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Pete Townshend Triggers Super Bowl Warning

1/28/2010 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People who live around Sun Life Stadium in Miami -- where Super Bowl XLIV will be played a week from Sunday -- have received this advisory -- watch your kids, because Pete Townshend of The Who fame is coming to town.

Pete Townshend

Townshend became a registered sex offender after being arrested in 2003 in a pedophilia sting in the UK. Townshend was not convicted but placed on a sex offenders list.

The Who is playing the halftime show at the Super Bowl and several child abuse organizations have sent postcards to 1500 homes and several schools close to the stadium, warning that Townshend will be in town.

It's unclear if Townshend is still on the official sex offenders list -- he was supposed to be taken off after 5 years.


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Hey, I just murdered 10k people because I am writing a book about it….I mean, as long as I’m witting a book about it, it’s ok…right? Somebody tried to kill me when I was younger so I went and tried to kill 10k people so I could remember what that was like, hopefully it will jar some memories…..LOL….good grief people are gullible. ..Oj’s innocent too…..

1726 days ago


My guess is Townsend probably does have pedophile tendencies. Abused as a kid etc., stardom and remember when he came out claiming he was gay? He sounds a bit confused. If abused as a kid there's a likelihood of doing it again later. Plus checking child porn sites as "research" for a book? Come on? His PR people tried to spin that one. Plus the sting was probably pretty conclusive. They don't ruin a guy unless there's a pattern they've witnessed.(or trying to get back at him for something else ;) ) Sounds like he may have been getting sloppy back in the day. If the guy is a pedophile then he needs to abide by US laws.

1726 days ago

David Orbach    

#39 - if Michael Jackson played the Super Bowl and a warning was put out about him, the response would be the same as it is to this story. Wanna know why? Because Michael Jackson was WHITE!!!!

1726 days ago


Pedophiles are found innocent every day, especially those with money and fame or that mask themselves to be someone who cares, ya know kinda like a preist, a foster care worker or a school teacher.

“He went to the front of a site doing research for his work with the anger of any parent vigilante enough to want to know what the hell was going on. All the police found was that he had accessed the front of the site and a few images-none of which were saved to his computer's hard drive.”

That's enough for me....Boycotting.....who wrote that article anyway? never heard of that person,...their opinion, those aren't facts!!!!!!.

“Disgusted over links to Russian child sex trafficking sites that came up simply from typing random words into Google and concurrently engaged in research for A Different Bomb (a now-abandoned book based on an anti-child pornography essay published on his website in January 2002) as well his autobiography, Townshend used a credit card to access a website connected to the Landslide server alleged to advertise child pornography”.

LOL,...disgusted enough to enter his F*** credit card to access the web site…COME ONE!!!
Gee, I use the internet everyday and that has NEVER happened to me. Now it’s an essay..that’s a lot quicker than a book when you are trying to cover you’re a**.
OOPs, this child porn site came up when I was doing research for something else...I,m so disgusted that I guess I will use my credit card and go look at a few photos....whats a few kiddy porn photos?

1726 days ago

lisa taub    

It's amazing how people get on their high horse when they're so self righteous and incredibly ignorant of the truth. Meanwhile they cause damage, and don't take repsonsibility for the consequences because they claim they were doing the "right" thing.

The right thing would be for this whole baloney about Townsend to die a quick death and leave the man alone. Aren't there real issues out there in the world to address rather than take up the rallying cry of utter misinformation and downright lies?

I condemn the staff of TMZ for perpetuating this ridiculous accusation of Townsend out of their own arrogant ignorance or for cheap and disreputable attention getting.

1726 days ago


These guys are nuts!

Kevin Gillick had a cease and desist filed against him by a hospital. He called the hospital 50 times in two months. Absurd!

Evin Daly wrote this really weird piece about Sex:

1726 days ago


Now that's creepy! PIG.......

1726 days ago


Was the book he was doing "research" ever published? Just saying that could be a good excuse for why you would be looking up child porn on the computer.

1726 days ago

Sue Thompson    

Why is Brevard County mentioned on this flyer? Brevard County is in Central Florida. Broward County is in South Florida, just North of Miami-Dade County.

1726 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

This story is meaningless without nude photos of Peter!

1726 days ago


So, I read the article posted from above and I have more questions than before. Why, if he was so disgusted by these child porn sites that were apparently just popping up didn’t he call the authorities or try to expose the sites if he was just concerned? Why enter your credit card and take a look? That makes no sense to me. Sorry, I don’t believe it either.

1726 days ago


Try posting facts Dr. Jimmy, anyone can start a web site and say whatever they want.

1726 days ago

DR Jimmy    

To answer your question....he did contact groups about how easy it would be.....the emails back and forth were placed into evidence...
His and some research....!

1726 days ago

DR Jimmy    

If you would read both sites......they state the facts....but i can tell you are the type who refuses to read...refuses to do research...

1726 days ago


Hey, Not buying it, you're ignorant and are refusing to accept the facts. You want to believe Townshend's a pedophile sooo bad. Why?

1726 days ago
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