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Casey Johnson's Death Caused by Neglect

2/4/2010 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson's Death Caused by NeglectCasey Johnson died because she simply did not take care of herself ... sources connected with the autopsy tell TMZ.

The L.A. County Coroner says the cause of death was "Diabetic Ketoacidosis" and the manner of death was "natural."

But our sources say the Coroner's findings clearly show Johnson -- who died at 30 -- was not taking her insulin shots, was not exercising, did not follow her strict diet and was not taking other medicines she needed.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a technical term for lack of insulin, which often leads to a diabetic coma. We previously reported where Johnson was hospitalized for diabetic comas at least twice before her death.


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It took over six weeks to get Brittany Murphy's drugs test results, but it only took a little over a month to get her's. I smell a pay off and cover up here. She died of a drug overdose and the family is covering it up.

1724 days ago

Billy Bogart    

Makes you think twice about buying J&j products. If they can't take care of their own how then are they suppose to take care of you? J&J=glorified snakeoil salesmen

1724 days ago

Allred Tree    

With luck, the repulsive Sherri Shepherd, who claims to be diabetic, will be next! She should have been fired long ago and sets a horrid example for diabetics and ABC should ban anyone who doesn't follow what they preach. That ugly beotch is always talking about her hideous body and showing it off every chance she gets. The slut can't even remember how many abortions she had before giving birth to Jeffrey, her retarded son (as Ron Emmanuel would call him). But that would be okay with dumb Whoopi and Sherri since Obama is black and they drooled all over the creep when he was on their show.

Sherri Shepherd gorges herself every chance she gets and on foods a diabetic should not be eating. Since ABC allows this creep to stay on the air, maybe they are trying to get rid of her by offering her all she can eat so as to avoid any legal trouble this horrid pig would try to cause them.

Let this be a lesson to all the piggers and their overweight kids who are diabetic or soon-to-be.

1724 days ago


Kind of similar to Brittany Murphy — you would expect women of means and access to get the help they need — and the apparent near and dear ones to see the signs and intervene. Ironic, since Casey was a Johnson & Johnson heiress. Fame and fortune can be a heavy burden.

1724 days ago


wow, people just think they are invincible, pathetic

1724 days ago


Diabetes isn't something you mess around with, my mum, dad and sister have diabetes as do several other relatives! My dad and my uncle at least were on high dosages of insulin before they died, my mum and sister have type2 diabetes and control their sugar levels by diet and medication! Each and every day they check their sugar levels by pricking their finger and putting the blood on a strip before inserting into a home test kit. I have seen my uncle in a diabetic hypo where he had to have an immediate sugar intake to get him back up on his feet.
Sorry, but for anyone who knows they have type1 diabetes and who have to take insulin shots or they will die (which all doctors advise their patients of) by slipping into a diabetic coma then it's stupid to take the risks of not having your insulin! It's not pleasant but you get on with it if you want to live.
I've been lucky so far (touch wood) and I haven't got diabetes, but when you read a story like this it really makes you wonder how depressed Casey Johnson already was and whether she really didn't care enough to keep herself alive!! Sadly it's the family and friends left behind who are left grieving - lets hope she found peace at last!

1724 days ago


First, TMZ needs to research a little better...Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a condition CAUSED by lack of isn't a techinal term for lack of insulin. Furthermore...all the presumptious, no nothing idiots who have posted the horendous comments about people with diabetes...educate yourself before you open your mouth, otherwise, keep it shut. As the old saying goes...Better to keep quiet and let people think you are an idiot, than to speak of what you know nothing about and PROVE that you are an idiot...I have fought Type 1 diabetes for 40 is far from is WILL get worse no matter how well you manage it, it's the nature of the well, those who say that someone was eating foods that "a diabetic has no business eating"..again have no idea what they are talking about. NO food type is off limits to an insulin dependant diabetic, they just have to be accounted for when you take your insulin injection. Wise up, people, and remember "There for the grace of God goes I"

1724 days ago


One other tidbit...Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are two different animals...managed differently...Type 1 you are born with and must take insulin for the rest of your life...Type 2 a person develops because of lifestyle...does not REQUIRE insulin to stay alive, but some Type 2 do take insulin.

1724 days ago


So she can get lip injections but not insulin?

1724 days ago

Elvis Twin    

Could it have been those things in her upper lip?

1723 days ago

Auntee Rach Rach    

Wow......that's soooooo sad........ Oprah's entire show yesterday was dedicated to diabetes and taking care of one's self ........a lotta people who are diagnosed for some reason don't realize the seriousness of a completely manageable disorder. My Grandmother has been a insulin dependant diabetic for 40+yrs, she will be 84 this year......she lives alone, still has all her facalties and takes really good care of herself........ cause she does "EXACTLY" what the Doctors and nurses have taught her and tell her to do in managing her diabetes.....she does fingersticks 2-3 times a day and when she doesn't feel well....and gives herself the shots of insulin...she still expresses after 40 years how much she hates having to stick herself (her fingers are usually sore) and give herself shots........ but says she has to in order to stay alive......You gotta check your sugar levels people........this is soooooooo fricking important.

PS: We did had an instance a few months ago where my grandma was just eating whatever she wanted sugar wise and she lost her eyesight in one eye..(she had been on this binge kinda "oh well attitude" for about 9 mos or so, of course I attempted to encourage her this was not a good thing but to no avail)..well her Lt.eye froze and her vision was blurry she saw double...she had to wear a patch on her lt eye in order to see ok from the rt eye...her sugar levels had been wiggin out of course prior to this.....low and behold.....her doctors had never seen this before and told her it could possibly be sugar related....and didn't know if she would get her vision back.......well she got back on the right track and 3 mos later her vision came back......Now she is back to following her diabetic regimen to a "Tee"......this was the scariest thing that has ever happened to her diabetes related.....she still has all her limbs and no real issues other than will power over her cravings from time to time........this can be a daily struggle......Gotta have will power and take care of yourself people.

1723 days ago


I BELIEVE THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER REASON WHY CASEY NEGLECTED HER HEALTH. I had never heard of her until the headlines screamed about her death. I can't help but wonder if she was lashing out to those around her, especially, her family. The Johnsons are among the most fabulously wealthy families in the world and yet, look at the way they treated their own blood by tossing her out and not even trying to help her. They didn't even have the decency to make a public comment about Casey's death except for three or four words by a third party. Oh, how they must have LOVED her! Would any of us jump at the chance to join that cold blooded bunch? I wouldn't! Tragically, Casey died totally alone and without a single person there to hold her hand. MY, GOD!!! Perhaps Casey's revenge will be for her 'famdamily' to have wild nightmares, about her, for the rest of their miserable lives!

1723 days ago


Sad :(

1723 days ago


When you have access to all the medication you need right in your house and you chose drugs and alcohol instead, it's very hard to feel sorry for her. Most diabetics can't even afford their medication and this woman would rather spend her time licking her nasty girlfriend's rug, partying, getting high and getting lip injectins instead of taking care of herself. I feel no pity for her at all.

1723 days ago


63. Neglect?? I have had type 1 diabetes for over 10 years. DKA can hit very suddenly caused by a simple cold or stress even when you are taking the proper shots. I have been in ICU several times with DKA and pnemonia it is miserable. Your whole body hurts, head pounds and you vomit NONSTOP! In my cases it was NEVER NEGLECT! So please do not assume diabetes is a simple disease. It is not. People have the idea you take a shot and you are fine and that is not the case! There are so many factors and complications.

Posted at 12:37AM on Feb 5th 2010 by Kaytype1

Understandable diabetes is a serious disease and diabetics have it rough. However, this girl was a known drug addict and party drunk. Not your typical diabetic who was living with her disease in a responsible manner.

1723 days ago
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