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'We Are the World' -- The Remake

2/2/2010 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anyone who's ever put out a record in the past 5 years got together yesterday at Jim Henson studios in Los Angeles to sing a new version of Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie's "We Are the World" to benefit Haiti.

We Are the World: Click to watch
The Jonas Brothers, Wyclef Jean, Harry Connick Jr., Sugarland, Justin Bieber, "Best Singer in the World" Celine Dion and a ton of other performers were seen recording the song yesterday afternoon.

The final video will air during during the opening ceremony for the Olympics February 12.

'we are the world' celebrities


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Someone please get rid of Justin Bieber and Celine Dion and a couple more people.

Justin Bieber looks like Ellen Degeneres.

1689 days ago


It sucked the first time it came out, it will suck again....

1689 days ago


Please don't bring this song back. I'm so sick of hearing it.

Also, Celine needs to to color her hair blond. She looks lousy as a brunette.

1689 days ago

Patty M.    

I have been reading the comments from everybody here and I have to say that I agree that there should have been a new song written for this moment in time and the tradgedy in Haiti but in the style of the original "We Are The World". And MJ's voice isn't even included? WTF? Wasn't the idea to use the song to aid this particular cause brought about because of Michael Jackson...his energy...his voice...his memory for God sake? And who the hell is Justin...little boy who? anyway?

1688 days ago


I'm so sick of this Michael Jackson Tribute Crap!
He's DEAD! move on!

1688 days ago


Quincy is saving perhaps the most touching moment for last. At the request of Katherine Jackson, Maya Angelou penned a poem to be read at the end of the song. Quincy is going to speak to Michael's children about reading that narration."

Posted at 12:31PM on Feb 2nd 2010 by MiMi


Oh,great. Squeeze one more uber-hack into this mess. Lovely.

1688 days ago


There was a rumor that Michael's children were going to partake in singing this song. That would have been amazing. I believe Michael would have been smiling down from Heaven if that happened.

1688 days ago


I'm so sick of this Michael Jackson Tribute Crap!
He's DEAD! move on!

Posted at 2:55PM on Feb 2nd 2010 by allen

Since that's not happening anytime soon, best you move along.

1688 days ago


Why are there so many rappers...? Since when are they "singers?" Are they gonna auto-tune them all? Also, how long is that one guy from the black eyed peas going to be using the MJ arm band...? Is he trying to channel him...copy him. It's so annoying...GET YOUR OWN THING!

1688 days ago


I think like most everyone else. They shouldn't have redone this classic song. If anything, they should have brought the original singers, 25 years later back. I know some have past on, but most are still here. Lionel, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Huey Lewis, Steve Perry, Hall and Oates, Kenny Loggins, The Jacksons, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Kenny Rogers...I could keep goin'. To not make this a 25 year reunion is kind of a smack in their face. But I guess we don't know if the orginals would be willing or not. I think it would have been more magic. They should have wrote a new song for the new generation.

I'm willing to bet Usher gets all MJ's parts. I like Usher, but he will never be anything like Michael Jackson.

Do you really think if Michael was organizing this, he would include foul mouth Lil Wayne? I just did a search and it said he is getting Bob Dylans part. It also said there is a video with Lil Wayne free stylin' and calls MJ a F*G! I can't watch the video cause I'm at work. If that's true, very disappointing.

I can't find any reason in my heart to wanna listen or buy this new version. I'll continue to listen to the original... -Steve

1688 days ago


Let me correct myself. The only reason I will listen to this new version is if Michael's children are apart of it. Hopefully the rumor is true and they will be at the end. That way I could just fast forward through the other garbage. -Steve

1688 days ago


The Jonas Brothers need to go and sit down somewhere. They made a really nasty comment about Michael Jackson in the past. They should not even been invited to that.

1688 days ago


It's a good thing to do that - it's a good reason and for that it is Michael's spirit and his intention to be there for each other ... BUT ... Nevertheless, it is not the same - for sure.

I miss him so much ... his voice ... his appearance ... his passion doing things like this ...

You could also see that while the singers performed the EARTH SONG at the Grammy Award Show ... fantastic song BUT nobody else - I am sorry to say that - is able to bring it out from the heart like Michael ...

It's so so sad that he has gone - miss him ... every single day!


1688 days ago


Just read this...

According to Richie, Janet Jackson will be singing Michael Jackson's part from the original version.

So, there is somethin' good about the remake. -Steve

1688 days ago

Yvonne Akers    

I heard that they were going to mix in Janet Jackson's part in the We Are The World remake. Are there any other Jackson family members in the mix?

1688 days ago
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