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911 Call -- The Duggars Save a Life

2/4/2010 4:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Joshua Duggar -- one of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's 19 kids -- when Josh and his brother John rescued a 6-year-old girl who was injured in a car crash last week.

911 call

It all went down in Arkansas last Thursday, when Joshua and John observed a 3-car crash outside of Josh's car dealership ... then pulled the little girl from the car and administered CPR.

In the call, you can hear Josh tell the dispatcher that the girl is unconscious and "turning blue."

The girl eventually pulled through -- in part due to the Duggars' quick thinking.

You gotta listen to this call ... the Duggars couldn't have done a better job.


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Is it his car dealership or his parents?

1720 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

You gotta love that family, such amazin parents and awesome kids, geesh! But, I gotta tell ya, I bet u anything Joshua is a awesome lover, he is just so caring. Lucky wife he has!

1720 days ago


Of course they knew what to do! They've been raising their parents kids for years!

1720 days ago


These young men are calm, cool, and collect---their parents taught them well!!!! I'm proud of them!!

1720 days ago


The dealership is Josh's

1720 days ago


How convenient when rumors of him molesting his younger sisters pop up he now saves a 6 year old and administers CPR. I do not like that family. You wanna have 19 children you should raise every single one and not have your older daughters raise children you made! While the boys do nothing. They are a weird family. Something is not right about them.

1720 days ago


That great if they raised their parents kids at least they learned something that saved a little girl life.The DUGGARDS are awesome people,plus, JIM BOB & MICHAELE are wonderful parents..I hope they have 19 more children.........

1720 days ago


Tina, those rumors have not just come up. They've been around a long time. First time I heard of them was about 3 years ago.

1720 days ago

lost in lalaland    

They raised all their kids in a beautiful home that they built and paid for themselves. They haven't had ONE CENT of help from tax payers or the government. They were financially self-sufficient LONG before any reality show came into their lives. In other words, they take their responsiblities as parents and as citizens very seriously. All of the children are respectful and honorable. I personally can't relate to having that many kids, but if most of the families out their did half the job these parents have, we'd all be a lot better off. We could all learn a thing or two from these folks, even if we can't relate to their desire to have so many children.

1720 days ago


They did a good job! But man, WHAT was the driver thinking putting a 6 year old in the front seat with an airbag?? WTF? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

1720 days ago


Gabby- You think it's "great" that children are raising other children that they parents selfishly have because it's what God wants? Moron.

And the idiot oldest bro thinks it was divine intervention! Like it's soooo unreal for someone to be at the scene of an accident! I'm pretty sure every person has been in atleast one accident or seen one accident in their life. Give me a break. Bunch of media whores who taped the whole thing too.

1720 days ago


Well, except for that one recording the incident on his phone. Seems like that isn't much of a help.

1720 days ago


You know, I'm about as down on this family as one can get. I just don't agree with the message being sent that having 19 children "for god" is a good thing.

That being can't argue with what was done here. And I wish a poster above me wouldn't have resorted to stupid INTERNET rumors to defame them. Stick to things that are actually true. You look less stupid.

1720 days ago


While I will never pretend to understand the Duggar's lifestyle (19 children, girls always in long skirts, etc) I will say that they seem to be a very loving family, and they have raised children who are very respectful and hard working. That little girl was lucky to have landed in the laps of such responsible people.

1720 days ago


#8 you don't know the Duggars that well do ya? It doesn't matter if they don't take assistance from government! Like that somehow makes everything they do better! They shelter their children from the real world. I can't imagine how they would survive in everyday life when they think the world is full of marshamallows and rainbows.

They don't allow their children to WATCH TV yet they make money off it. They don't PAY ANY TAXES because their house is a "church". And they get a ton of free trips and food etc from TLC. If they were such good people they'd adopt since they have the means to instead of having more and more children for no reason at all and it's not that easy at her age to keep having them. They do is on purpose. The mother is a freak who is dead behind the eyes who once her children reach age 1 she gets tired of them and passes them along to the older daughters to raise. They don't even allow their children - well the girls to attend college. Because god forbid they learn something about REAL LIFE and not that fake christian sheltered bubble of a life they created at home. You can't hide real things from children. Life if life. It's not pretty. Like Jim Bob and Michele didnt have sex before marriage because we all know they did. It's a freak show and they won't stop until the mother dies one day giving birth.

1720 days ago
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