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Brody & Jayde

Midnight Love Re-Connection

2/2/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jayde Nicole needed Brody Jenner back in her life last night, calling her ex-boyfriend in the middle of the night so she could get a ride -- she also got in his car.

Brody & Jayde: Click to watch
The Playmate was seen sneakin' into Brody's Bentley after partying at Teddy's.

It was only a matter of time before he picked up his own sloppy seconds.


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"Good Job" to the graphic designer!
Finally someone learn how to use Photoshop's "De-Interlacing" filter on stills video frames.


1701 days ago

ray ray    

Unlike her, I need Brody Jenner out of my life. Also included in this list are J-Lo. Lohan, Paris Hilton, and that Armenian girl with the big butt who has her own reality show. More names to follow.

1701 days ago

Lady Z    

This little turd has a Bentley? Did he even graduate H.S.? What has he ever done beside live off other people's money? The sooner this clown fades into the woodwork the better off the world will be. I would love to see his loser broke and working as a security guard in a nursing home.

1701 days ago


Seriously, does he work, what does he do for a living, because he is not a star, and looks fade, or he can get a bang up face surgery like his dad and we all know how that ended up...belch...why is it wrong to have and lead an honest life...what is wrong with working and having morales..what is wrong with are there so many lazy people who just want to be on tmz...shame..i say..shame on you all.

1701 days ago


Uuummm...I would have eagerly jumped into that car ANYDAY!! But, come on Brody!!! Why Jayde?! She's a friggin' trashy mess! UGH! He can do soooo much better!! He's beautiful! Luvs him!!

1701 days ago

Rip It Up    

Who is that moron screaming out at her? It sounds like a foreign language....don't these ignorant clowns know how to speak English?

1701 days ago


I love Jayde Nicole and I thought Jayde and Brody were a really cute couple, but Brody seems too immature for Jayde.

1701 days ago

London not England    

WHY??? Does this "BOY" own a BENTLEY?????

HIS FATHER WITH THE CUT-UP Face makes all the money....?!?!?!

Dude....if you're going to flaunt your Daddy's wealth, at least buy a Porsche or a SL550 Mercedes.....
But a BENTLEY?!?!?!
Like you're some 40 year old Business man!


1701 days ago


Wow. Eight whole comments. No one else knows who these two people are, either...

1701 days ago

AZ Chick    

2 losers find each other again....what a great love story. Jayde is the skankiest of skanks. Brody doesn't really need anyone since he is so in love with himself. The best thing about this story is the car.

1701 days ago


Is somebody seriously saying a Mercedes SL 550 or Porsche is better than that Bentley coupe? LOL Only the richest of the rich drive a car that Brody is driving. That thing carries way more panache than those other 2 cars. Plus its not like its some huge 4 door car. Its a sporty looking coupe. Brody is driving a nicer car than 99 percent of other celebs. Hell most pro athletes dont have a car that nice.

1701 days ago


I'm more shocked that he's driving a Bentley!

1701 days ago


TMZ, still waiting for you to come up with "Jayde Nicole"s real name. Jane Finkleburger? Joan Nicole Putzpumper?

1701 days ago


Wow Brody... Are you for real going back to this skank? You can do much better than that.. After all you are a Jenner.. I mean look who your father married.. A Kardashian.. HELLO!! Dump this washed up playmate...

1701 days ago


rental car or gift? anyways... why's this important?

1701 days ago
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