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Jayson Williams Robbed, $150K in Stuff Taken

1/31/2010 6:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jayson WIlliamsJayson Williams is allegedly the victim of a crime -- for a change -- after a report says his home was broken into and a slew of sports memorabilia, electronics and jewelry were stolen.

Among the items allegedly stolen from Williams' South Carolina home, says the NY Post, were were a pair of Tiger Woods' shoes autographed by Woods himself, shorts signed by basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain, and a handwritten lyric sheet by rapper Tupac Shakur.

It's unclear when exactly the alleged incident occurred, though the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office did confirm to the paper they were investigating a burglary at the home.

Williams recently pled guilty to aggravated assault for the 2002 shooting of
Costas Christofi. He will serve at least 18 months in prison.

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1726 days ago


These athletes- stars- who have money- should start investing in some serious video survelliance. If these small Shop and Go stores can provide security why cant the money makers? Sorry but get with it already. Quit being ignorant and use the brains!

1725 days ago

blanket jackson    

another black on black crime, what a shame.

1725 days ago


If you hang with the wrong crowd... flaunt your wealth (like the make it rain incident in a strip club) you should expect trouble. Through your display you create envy amongst those around you-- and soon, unseen others will covet your wealth. Conspiring amongst themselves these men will rob you of your material trappings and laugh at your stupidity. I don’t hear of many white athletes being robbed because they know better, and are mindful of the company they keep. Young black men aren’t used to money; it’s almost as if the ink drives them crazy. These men are rich and can live any place they choose, but they are drawn to the darker corners of society, and then wonder why their lives are full of so much turmoil.

1725 days ago


Yo THUG, what goes around, comes around. Oh, yeah, don't drop the soap, LMAO

1725 days ago


Will he serve at least 18 months in prison. Why He Robbed http://usspost.com/jayson-williams-robbed-150k-in-stuff-taken-usspost-com-4687/

1725 days ago


couldn't happen to a better person - no one deserves this more than he! He shot that dude dead and walked away with a slap!

1725 days ago


A murderer who robbed a man of his LIFE, should lose much more than his masturbatory items; sniffing Wilt's shorts, God knows what with Tiger's nasty shoes, and images of wannabe tough-guy Tupac.
Man, this is one sick dittohead

1725 days ago


I think a warlock did it. If he puts on Tiger's shoes and Wilt's shorts and then makes up magical rhymes while reading Tupac's lyrics, he will probably get special talents. If Jayson Williams suddenly loses his talent, we'll know that's how he got them. (It happens on the Electric Company all the time.)

1725 days ago


My dad actually owns a house in the same private golf community as Jayson does, its Berkeley Hall in Bluffton, SC. You have to go past someone who is supposed to check everyone in as they come into the community (unless he recognizes you then its usually just a wave as you drive by). The community has 2 golf courses in it and many homes so i'm just wondering who would have done this.

While i was visiting my dad down there last summer i took his golf cart (everyone in there pretty much has their own golf carts) for a late night spin around the neighborhood and drove up to Jayson's house. I was only at the edge of the driveway, i wasnt getting any closer than that, but i wanted to see his house, pretty big, pretty nice.

But the people down there dont like him. Ive heard stories of him bringing tons of women over by the vanload and they dont like the negative publicity he gets being associated with their club/community. They just think he's a dirtbag, which he is. We left one day to go to the island (Hilton Head which is 15-20 mins away) and Jayson was playing golf with Dr. J Julius Erving and someone else i didnt recognize. Mark Messier is also a member there although i dont think he has a house, just a member of the club.

But just thinking about what his house looks like, plus the way the community is there, i have a feeling this was an inside job, someone that either worked for him, maybe a house cleaner, or someone that knew him.

This is the community

his house was one of the custom houses built in there

1725 days ago



Eat me, you name-dropping, voyeur...if you wanna be like friggin' JW, kill your driver, drink a lot, do drugs, sniff famous person's shorts and go to prison. At least you are prepared, as you have obviously been butt punched before.

1725 days ago


Shame on you Dr. J...................
You just let down a little boy who idolized you. Did Jason share Wilt's shorts with you?

1725 days ago

screamin in dig    

Fake robbery to cash in on insurance .The guy is broke. out of all the houses to rob they picked his. What no alarm system PLEEZZZ!

1725 days ago


Wilt claims 10,000 ho's, Tiger at least 12 we know of..tupac? Tough guy wanna be who got murdered. Nice Heroes' Jw...but Doctor J, you no good ho chasing, out of wedlock having kids, sob----double shame on your dumb dumb black self for palling with this creep murderer. What, you still like the Van full of ho's coming to his house? Never let that part of you go have you my good Doctor.

Shame on Julius Irving. Nothing but a bad role model for a whole generation and a half of young black youth. You must have been JW's role model. Guess he learned from the best.

Wilts shorts----good grief...like Monica Lewinsky's I imagine. And Tigers shoes? you got Icky Woods golf clubs too?


1725 days ago


hey pat robertson,

you talk a big game behind your computer screen you douchebag. Did i ever say i want to be like Jayson Williams? I bet if you were in the neighborhood you would have wanted to check out what his house looks like as well. On 2nd thought, the only way they would let you in would be to clean the toilets in the locker rooms. And Q, i just said i saw Dr. J playing golf with JW, the story someone from the community told me about a vanload of women leaving early in the AM wasnt related although i understand being down on him for even associating himself with JW although we know of his skeletons already as well.

1725 days ago
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