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Jay Leno Set for Facelift

1/29/2010 12:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno's set is only four months old, but it will undergo a facelift that would raise Heidi Montag's eyebrows -- if that's even possible.

Jay Leno

We've learned Leno will stay put in the Burbank facility where he did "The Tonight Show" for 17 years, and "The Jay Leno Show" for 17 minutes. And, sources say, the set will be redone during the Olympics and rolled out for the re-premiere of "The Tonight Show."

As for Conan O'Brien's $50 million studio ... we're told there are no plans yet ... there's a buzz NBC may use the set to shoot TV pilots.


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Considering the age of the set, the fact that it cost a FORTUNE to build to Leno's specifications, and he will still be the one using it, NBC would do better to donate the cash to Haiti or other charity rather than to spend even MORE on this stupid situation. The dollar amounts are just crazy, given the number of people who can't even find clean water to drink. NBC should be ashamed and Leno should insist that the set is just fine the way it is. The cash being thrown about NBC is embarassing and absurd.

1731 days ago


Love the crack about Heidi Montag. Whoever writes the titles is very talented.

1731 days ago


Can't argue with idiots especially hear. Jay will go back to being King of late night. No matter what Jay does or say he won't when the coco nuts. Who gives a rats ass about them.

1731 days ago


Wait-the set he is on for "The Jay Leno Show" is a different set than for "The Tonight Show". From what I've learned, the "Tonight" set is just dark right now. Right?

1731 days ago


They'll find that the next set won't make him any funnier or any more likable either.

All of the cosmetic crap doesn't distract viewers from knowing that he's a hack. He is a horrifically poor talk show host and interviewer. His humor and "jokes" are dated, sexist and worst of all, not funny.

His speech is actually worse after 2 decades of being in broadcasting for 20 years. If that's possible.

Let me guess: this NEXT set will be louder, flashier MORE "Vegasy" and hi-tech.

Just like tacky old guys think is "hip", right?

1731 days ago


Hope the show tanks, and Leno is humiliated and banished from television forever. He is one of the least appealing and sympathetic people in entertainment.

1731 days ago

Arty Ziff    

Jay is a C.U.N.T. I hop The Tonight Show takes a dive even lower than it is right now.

1731 days ago


Seem the appropriate thing to do would be to line the stage with bags of dirt.

1731 days ago

Ian Kemp    

It doesn't matter what they do to the set, Leno will still be the loser. You can polish a turd all you want, but it's still a turd.

Leno is just a bully, and now everyone knows it.

1731 days ago


I'm sick of everything to do with Jay Leno. Enough, already.

1731 days ago


You know the Jay haters are to the point of looking ridiculous and insane. After seeing Oprah's interview, I went on to see her audience's reaction. It confirmed two things that I've said here all along:

1. Before the interview many in the audience admitted that they had not understood what had really happened and had had misconceptions about it.

2. There were people who supported Conan in the polls who had watched his show hardly at all, and had never really supported his show by actually watching it over the months. They just felt sorry for him.

That's why IMO a lot of things being said here are B.S. And probably some of the ones raising the most hell are the ones who watched Conan the least.

1731 days ago


O-Kayyyyy, I'll ask again...Does anybody REALLY like Jay Leno ?

1731 days ago


No surprise. The first thing I noticed about the 10:00 show was that the music was even worse (lame imitations of now-current songs; eechh!) and the set was even uglier than his Tonight Show sets. What are those things in the background that look like imitations of Watergate-era embossed vinyl kitchen tiles? And why are they cut in half at the top and bottom. Tina Turner once commented that Ike's new studio looked as if "someone had spent $70,000 at Woolworth's". Jay managed to waste a lot more than that. He's funny enough, but I'll miss the humor, band and aesthetics of Conan's show.

1731 days ago


Jey Leno sucks doggie balls and he was the worst to take over after Johnny. Why did Johnny even pick this big chin man? he is not funny in any way. He reminds me of the guy at work on every break he tells lame ass jokes that nobody gets. Coco will always be king, he ruled that show, he is so funny. Don't feel sorry for coco though, not with 30 milli in his pocket and more to come. Coco will be back stronger than ever. As a matter of fact, the tonight show is so old and played out, it's time for it to end and it will soon, just watch and see. They won't be able to get any stars to appear on his show, 98% of them are on team coco.


1731 days ago


Read the previous comments and it's evident who the Conan fans are. All you see is misspellings, improper grammar, and juvenile statements and rationale. Considering the same humor that made them laugh when they were age ten still works now, Conan will still have an audience. So I guess we will all be happy when Conan finds a network that is looking to satisfy the 10 to 15 year old demographic (and all other who functions at that level)

1731 days ago
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