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Mel Gibson

One Word Tirade

2/2/2010 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A frustrated Mel Gibson was pitching his new movie to a Chicago TV reporter today, only to be repeatedly blocked by questions about his infamous anti-Semitic rant -- it resulted in an A-bomb explosion.

Mel Gibson One World Tirade Screen Shot
After an uncomfortable first few minutes during the satellite interview, the WGN-TV reporter gave his obligatory "go see the movie" -- and kissed Mel off.

Mel, apparently thinking the interview was over, took a swig of his coffee drink ... and called the guy an "asshole."

So we ask ...


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1721 days ago


It was so long ago that he said those comments. We all make mistakes in life, and it's sad when there's the select few who can't get over things. Get over it and do your job the way it should be done. My goodness, I hate that the news is all about their opinions now and they let that get in the way of doing their jobs. Let it go already!

1721 days ago


that was f*&^ing funny!!!!!!!

1721 days ago


ha! hilarious!

I agree with Mel though, what the hell, four years ago!!! LET IT GOOOO!

1721 days ago


Third biotchhhhhhhhhh man that lindsay lohan video was hot

1721 days ago


this reporter sucks. how did he get a job. yeah let's move forward.

1721 days ago

31337 one    

If he was going on the show to talk about his racist tendancies then that's what you talk about. Didn't the reporter know Mel was only coming on to plug his new movie? Either way it's really bad reporting.

Hey TMZ, can you put a picture of Mel up from the 80's next to a current one. I'm trying to figure out if he had ear implants!!

1721 days ago


wolv13 was first! now thats news!
he always crys when he not first
so good for you little boy!

1721 days ago


Good for you Mel, Can't wait to see your new movie, looks real killer..

1721 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Yeah, that was pretty funny, but it might be a while before people forget about little Adolph Gibson's true personality! But that was damn funny!

1721 days ago


MAN cant count?
dont people go to school

3rd = 3
lets say it again little ma
3rd = 3 (not 5)
your age is 5

1721 days ago


The media is the most corrupt wicked entity in this country. There are so many more important things to grill than remarks made by one person 4 years ago.

You think the reporter is perfect?

1721 days ago


@dee. Dean Richards has been on wgn for as long as i can remember and he is a classy reporter. Saying that sucks is just idiotic. He was just doing his job, would you rather have him ask him about lethal weapon for the whole interview?

1721 days ago


Gibson did the same exact thing to an entertainment reporter here in LA and was totally rude and cut the guy off. Seriously, does he think that what happened is going to go away? Of course they are going to ask about it.... They could be asking about the Catholic divorce and out of wed-lock baby with the Russian singer. I used to be a huge Mel Gibson fan, but he has gone way off the reservation with his holier then thou BS. Give me a flippin break - he just isn't that hot anymore.

1721 days ago


Starting to like Mel more and more.
Keep it real Mel, no one else does these days.
Good for him.

1721 days ago
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