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Carrie Prejean

is Engaged

2/7/2010 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanTo a man.

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I feel sorry for that sad bastard. She's a hipocritical, ignorant, bitch! they will be divorced in a year

1719 days ago


She's engaged in nonsense. She'll be Sarah Palin's running mate, putting the Republican Party into a deep, long burial where it belongs for another couple decades at least.

1719 days ago


she's still a homophobic lying bitch if you ask me..

posing nude, denying gays and lesbians their rights of getting married.. she should be ashamed of herself

im all for lesbians and gays getting married they deserve the same rights just like everyone else

1719 days ago


Quote:Yes, MJ had nice extortion attempts. You can call them perveersions if you wish, but they searched every nook and cranny of his home and frankly I think they'd find something far more substantial if he liked to get frisky with little boys, don't you?

*Yes, MJ was a druggie (but then I'd probably be one too under his sort of life pressure, the pressure and responsibilities of which I can't really imagine)

There are millions of children-(WITHOUT GAZZILIONS OF DOLLARS) who grow up w/strict (violent) parents, and do not end up
druggies, give wine & sleep w/little boys at the age of 40+
"pressure?"I'm guessing having 20,million to give away to someone to shut up, regardless of his "Innocence" &being an international superstar, with plenty of equally wealthy support system in brothers & sisters,(SERIOUSLY?) qualifies someone to be a "victim" all sins excused
in your eyes.
Same as in Roman Polansky,, "It wasn't rape rape"
Sorry no chance in heck.. seriously,,,
I GUESS DENIAL is not just a river...

BTW: Stupid, MJ was not.He would not have videos
of his escaped laying around...

1719 days ago


There are millions of children-(WITHOUT GAZZILIONS OF DOLLARS) who grow up w/strict (violent) parents, and do not end up
druggies, give wine & sleep w/little boys at the age of 40+
Hi. How many of these anonymous kids that you talk about have been on the stage since the age of 5 and have sacrificed their whole lives to "adult work" of showbiz, and been successful (I mean really mega successful) at doing it - through all their personal and family pressure, doing it all consistently and doing it as well has he has?

That's pressure right there. Growing up in front of millions and having them analyze your every move, while you go about being the best that you can be and somehow trying to grow up through it all, knowing you have lost the normal pleasures of growing up and the space to be yourself and the space to make mistakes in private.

How many of these anonymous kids with nothing (he was one of them once upon a time, but he could hardly remember it, I bet); how many of these could stand up to that sort of public pressure, loss of privacy and constant analysis, and triumph through it all (as an artist and entertainer) on such a huge international level for so many years?

I know I couldn't.

It's so easy to judge but much harder to actually DO what he did.

1719 days ago


"Denying gays their right to marry?" In the great state of CA where the PEOPLE voted and gays/lesbians never had and still don't have the right to marry. I never understood why gays want to get married in the first place. Except for having children why get married? I think this is just a way for divorce attorneys to find new work.

1719 days ago


this whore shouldn't be allowed to get married...if she hates on others, she'll only try and breed lil uninformed haters

not to mention, who the hell would want to marry some ugly ass barbie doll reject

she's the poster child to prove even bigger fake tits won't make you hot

1719 days ago


She'll turn him gay... really don't care - she said what she said but who the hell is she, some ex-miss america usa with almost repossessed boobs. I suppose now she'll be officially laid after the i-do's like she hasn't given it up - oh please the self-righteousness of her. The Bible says - she should be stoned for that. bee hatcher

1718 days ago


1. How sweet that she (after doing all she did to deny other human beings their rights) is going through with her own 'opposite marriage
' (which by definition means the man she is marrying must be smart, compassionate, articulate and empathic, not to mention an educated secular humanist - all characteristics that are 'opposite' to her stupid, right wing self). But what goes around comes around, and I just hope the poor guy has an iron clad pre-nup. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Posted at 3:51PM on Feb 7th 2010 by Angry gay man


Sugarpants, you realize you are bashing a college student, right? Carrie is in no position to "deny" anybody anything. But you know who is? DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton who put into law "Don't Ask Don't Tell," along with the Defense of Marriage Act and going on record as opposing same sex marriage. Also on record of opposing same sex marriage is DEMOCRAT Barrack Obama.

Somehow I suspect you not only voted for both of these gay haters, but you proudly excuse their anti-gay stances.

This is why gay marriage will NEVER be accepted here. You people are nothing more but insincere hypocrites that openly support those that also oppose gay marriage, only difference being they have a "D" in front of their name.

1717 days ago


why can Obama hate gays but Carrie can't??

1717 days ago


I'm so happy for you Carrie!!!! Congrats!!! Thank you for standing up for yourself and supporting the voters of California and the President of the United States in your opposition to homo marriage!!! We love you Carrie!!!

1717 days ago


How big and brave of those "compassionate, sensitive, welcoming-of-all-points-of-view" liberals there at TMZ. Still picking on and trying to bully a girl. How very brave of you.

1717 days ago


dayuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a hottie!!!

1717 days ago


6. why can Obama hate gays but Carrie can't??

Posted at 3:32PM on Feb 9th 2010 by cammie


Because he's a Democrat and Dems are the most hypocritical POS on the face of the earth.

1717 days ago


Carrie is the best representative California has ever had. Just like the voters of California, she opposed same penis marriage. Thank you Carrie, we love you, and congrats!!!

1717 days ago
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