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Coroner's Office Revisits Brittany Murphy Home

2/4/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Coroner's Office is not satisfied that the toxicology report by itself will tell the whole story in the death of Brittany Murphy, so yesterday Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter paid a visit to Brittany's husband, Simon Monjack, and her mother, Sharon Murphy, and asked a bunch of questions.

Ed Winter: Click to watch
Sources tell TMZ a man who worked at Brittany Murphy's house has told the Coroner's Office that someone would deliver a sealed, manila envelope to the house every Friday filled with prescription medications in bottles. The name on the envelope -- "Lola."

Sources say the ex-employee told the Coroner drugs were also mailed from Los Angeles to Louisiana -- where Brittany was shooting a movie and Simon was tagging along -- in the months before she died.

We're told the pathologist in the Coroner's Office who is working on the case had a variety of questions for Simon and Sharon. Among the questions -- Why was there no record of Brittany seeing a doctor in the months before her death, especially because she had several medical conditions and was experiencing severe abdominal pains days before her death?

We're told Winter met with Sharon and Simon together and they were cooperative.


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I'm sure she did drugs. Does it mean that they did her in? No. Why doesn't he WAIT until the tox report comes back...

1688 days ago


"The National Enquirer reports Monjack was arrested on expired visa charges in the middle of the night on March 27 – just over a month before the couple’s rushed marriage. The tabloid also hits the actress’ tubby hubby with allegations of bad debts and sleazy business schemes." It appears that most of the meds Brittnay had is related to causing heart attacts. Including the anti-swin flu pills Brittnay was reported to be using. If Brittnay died of natural causes, Simon could be in for a lot of money.

1688 days ago


I honestly can't wait for the final report so people can stop this nonsense about it not being drug related. I expect the fake shock from the family, "Of COURSE she wasn't on anything, she had the flu!", but I don't expect the public to hold onto that until the final tox screen. You know from day one it was multi pharm overdose, every time it happens from Marilyn Monroe to Anna Nicole to Heath Ledger to MJ. Drugs in the room + dead young person. You have to have your head firmly up your tuckus to keep defending these deaths as "maybe nothing, don't judge them!" right up until someone holds your hand and reads the tox report to you.

1688 days ago

um, no thanks    

aka 21. Did you read the very first sentence of the post?
It says what most reasonable people would expect it would tell you and that is, "The L.A. County Coroner's Office is not satisfied that the toxicology report by itself will tell the whole story in the death of Brittany Murphy"

1688 days ago


I've thought her husband had something to do with it since the very beginning. He seems creepy.

1688 days ago


The coroner said she was severly anemic, so either she had an underlying physical condition,or she had an eating disorder. Anemia can stop your heart, and if you were mixing uppers and downers on top of that she was a very sick young woman , which i find hard to believe her mother and husband knew nothing.

1688 days ago


oh no that makes me sick the mother is living with the husband? boy, do i find that weird....................................

1688 days ago


This is my theory to this sad story about BM:

Her creepy husband and her mother were hooking up and they were utilizing Brittany as a tool to gain their income, so they exploited her, manipulated her, etc.. now the poor girl is dead as a result and those two are still trying to capitalize from her. They both should be in line with Dr. Murray to face proper chargers

1688 days ago


I'm betting the coroner has a coronary in the near future.

1688 days ago


#13, It’s the other way around. Brits mother owns the home. Question is, Why is the husband still living with his wife’s mother??
He’s a real creep.

1688 days ago


Something smells rotten here....I think her mother and her husband know more than they are telling....If that theory about the diuretics and diet pills is true, taking those kind of drugs when you already have a heart condition is VERY dangerous. That COULD be the smoking gun.....

1688 days ago


I remember the Debra Winger story that Kim is talking about #3 and #4. I always loved her movies and wondered why she left all the sudden. This must be the answer.

I honestly think they should examine the 911 call more closely.

There is more to this BM story then is being told for sure.

I as well think that the bigwigs in Hollywood have a lot to do with why all these stars are dieing and the rest of them are all screwed up on some kind of drugs and have anorexia or some eating disorder. You can look at all of Hollywood and seriously they are all plastic bimbo's (men and women) that look like skeletons. I wonder when Hollywood will realize that this is not attractive to the general population. We are at a time in life when we now know all the "tricks of the trade" that keep these stars looking like they do on magazine covers, movies and their daily life.

1688 days ago

screamin in dig    


1688 days ago


The Husband and the Mother did because they were lovers and wanted Brittany's money and wanted to be together. This is just a theory, but TMZ have someone start an investigation. It just seems too fishy.

1688 days ago


And what's up withing hubby trying to host a "Fundraiser"???? Brittney Murphy Foundation? $1,000.00 a plate? Seriously. . .?

1688 days ago
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