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Coroner's Office Revisits Brittany Murphy Home

2/4/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Coroner's Office is not satisfied that the toxicology report by itself will tell the whole story in the death of Brittany Murphy, so yesterday Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter paid a visit to Brittany's husband, Simon Monjack, and her mother, Sharon Murphy, and asked a bunch of questions.

Ed Winter: Click to watch
Sources tell TMZ a man who worked at Brittany Murphy's house has told the Coroner's Office that someone would deliver a sealed, manila envelope to the house every Friday filled with prescription medications in bottles. The name on the envelope -- "Lola."

Sources say the ex-employee told the Coroner drugs were also mailed from Los Angeles to Louisiana -- where Brittany was shooting a movie and Simon was tagging along -- in the months before she died.

We're told the pathologist in the Coroner's Office who is working on the case had a variety of questions for Simon and Sharon. Among the questions -- Why was there no record of Brittany seeing a doctor in the months before her death, especially because she had several medical conditions and was experiencing severe abdominal pains days before her death?

We're told Winter met with Sharon and Simon together and they were cooperative.


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I feel like I know this coroner so well since he does pop up on TMZ every time a death happens.

1686 days ago


There's an interview of Debra Winger from years ago (Barbara Walters I think interviewed her) where she talks about the reasons why she retired from acting. One of them being a 'manila envelope' that would show up at her door on a regular basis to keep her 'trim' and on the ball. This manila envelope, she alleged, would be delivered to her at the request of the studio she was contracted with. Interesting similarities.

1686 days ago


Here's some of that interview:

"Debra Winger was one of Hollywood's top stars in the early '80s but she figured out pretty quickly that something was wrong in a business that sets impossible standards of youth and beauty.

During the making of "An Officer and a Gentleman" producer Don Simpson knocked on her door and handed her a manila envelope. Inside was a diuretic pill. "We watched the dailies" Simpson said in a low I'm-doing-you-a-favor voice. "You look a little bloated."

1686 days ago


Yes Kim that does sound eerie.

1686 days ago

Martin Bormann    

Perhaps the coroner is entertaining the possibility that Ms. Murphy was abducted by aliens, and did not survive the anal probe.
What a bunch of crap. The autopsy showed---nothing. Now, they are saying the tox showed...nothing? Please TMZ spare us this torture. It's one or the other. We heard nothing on autopsy, which means, wola! Tox will show cause. What? Now Winters doesn't have a clue?
Is this clown elected or appointed? Either way, change is needed in leadership at the LA County Coroner's.

1686 days ago


Kim that is a very interesting story about Debra Winger. If BM didn't die from a pre-existing condition or from a drug overdose then there is one other option that maybe the ME hasn't examined a possible poisoning. 30 year olds don't just drop dead for no reason. And her husband, well lets just say the creep factor is off the charts.

1686 days ago



1686 days ago


It seems that the L.A. coroners office has little ability to determine cause of death anymore. They are like doctors now; unless you already know what's wrong with you they can't do anything for you. I really don't think they would have had a case against Dr. Conrad Murray if he had not confessed to giving Michael propofol.

1686 days ago

Sad sad    

I wouldn't be surpised if they came out and said he and her mom are together at this point. So much bs.

1686 days ago



1686 days ago


Medications have a variety of similar ingredients. They test for a lot. But you see a variety of ingredients. For example, a tox screen would not be positive for "Xanax", but for the ingredients in Xanax. An ingredient in Xanax is Dextropropoxyphene, which is also in Aspirin. Every ingredient Xanax is also in something else, combined with other different ingredients. So by seeing what medications she had at her time of death is very helpful, as it narrows down what ingredients she had in her possession, and from there they can figure out which medications she had consumed, and if there were any others. Then they can calculate out the amounts of each. That would be incredibly helpful in her case, where there is no clear cause of death, And pathologists are in school for around 15 years. They are not "clowns".

1686 days ago


Why is that mother still living with her husband that man gives me the creeps. Then when you read his track record from England something is strange there and TMZ I hope you are digging into all of this.

1686 days ago

um, no thanks    

Why would anyone think or expect the coroner to have all the answers
like he is on some fake television series.
Her husband said in a recent interview, "she did not have an eating
disorder and to prove it he said, you could ask anyone at a well
known restaurant they ate at on a regular basis and they would
tell you she often ate three plates of food!!!

Here is the deal, when tiny tiny women binge eat they usually go home and PURGE which can be deadly and eventually puts a major, massive strain on their heart.

This was a great, but lost opportunity to teach the dangers of eating disorders and to educate people.
The media has completely dropped the ball by expecting the
toxicologist to have a crystal one.

My guess is people that ate meals with her on movie sets and worked
in craft services could shed some light about her eating habits.

Do you think the coroner has much if anything in the report about her tooth enamel or even looked closely at her teeth? Doubtful, but I bet the enamel was about gone and acid had made the backs of her teeth as smooth as glass.

It looks to me like they might as well have walked in and found a woman with a plastic bag over her head and looked everywhere for the cause of death except for, the plastic bag over her head.
Perhaps the Obvious, is too Obvious.

1686 days ago


Water pills can kill you if you have a heart condition. Flushes body's potassium. Low potassium can cause death.

1686 days ago


An envelope with the name 'Lola' on it.....nice.

1686 days ago
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