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CBS Rejects Ad from Gay Dating Website

1/30/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS has rejected a Super Bowl commercial from a gay dating website called ManCrunch.com, saying it doesn't meet their "broadcast standards."

In a statement, the network said, "After reviewing the ad -- which is entirely commercial in nature -- our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot." They added that it "is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday."

The decision is in contrast to their choice to accept an ad from a pro-life organization featuring college football star Tim Tebow.

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I'm disgusted by the narrow mindedness of some responses here. Firstly just because someone is homosexual doesn't mean they don't watch sport. Secondly it's 2010, you need to get your shiz together and realise that homosexual people aren't going anywhere and contribute to society like everyone else as such their tastes should also be catered to. Thirdly being gay is not a 'mental defect' as one user suggested, that's just idiotic and if you actually cared to investigate the subject even China of all places doesn't consider homosexuality to be a mental illness. Finally bible bashers should have no say whatsoever anyone who believes in a book of fairy tales where it explicitly says 'love one another' and 'hate the sin not the sinner' but still decides to hate and persecute need to stop hiding behind their so called faith and be real for a minute.

All in all there is no good reason why this ad shouldn't be aired. People need to get over themselves and just deal with it, just because you don't think it's right doesn't mean you are right or that you have the right to protest against something that has NO affect on your personal life whatsoever.

That's why the whole Prop 8 think is a joke, should not be a vote it's a human rights issue, everyone deserves to be treated free and equally regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

Stop living in the past.

1728 days ago


And you wonder why the rest of the world laughs and looks down on America.

I'd be more scared of "Pro-life" people who think nothing of killing innocent people that don't agree with them than gay people just living their life.

You really need to see the bigger picture and get a life America.

1728 days ago

Joy B    

Maybe the content is a bit much for prime time but the commercial itself sucks at best. It seems like a couple of guys and a video camera is all it took to put this together. Not quite up to par with the AB ads! Not worth the hassle for CBS I am sure.

1728 days ago


The only reason I vote for "ban" is some macho jackholes watching Superbowl would probably beat their wives/girlfriends even MORE than they already do during/after the game.

1728 days ago

ninja koala    

I think really the way for the gay community to get acceptance from everyone would be to quit shoving all this gay crap in people's faces. I don't care what homosexuals do in their homes anymore than they care about what I do in mine. I believe they have a right to be married like straight people, raise families etc. But I don't feel like this ad's placement firstly reaches the targetted domographic and secondly is appropriate for the super bowl. I am aware of there being a gay/lesbian cable channel, why not advertise there? I mean clearly... this is a publicity stunt. But that aside, I'm personally over the whole thing. As I said, it's fine to be gay, but I don't see the need to flaunt it anymore than I see the need to flaunt my straightness. I don't need to organize a big heterosexual pride parade. Why can't people just be what they are and shut up about it.

1728 days ago


I rather see a pro life commercial than see a commercial promoting a gay dating site..What has this world come to where its more important to accept gay relationships than for a person to give birth to a child..Everybody is so backwards..So much controversy over this pro life commercial..I always have to be forced to hear stuff on the news about gay marriage..why can't I see something about pro-life..Oh and before you say "she must be a Rebulican"..no Im not..Im a Democratic Catholic..Im really sick of all this..

1728 days ago


#61- You said it yourself, you CHOOSE not to have children. Gay people can't procreate if they live the gay lifestyle, because the laws of nature require a male and a female for mammals to procreate. Therefore I still stand by my opinion that being gay is a mental defect! People that are sterile are "defective" too. That being said I do not think they should be descriminated against! They should be treated with kindness and respect, much the same way you treat someone with mental retardation or downsyndrome! I do not think they should be granted special rights to live their lifestyle. Also, I do not throw my sex life in peoples face and I do not want homosexual acts thrown in mine!

1728 days ago


I am totally disgusted with the idea that the SuperBowl broadcast will be used as an opportunity for the Pro-Life movement to push its agenda. I am not "pro-abortion" and I am tired of the ignorance and willful stupidity that encourages use of that term. I don't think ANYONE is "pro-abortion".

The Pro-life movement's advocates appear to feel free to abdicate their position on the importance of "life" when they commit murder, bomb "abortion" clinics (some of which have been not even been providers of abortions), and prevent women from receiving regular health care and pre and post-natal care by blockading their location of choice. Women in labor, actually in the act of bringing life into the world, have been placed in danger by the actions of Pro-life advocates. And yet, we will have a commercial supporting their position during a football game.

How many of the SuperBowl fans does CBS honestly think want to hear fundamentalist Christian proselytizing on the Big Game day? If we're going to have Pro-Life commercials, why not a few varied condom commercials, with some spermicide and lubricant spots thrown in for good measure? To encourage safe sex, that is, and prevent those messy mistakes. And maybe something from Adam & Eve, to make up to the missus for all the yelling and inattention during the game...yeah, that would be good too.

This is perhaps the most moronic and detestable bit of crap I've heard yet. And by the bye, all of you troglodyte TMZ right-wing-nut homophobe morons, lots of gay guys watch football. Younger players, better bodies, no drooly, gross spitting (as in baseball), and gay people can be all-American too! And the ones with mental defects are the trog doofuses that might just be protesting a hair too much.

Cavemen TMZ dorks make Pro-choice woman grumpy.

1728 days ago


Um,maybe they rejected the commercial because it's CRAP! Super Bowl Sunday commercials have a rep to maintain. They are known for being elaborate and clever and many companies spend a lot of money on them,knowing they wil have a big audience. That commercial is clearly low budget and cheesy. It looks like one of those ads for "976" numbers that come on late night TV. It's not Super Bowl material.

And as far as the subject matter,not one of the same-sex couples I know behaves like that. . .in fact,none of the straight couples I know behave like that. Who makes out on the sofa during the Super Bowl with their friends sitting right there? No one with class,that's for sure.

1728 days ago


As a gay man, I feel no problem with it, except that it is a horrible commercial and really not hitting a demographic that will want it( in general)If they want to stupidly throw their money away, why the hell not. They just have an awful marketing team. thats the real error with this commercial.

1728 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

Personally, I can't stand people who like seafood. They're abnormal, sick and I can't stand to watch them at restaurants.

1728 days ago


>>>62. CBS made the right call. That does not need to be shown. Children do watch T.V.

Posted at 7:08PM on Jan 30th 2010 by Rosa
So, Rosa???!!? Children watch TV, so do women, so do men, so do straights, so do gays. Whats your point??? Children should know about LOVE whether its straight or gay! And if TV ads can include VIAGRA and such, then why not gay dating sites?? Ever try to explain to a kid that Viagra is for men who cant get it up???

1727 days ago


Y'know, it's just so perfect. Funny, outrageous. It's what you expect when you watch the Super Bowl. Hell, it's what you really watch the Super Bowl for in the first place!
Let it ride, baby!

1727 days ago

Darn It!    

Aren't half of the commercials usually filed with gay innuendo anyway?????? They always have a commercial with supposedly "straight dudes" having gay innuendo.

1727 days ago


good to hear ... i understand the whole "double standard" arguement.... but the day we feel it's ok to advertise and accept homosexuality like this is going to be the downfall of America... what about our kids and them being exposed to this like it's normal? .. America is not what it is because of this...

1727 days ago
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