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Tension Between LAPD and D.A. in Jackson Case

2/4/2010 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD officials feel slighted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney in the Michael Jackson case, and the cops made their point clear in a secret meeting yesterday .... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

LAPD and D.A. in Michael Jackson Case

Sources say there was a "high level meeting" yesterday between officials from both departments. The D.A. had kept the LAPD in the dark over the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Conrad Murray. In fact, until yesterday the LAPD was not informed of any plan for the arrest or surrender of Murray on involuntary manslaughter charges.

We reported earlier in the week that lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray had been in touch with the D.A. and planned to drive the doctor themselves to the courthouse where he would be arraigned. That plan would have completely excluded the LAPD from the process.

The D.A.'s plan was especially maddening for the LAPD because detectives in the Robbery Homicide Division had spent months putting the complicated case together. Inside sources say it's one of the best, most thorough investigations the LAPD has conducted in years.

The upshot of yesterday's meeting -- the D.A. and LAPD made a plan -- the LAPD will place Dr. Murray under arrest on Friday morning, handcuff and book him, then take him to court at 1:30 where he will be arraigned.


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Yes. I guess there would be if the person in question isn't really dead.

1729 days ago


Normally I don´t complain about the photos TMZ choose of MJ. Basically he looks fine to me on all of them even though others complain. I can see that TMZ has a preference for blurry pics of Michael, but THIS, you evil bastards, what is THIS???

1729 days ago


What's with all the cloak and dagger? Why should he be extended any courtesy? Once they have the go-ahead, why not just arrest him like any other person charged with a crime, nevermind all these plans!

1729 days ago


I guess that you who still call him a freak or child molester have issues to deal with in you own life. It's easier to pick on someone else than admitting your own ugly and dirty thoughts and doings.

Maybe you are just doing it to tease MJ's fans, just remember that MJ was innocent. The only people you really hurt are MJ's children. They should be able to be proud of their daddy without reading stupid lies. MJ was a wonderful person, loving, caring and childlike at heart. He was also a musical genius. Also, you can see his depth if you read his poems. He was very educated too. He loved to help sick and less fortunate children. To make something ugly about that is sick.

God bless you, MJ.

1729 days ago

For MJ    

"you'd do anything for money"

1729 days ago


So instead of costing the city nothing by turning himself in, it will now cost the city thousands to have officers arrest him and process him.


1729 days ago


That is a horrifying photo of Michael Jackson! Was that taken the day of his death?

1729 days ago


Michael, I want justice. If Murray is guilty - and I think so - he will pay his due. But to other people.....please,please STOP call him Jacko, he is not Jacko, he is Michael Jackson. He was totally found NOT GUILTY of any charge on his trial.......Chandler killed himself just few months ago......STOP please. You are wrong, nothing it was ever demonstred, SO nothing was happened. Michael has 3 children, wonderful children like him.They read these's no nice. I love you King of Pop.....I love so much...from the bottom of my heart,forever you are and you'll be my greatest love. Love, Rossella

1729 days ago


just get it over and done with.

1729 days ago


Isn't is amazing that the people who say nasty things about Jackson take the time to read the story just so they can post their crap about him? I don't ever read stories that don't interest me and sure wouldn't if I didn't care for the person being written about. People that say those things are guilty of group think and sadly don't have an independent thought or want to take the time to research anything. If they did, they would realize they are repeating lies.

1729 days ago


Congressional hearing reveals US intelligence agencies shielded Flight 253 bomber
CNN Airs Witness Testimony (Kurt Haskell) that ‘Well Dressed’ Indian accomplice helped Abdulmutallab board
without passport
The Truth About Flight 253
by Kurt Haskell

1729 days ago


Posted at 9:43AM on Feb 4th 2010 by Veronica

I agree Veronica, greetings and nice day!

Nice day and hugs also for Butterfly, Irene and all I don´t want to forget anyone

Thank you Butterfly, fortunately where I live we don´t have experienced flooding, but in in remote areas many people have suffered the damage from the rains, is no good!

1729 days ago


this picture of mj doesnt even look real it looks like someone colored it!!!! tmz are ruthless people!!! and it just happens to be put in between two official badges, like mj is the target? sue from tampa

1729 days ago


OMG, TMZ. The photo you chose of our beloved Michael. Have you no shame? I've never really complained of the photos you use of people because I know that's your ammo but this is ridiculous.

Love you Michael!

1729 days ago


I totally agree with (#9) Veronica. There is definitely someone more powerful out there that is helping Dr. Murray or paid him to kill Michael Jackson. Perhaps it is SONY so that they could gain total access to the Beatles catalog (music) as well as Michael Jackson's music. Dr. Murray seems like he is just the fall guy. I think that there is more to this story than we know especially since Dr. Murray's baby mama that he just so happened to be staying with at the time works for SONY. I think she know something.

1729 days ago
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