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Animal Planet Star -- Attempted Murderer

2/4/2010 7:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The star of the Animal Planet show "Pit Boss" knows what it's like to be treated like an animal: Dude spent 10 years behind bars for attempted murder -- and TMZ has obtained his mug shot.

Animal Planet Star -- Attempted Murderer

Before he started rescuing dogs, Shorty Rossi -- who went by the name Melvin Rossi -- was sentenced to 20 years in California State Prison for participating in a gang-related shooting in Los Angeles back in 1988.

Rossi -- who was a member of the Bloods street gang -- began his prison stint in 1989, but was released after 10 years.

Rossi has talked openly about his prison experience before -- but prides himself on turning his life around.

How's that for street cred?


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Didn't know the Bloods were praticing "diversity" in the workplace in the 90's. Hell, they were ahead of their time. He would have stood out as much as a water buffalo in a crowded disco club during happy hour. WTF!!

1720 days ago


An ex-murderer gets his own reality show and the bleeding heart animal lovers are willing to forgive and forget because he rescues pit bulls. What about the person he riddled with bullets? Wonder if he watches the show? I wont.

1720 days ago


Animal Planet should give Michael Vick his own show too.

1720 days ago

Yvette from Philly    

Yeah, what's the deal with the TMZ photo date 2/1994? Also TMZ is the only reporting agency that I've seen, making Shorty a Blood. By the way - to the white people who think that living in the hood means there are people at every corner running around with a machine guns...... Although the family that took him in was poor, it doesn't mean that they didn't have values or show him love. Being poor isn't the worst life that a person can have .... take it from all of the druggies in Hollywood who are OD'ing on heroine and prescription drugs. They're not happy. Try to learn a little everyday:)

1713 days ago


He seems desperate to be considered a 'tough guy'...a kinda sad mentality at any size.

1709 days ago


"IT's not right for murderers like martin to get on tv ruining it for other little people. he's no different now than he was, just getting paid to have the cameras around so its a different hustle"
learn how to read.#1. you got the name wrong.#2. you got the crime was ATTEMPTED murder.Not murder.They are two seperate crimes.

"only idiots watch animal planet, so now i have to hear more crap from idiots"
idiots watch animal planet? idiots make ignorant assumptions about people who watch animal planet.

"quit making it hard for the rest of us!"
And how is he making it hard for you? get over yourself.

(by the way, i'm a little person)
Ohhh..that makes it ok to bash people you don't know then, right?

1569 days ago


If he "began his sentence" in 89 and served 10 years, how is it your "booking photo" is dated 2-11-94? Justsayin
Posted at 10:00 PM on Feb 3, 2010 by Jim

Read more:

Notice they never use the words that you somehow felt entitled to quote, "booking photo". He is holding a sign that says "California Prison", when you are arrested you are not booked into prison, you go to county jail until you are convicted. His first mug shot probably says LAPD '89. He probably transfered prisons in '94 or his prison at that time needed an updated identification photo for his file. Justsayin.

And everyone that seems to think there are no white people in the bloods are just talking out of their ass. Obviously they are a predominantly black gang, and some white dude can't stroll into the hood and ask to get down, but if you stay in the projects and hang with bloods, you really think they are going to say "Na you can't get down, wrong skin color." Idiots.

1564 days ago

Dennis G. Carrier    

I'd laugh until I coughed up a lung if I could see Shorty stack gang signs. Don't judge me; there's some Cartman in all of us. And yes, the Eastern and Western Bloods are black. So is Shorty. Can't you tell?

1317 days ago


you wanna know how we know shorty is white? because he didnt perpetuate the cycle. he actually did something with his second chance. as a fellow pit rescuer, good for you shorty.

1304 days ago


Good for him turning his life around! I just saw this amazing video of him and the work he is doing now.

937 days ago
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