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Robert Blake

Loves Chachi

1/29/2010 12:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Possible killer Robert Blake ran into 49-year-old former "Happy Days" star Scott Baio outside a Starbucks yesterday.


When Robert Blake went back inside the Starbucks to get something, Baio ran away.


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a killer and a republican - yuck.

1726 days ago


Maybe it's a bag of coffee grinds?

1726 days ago


that's not weed, most cigars are put in zip lock bags when purchased and if you watched the Scott Baio show, you'd know he smokes a lot of cigars. Besides, you can see the round ends on the stogies.

1726 days ago


Absolutely a sack of grass in his hand. It looks like some bunk,
possibly 1/2 an ozzy. Chachi needs to see the Fonz and score some
Haze, Norhtern Lights, or maybe a little Blueberry, hanging out with
Blake could get him killed.

1726 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Just hope he did'nt hide behind a dumpster.

1726 days ago


"When Robert Blake went back inside the Starbucks to get something, Baio ran away." know you're wrong for that TMZ.

1726 days ago


The guy is almost 50 years old and he dresses like a kid, another man that doesn't want to grow up!

1726 days ago


The last time Blake worked was lost highway 1997, and why not be the former celebrity who sell drugs to other celebrities. Saft bet where Baio knows he won't get busted for buying dope from Blake. The "devil’s inside", which is something like the billionaires boys club. Baio big chance for a comeback. - I don't think Scott is going to make a big comeback with a bag of weed in his hand.

1726 days ago


Sure looks like Baio is in for some more happy days.....Sunday Monday Happy days....wait what day is this????

1726 days ago

Black Power    

No matter what your opinion is, Robert Blake was found not guilty. That nasty bitch he was married to made a lot of enemies and ripped people off for years. I believe if Blake hadn't gone back inside to retrieve his gun the real killer would have killed both of them. And before you say it's all BS, I have left my gun in my car and forgot about it, then had to go back to get it. It happens.
I hope none of you are accused of a crime and found not guilty, then have to live with the stares and people who refuse to believe you.

1726 days ago


Scott Baio has a show? Geez, they will give a show to's come Blake doesn't have one? He's more interesting than Baio, probably not racist, and can tell the public how he ever ended up with that creepy late wife. (found not guilty)

lol anyway to tmz on the running away

1726 days ago


Baio is an @ssclown for talking smack about the first lady...Blake is no doubt wresling with some mad demons for whacking his baby momma...feel sorry for their offspring....that means both of them

1726 days ago


I'm glad to see Mr. Blake is still alive and kickin'.

To you with your POS comments, s*ck my left t*t.

1726 days ago


WAIT....Scott says he is a big Conservative what is he doing
with the Marijuana in his hand? Me thinks the is another don't do as I do, do as I say to the press. How many years has it been since he had an actual job doing something for a paycheck.??

1726 days ago


I love how u people jump to conclusions. It actually looks like cigars, about 3. He does smoke cigars.

1726 days ago
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