't she? Didn't she say on "Inside Edtion" & "Good Morning America" She wants to talk and meet with Sandra. Didn't She say she needs Jesse's help to get a better rental home. Weren't these both paid interviews?

No one stole this Kiddo. Credibility, good home life & FACTS. Is what the Judge looked at when he gave temp Custody to Her Dad.

1701 days ago


AHHHHHH she will be a great mom there is no dout about that the lil girl is to cute sandra

1701 days ago


I've always wondered why she didn't have kids of her own..........???

1700 days ago


Kimberly, If Janine is such a great mother... why didn't she pick up her daughter for Christmas... when the judge gave her permission. Why has not shown up for the last 4 of 5 visitations? Both, Jesse and Janine made very poor choices. Only Jesse seems concerned about making changes. Look if you really want custody of your child, you need to give up your porn star life, not violate parole after spending six months in jail. That violation put her in a half-way house. Not marry an ex felon... Why should the mother have access to the child while she continues to make poor choices? You're obviously a friend of Janine's... why don't you be a real friend and help her straighten up her life so that she can play a good, solid role in her daughter's life. No judge in right mind should ever give someone like this custody of a child. there is no guarantee that she won't continue to make dangerous and poor choices.

Read more:

1695 days ago

Theresa Belekevich    

You go gurl!!!

1678 days ago
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