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CBS Rejects Ad from Gay Dating Website

1/30/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS has rejected a Super Bowl commercial from a gay dating website called ManCrunch.com, saying it doesn't meet their "broadcast standards."

In a statement, the network said, "After reviewing the ad -- which is entirely commercial in nature -- our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot." They added that it "is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday."

The decision is in contrast to their choice to accept an ad from a pro-life organization featuring college football star Tim Tebow.

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I'm sure they didn't ban half naked girls making out.

1725 days ago


Double standar!!! is ok is a woman does it but not a man!!! please wake people. stop the double stand or is wrong or is wrong!!!

1725 days ago


Exactly... considering all the half naked women beer commercial ads and such (like the godaddy commercials that were pure sex advertising), it's pretty pathetic to me that a commercial that shows two guys kissing (and not even actually showing them kissing, their heads are completely obscured, and having it played for a bit of humor too (at the end of the commercial is "too much" for their standards.

1725 days ago


Here is the tru reason this commercial should never air: PACKERS FANS SHOULD NEVER DATE VI-QUEENS FANS

1725 days ago


Clearly this ad should have starred two Dallas Cowboy fans and not Packer and Viking fans, other then that I have no problem with it.

1725 days ago

South Beach    

So Tebow can do his PSA but the "moral majority" blocks this?

1725 days ago


Okay, the Adam Lambert thing was an example of a double standard being imposed, but I say that only because they allowed the Madonna and Britney kiss to be shown. But frankly I don't want to see any lesbian or gay make out sessions on T.V. I know that people are born this way and I don't have a problem with that, but seeing it just disgusts me. Plus, I do think that it gives young people the idea that it's just a thing to do- and it shouldn't be that way.

1725 days ago


Sure, they can put a PSA on about a SUPER inflammatory subject though!

What are they going for here? Family Values? Well, Family Values should be INCLUSIVE of different lifestyles that don't affect ANYONE but the participants.

I won't watch the Pro Life crap... that side is just insane.

1725 days ago


The NFL on CBS wishes to highlight their belief that there is nothing gay about a bunch of burly black men trying to penetrate the end zone of another group of burly black men who are trying to fight them off and grab their ball.

1725 days ago


You have to be extremely naive to think they were actually ready to fork over millions to have this aired during the Superbowl. This is gorilla advertising at its best. They made a cheap ass youtube video and claimed they wanted it aired nationally. The Superbowl commands such high fees for a commercial because of the millions of viewers it draws. What is the % of the population that are gay males? Does it make business sense to spend millions of dollars to to reach so few of your target audience? Of course not. They have a puny website and they wanted exposure. TMZ and others are giving them EXACTLY what they want without paying a dime. Pretty smart. So all you liberal hate filled clowns out there get pissed and yell out. You're being pimped to work for free and their website really appreciates it.

1725 days ago


Most guys I know who watch the Super Bowl aren't offended by ads that feature beautiful women.

1725 days ago


Last year there was a commercial that showed a man getting thrown from a second or third story window over the suggestion that they stop serving beer at meetings.

How is that LESS morally reprehensible than two people being attracted to each other and kissing.

So to review:

Gay men kissing-BAD

KILLING a man over beer-GOOD

1725 days ago


Having gone to this site and reading the tag line ("Where many many many Men Come Out to Play.") on the homepage, which I doubt most of the rest of you have bothered to do, I'm thinking this site is more along the lines of Adult Friend Finder than, say, match.com. Having said that, I wouldn't want an AFF commercial during the Super Bowl, either.. nor do I want this one. Dating sites are different than sites meant to help people find someone simply to hook up with, and personally.. I'm glad CBS denied it.

1725 days ago


They are born that way but it is a mental defect, much like other mental disorders. I do not think they should be discriminated against, but I also shouldn't have it thrown in my face. It is common sense, if everyone were gay then hummanity would not pro-create and civilization would come to an end, therefore being gay cannot be "normal" Treat them with respect but they should not get special rights because they have a defect!

1725 days ago


#7 Just sayin makes really valid points. I second that opinion!!

1725 days ago
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