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Mel Gibson

One Word Tirade

2/2/2010 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A frustrated Mel Gibson was pitching his new movie to a Chicago TV reporter today, only to be repeatedly blocked by questions about his infamous anti-Semitic rant -- it resulted in an A-bomb explosion.

Mel Gibson One World Tirade Screen Shot
After an uncomfortable first few minutes during the satellite interview, the WGN-TV reporter gave his obligatory "go see the movie" -- and kissed Mel off.

Mel, apparently thinking the interview was over, took a swig of his coffee drink ... and called the guy an "asshole."

So we ask ...


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Tell the reporter how you feel at 773-883-3161

1725 days ago


The reporter wanted Mel to grovel after he repeatedly badgered him. Did he think he was going to get a "scoop" out of Mel? Did he have a personal agenda of his own, I think so.

1725 days ago


Have to agree with Deborah

I also live in Chicagoland, and the reporters here for the most part don't take sh*t from people (well except for Mayor Daley)

You may have noticed they were the ones asking the awkward questions to Obama about Tony Reskow etc and not the national press.

Dean Richards keep asking those questions. You did nothing wrong. It was a legit question, and Mel's answer is telling on who he really is, and that he may not have changed much from his drunken rant

1725 days ago

Amber Berglund    

Yeah, Mel Gibson was there to plug his film. He's required, by contract, to promote the film. The reporter should have known better, and was completely out-of-line by drudging up this old incident, on LIVE television. It's not even good reporting to ask Mel Gibson about this incident which has been covered.
It was very bad taste for the reporter to ask this question. Yes. The Reporter is in the wrong.

1725 days ago


why are you people bashing the reporter for asking questions about mel gibsons jew bashing? lol...he has every right to ask....mel gibson is just pissed off that people still remember that and bring it up and make him look bad.

1725 days ago

Susan B.    

Not sure about the reporter's agenda, except that he may have felt that Mr. Gibson was being evasive and glossing over his past problems.

Mr. Gibson, however, could have taken the high road--he responded like a child by name-calling.

He had the respect of a lot of people when he was a devout Catholic and family man, it's hard to figure out what happened to change a person's behavior so radically.

1725 days ago


PERFECT RESPONSE - I guess the A hole reporter has NEVER made any mistakes, or made a fool of himself (only in bed I am sure) in his life.

1725 days ago


The TV reporter is an idiot but Mel is still an alcoholic who made bigoted remarks.
Call it what it really is -- a Jerkathon!
TMZ reportedly pays its sources as needed. But you all are pretty darned funny over there and you're not reporting on rocket science or something truly important ... so who really cares?
No one in the entertainment biz is an angel. They're hucksters and con artists who're self-important and not especially book learned (except for lawyers like Harvey). Maybe Crapathon is a better description for the event.

1725 days ago


Really funny Mel! The so called "interviewer" is a jerk and no one liked his line of questioning.

1725 days ago


Mel is perfectly appropriate for getting angry at this journalist for his insistent probing. It has been four years and Mel has paid the price. Get on with life. It's not like Mel is a Roman Polansky who has evaded his justice for over thirty years.

1725 days ago


That was a riot. That actually made me like Mel even more. I think a lot of people are sick of political correctness and grandstanding and people pretending like theyre perfect. That just seemed so honest. I loved it.

1725 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

64. There are ways to deal with Anti Semetic People like Mel Gibson. Do what most Jews are doing. Boycott his movies. NO MEL - You Moron - you are not forgiven. Once an Anti Semite - always one! You will not get one penny of my money ever again!

Posted at 9:10PM on Feb 2nd 2010 by Jewels

I'm now Jewish, but I won't give the bastard one cent either! I won't ever watch any of his movies on cable again, because that would add clicks to his ratings. Sorry Mel, you're still a drunken, racist, anti-Semite, TOOL! Bye bye, a-hole!

1725 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Excuse the typo, but I'm 'not' Jewish, but not that it really matters.

1725 days ago

MY EYES!!!    

Was Mel detoxing on camera? Jackass.

1725 days ago


Mel got drunk...Mel did/said stupid things...we have all been there in some form or fashion...I defy anyone of you to say you don't have a moment in your life where you wish you had not done/said something. Thanks goodness you aren't a star so they can rub it in your face day in and day out for years. Priceless Mel good for you! :)

1725 days ago
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