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Angelina Jolie & Bro Make Video Tribute to Mom

1/26/2010 6:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven have joined forces to release a video tribute to their late mother Marcheline Bertrand -- featuring home movies from 1981 ... when Angie was just 6-years-old.

Marcheline Bertrand: Click to watch
The video, which shows the family messin' around during a trip to Hawaii, ends with a message that reads, "We Miss You Mom ... With Love, Angelina and James."

Wednesday marks the 3-year anniversary of Marcheline's death.

TMZ has confirmed that Angelina and James were behind the posting of the video.


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Paris has herpes    

So the video's been up on TMZ for a few hours and posted on other sites, but youtube says the video was posted today and it only had less than four hundred views a few hours after it's been posted on numerous sites. Did Angelina call TMZ as soon as it was posted? I can see the divide and conquer between Brad and Angie's PR teams has already begun.

1729 days ago


She doesn't have to explain her actions to anyone, and no one is forcing you to watch or write, so go away.
People in most successful careers do advertise and any PR is necessary. I'm guessing those who don't understand don't have challeging careers. She's a celebrity and being out there is her job, if she choses. This is a tribute. Maybe for her family to see, maybe just for both of them. It doesn't matter. What matters is that she is happy and safe and negative people should just leave her alone. I don't think she needs everyone to be a fan. You had to be curious about her to watch, then right, so don't be a hypocrite and just go away. Anjie must be the kind of mother her mother was, and the rest is what it is. Don't think she reads blogs, but she she did, she needs to remind herself that we don't know her personaly and the negative talk should mean zero to her. She owes nothing to us, and is an entertainer, and you either see her movies or you don't. You can't be all that if you are a hateful person anyway...

Nice of her to share her great memories with THOSE WHO LIKE HER...

1729 days ago


Does anyone know who sings this song? I know I've heard it before but I can't figure out who it is? Thanks ahead of time.....I did think it was a beautiful video as well!

1729 days ago


Very, very sweet - brought a tear to my eye. She seemed to be a very special lady who, unfortunately, married Jon Voight.

1729 days ago


I hate to be so disrespectful, but I can't help but wonder if this video is trying to take our attention away from Brad Pitt finally realizing he hooked up with a crazy person and disentangling himself. If I had my way, I'd sentence brad to life with angelina for being such a cheating loser. Fitting punishment for him.. unfortunate that the collectibles and the biological children have to be saddled with those those "parents".

1729 days ago


Here's a copy of the video where you CAN sound off your TRUE colors of Angie and they won't be deleted just ebcause you speak the truth and won't buy her BS spin:

1729 days ago


Wow...some of you people are absolutely nuts! How anyone in their right mind could take offense to, or judge a beautiful tribute this family made for their mom is beyond me. My Dad passed away and if I had footage that captured his amazing soul the way Angelina and her brother had with this beautiful footage, I'd post it for all to see.

And for the geniuses who think she's doing this for publicity? Come on...insane. Knock knock-SHE'S HUGELY FAMOUS. SHE DOESN'T NEED A LITTLE

On a positive note, this video is so sweet-made me cry. :)

1729 days ago


Great no we have to put up with more of this no talent hag!!!
Stop forcing yourself on the public with this crap.

1729 days ago



1729 days ago


To poster #68 who asked about who sings the song. It's Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole, an amazing Hawaiian singer. :)

1729 days ago


This is the person that wants everything private yet she puts this video out and you have to wonder why!! Oh yeah she has to do something so your not talking about how she cheat on Brad with her coach!! Once a wh*re always a wh*re!!

1729 days ago


Angelina 1ST of all U ROCK GIRL! James u are a great brother! Don't pay attention to the h8trs they are just jealous. I believe your mom loves it and is looking down now while a beautiful smile is on her face. You both should be proud of of the tribute, I'm sure your mom is. I am so sorry for your lost. No one will ever fully understand unless they have lost their mom, which I did to suicide. You will never get over it, but time does help. I love u both and pray for yall everday. P.S. Angelina I am and have been one of your biggest fans. James I admire you for always being there for your sister. God bless you both always, Laurie in ATL

1729 days ago


How beautiful! I can only imagine losing my mother, as I am fortunate to still have my mother around. Marcheline was clearly a wonderful mother, and wholeheartedly deserved this tribute!

1729 days ago


#22. - Yeah, kinda thinking like you. It's a publicity stunt for some reason or another. It's kind of strange that she would put this out there 3 years after her mother died ?? If my mother died I'd of put it out that year or 1 year later, at the latest. And I agree with you on that it took careful planning on her part. She is definately a master manipulator. Somethings up, and I'm sure we'll find out soon.

On a side note, regarding Perez Hilton, yeah, I dont believe one thing that comes out of his mouth, and he picks and chooses sides too much. Angelina has been a homewrecker for years now, she knows what she's doing, but for him to think what her and Brad did is okay.. is like saying it's okay for Charlie Sheen to beat up women, do drugs, get drunk, hire prostitutes, repeatedly. Angelina is far from being a saint.
Yes it's sad her mom died, but it's been 3 years, no one does a public tribute like that 3 years later, unless they have something else to say.

1729 days ago


Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady!

I am so sick of all of the bitter morons who call Angelina a 'homewrecker'. Such BS-it's not her fault Aniston didn't want a family-it's Brad's right to move on. You sound like bitter housewives!!

1729 days ago
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