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Brooke Mueller Done with Pneumonia Rehab

2/4/2010 5:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller Leaving Non-Rehab Rehab FacilityCharlie Sheen's wife Brooke Mueller is wrapping up her week-long stay in North Carolina today and is leaving for Aspen, where she will appear in court with Charlie.

Brooke's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, the fact that Brooke was at Two Dreams Outer Banks for only one week proves what he said last week -- that she was there to recover from pneumonia ... and not in rehab.

Brooke and Charlie are scheduled to face the judge in Charlie's criminal case on Monday. They both want the judge to relax the protective order prohibiting them from having contact with each other.

Galanter says Brooke and Charlie are aiming to get a new protective order that will allow them to fly back to L.A. together after the hearing so they can work on their marriage.


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1721 days ago


So.....years ago when I came down with pneumonia, I was to go to a rehab for it?

1721 days ago


1721 days ago


I wonder if she got away before the earthquake hit.

1721 days ago

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1721 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

SOOO great she is done with her pneumonia rehab. How about working on your drug and alcohol rehab now?!? Just friendly advice..... idiot.

1721 days ago

Philly Phil    

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LOL...Now, THAT is one hilarious title...loves it! Thanks for the laugh guys!

1721 days ago


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1721 days ago



AND NOW REHAB.....sorry i don't believe a word from this drunk her and sheen belong together

1721 days ago


Don't drug addicts usually eventually get ill with either anemia or pnuemonia?

1721 days ago

um, no thanks    

Sounds like Yale does not understand the definition of proof. Pretty silly for an attorney to make such an obviously flawed point.

1721 days ago
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