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Jay Leno Set for Facelift

1/29/2010 12:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno's set is only four months old, but it will undergo a facelift that would raise Heidi Montag's eyebrows -- if that's even possible.

Jay Leno

We've learned Leno will stay put in the Burbank facility where he did "The Tonight Show" for 17 years, and "The Jay Leno Show" for 17 minutes. And, sources say, the set will be redone during the Olympics and rolled out for the re-premiere of "The Tonight Show."

As for Conan O'Brien's $50 million studio ... we're told there are no plans yet ... there's a buzz NBC may use the set to shoot TV pilots.


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When Jay Leno started the Tonight Show, HE was new at having his own talk show and NEEDED the time to get good ratings. Conan had a show (shockingly, since he is no way near funny) for 15 years. If he had fans watching him during those 15 years, why weren't they watching him when he moved to the Tonight Show?? After having a show for 15 years, you shouldn't really need time to "build up" an audience. He had bad ratings so he had to go. And he did it in his usual immature, spoiled brat way. So gald he is gone. 15 years too late, but at least he is gone now!!

1726 days ago


If Jay Leno retired conan would still be tanking. Then who would everyone blame.


1726 days ago


BIGGEST LOSER? NBC if they make this move to outlay millions vs. giving that money to Haiti or the Autism Society of America. Or both.

Leno wanted the Tonight Show, so give him THAT set. If he thinks propping himself up with new decorations is going to make him RELEVANT or FUNNY, he can join in as the other half of the BIGGEST LOSER COUPLE.

1726 days ago


I watched the interview with Oprah & Leno. I'm soooo glad she had him on her show so he could tell the truth. Some of you people are totaly idiots if you think Conan was funny. He suked! His ratings spoke volumns - end of story.

1726 days ago

Laine Zane    

won't watch it. Jay is old news. He isn't funny anymore.

1726 days ago


Conan's set was incredible. It was big and grand. Loved the huge curtain, nice colors, lots of space and the backdrop behind the desk was great. I liked how he incorporated his moon logo onto the moon in the picture and on the cool retro bandstand. It was a high class set. Sorry but Jay's set looks like someone's basement.

1726 days ago


I used to love Jay, but after seeing how he has behaved I want nothing to do with him, I don't care about Conan either but at least he had integrity.

Leno just showed he isn't that "good guy" we all thought he was, he is a selfish and petty man, and that's not funny.

That interview on Oprah was really bad, is he really blaming Conan for bad ratings when Leno was the lead-in? Even local news lost because of Leno's crappy show, so of course there were fewer for Conan. Leno should have been retired and the lead-in show should have been worth watching, not the "Leno Ego Show" which no one liked.

1726 days ago


The NBC Burbank studios are at Olive and Alameda in Burbank.

Jay did the Tonight Show in studio 3.
He did his 10 o'clock show in studio 11.

TMZ - Which studio is being revamped for the Tonight Show?

1726 days ago


Oh gee wiz, was that me that screwed Conan up the a$$? I feel bad about that. But don't worry about me, I be alright.

What a lying piece of crap.

1726 days ago


Jay needs a face lift, Oprah needs to sit on his face till she crushes his jaw so he will shut up and go away , and you might as well give Kev a nose job too just pull it out of Jays @ss

1726 days ago


Good . . . . Jay's back . . . now I can start watching the tonight show again. I need to be intoxicated to be entertained by Conan, and that's more likely to happen after 12:30.

1726 days ago


Let's start a campaign to boycott any show where Jay Leno is the star. He didn't fail because he had a new time slot; he went down the tubes because viewers were still awake enough to realize that he is not funny.

I wouldn't miss a thing. I turned off the Tonight Show the day Johnny Carson left.

1726 days ago

Just Me    

I think this is incredibly sad!!!! SERIOUSLY! SEND THE MONEY TO HAITI!!! I am a Leno fan, but would be even a bigger fan if he told NBC to leave the set as is, just rearrange a little, and send what they would have spent to someone who REALLY NEEDS IT!!!

1726 days ago

phycho babble    

Conan was NOT FUNNY..his hair jokes showed his non talent..He was not at the standard Jay is for the class of The Tonight Show His ratings were why he was eventually dumped...not Jays fault

1726 days ago

No pantie lines    

Let's see if I got this right. Leno announces he's RETIRING from the Tonight Show. Conan gets the job. THEN, Leno comes OUT OF RETIREMENT to prime time with a show eerily similar to the Tonight Show and ironically prior to the Tonight Show. Prime Time doesn't do so well, so the Big Baby (Leno) goes crying to the nutless bigwigs at NBC, gets his way and is NOW BACK on the Tonight Show, axing Conan out of the job. I'm not a fan of Conan, and can't stand Leno and I think it's disgusting in how all this went down. I applaud Conan in how he handled it all. I think it was terrible in the first place that Leno would have a show that preceded the Tonight Show anyway. WTF???? I too, hope the Tonight Show goes down the toilet in a hurried flush. Leno reminds me of Brett Farve (retired, not retired) and is a publicity seeker. The Tonight Show died way back when, when Johnny Carson retired. Johnny's the real deal and noone can ever replace him. Goodbye Tonight Show. Hello, Late Night with David Letterman.

1726 days ago
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