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Drew Brees' Home

A Shrine to a Saint

2/8/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ya think they like Drew Brees in New Orleans?

Saints fans have been rolling over to Drew's place in droves -- leaving signs, trinkets and flowers for the Super Bowl MVP.

No word on what they're leaving on the front doorstep at Peyton Manning's house ...

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Who Dat.....It is telling that you are not from New Orleans, which state do you really live in? New Orleans has been inhabited for a very long time.Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Natchez Indians lived in what is now the New Orleans area before Europeans arrived. In 1682, the French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, sailed down the Mississippi River from the Great Lakes region. He claimed the entire Mississippi Valley for France.Sieur de Bienville founded New Orleans in 1718. In 1722, he made it the capital of the French colony of Louisiana, which covered the central third of the present-day United States. It is an important city not only for Louisiana but our entire nation. The Port of New Orleans is one of the busiest ports in America. The city is the home of major shipbuilding facilities, a naval base, the nation’s Marine reserve headquarters and the world’s first World Trade Center. Without New Orleans, the United States would have to find alternative suppliers for many of the country’s important consumer products.Louisiana’s natural resources are crucial to the operation of the United States.More than 6,000 vessels move through New Orleans annually along the Mississippi River,
making it the world’s busiest waterway and integral to the country’s economic stability.My point is this no matter where a person lives a natural disaster can happen.As far as New Orleans goes you don't have a clue.Crime rates are declining, •Job losses since the recession began in December 2007 have also been relatively small. New Orleans metro area jobs are down 1 percent compared to a 5 percent loss for the nation.Here are successes that educators and parents can celebrate:
-Rising test scores
-Increases in high school graduation rates
-The number of schools classified as “unacceptable” has dropped 20 percent
-Improvement in the preparation of elementary school children for higher grades
-The proliferation of charter school systems
-An infusion of well trained teachers and principals
-An expansion of individual charter schools
-The initiation of a new school building program
-Successful superintendents
Etc.etc.etc. Surely you can find something to comment on that you may actually know about.

1717 days ago

Deep Pockets    

WhoDat, you are a worthless, elitist, ill-informed, biggotted piece of crap. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me educate you... NOLA is on the upswing, baby. The fact is that MOST of the rebuilding in that city was done by a hearty and faithful citizenry who watched red tape and miappropriation of funds run rampant around them. A LOT of that rebuilding you saw came out of private pockets long before any major help arrived. NOLA is a MUCH more self sufficient people than you know. It is also a City of gratitude for those who HAVE helped to lift it up out of their own sheer kindness and unity. Along with many other heartfelt groups, the SAINTS were one of them. And the truth is, they have inspired many to not just soldier on and appreciate the everyday happiness of life many take for granted (yes, even tossing around a pig skin), but they have taught many to settle for no less than the best now and that has carried over into the previous tolerance of corruption that has now been shunned and vocally and actively repudiated. There is a new outlook now... a positive, racially unified, and appreciative outlook with no time for crap crime, or corruption and that is in huge part due to a great example from a deserving group of guys who chose to stick it out with us. Pay attention to the news of late. Times are a'changing. Now, go crap on someone else's parade and take your tiny mind with you. In the meantime, the City will be celebrating tommorrow like you have never seen and no validation will be needed from anyone. I for one, couldn't be prouder.

1717 days ago


i would be mad if i were him,,,who is going to take all that stuff down??

1717 days ago


Grab me that newspaper so I can put it on ebay!

1717 days ago


New Orleans is having a two weeks celebration going with the Championship and Mardis Gras coming. Millions of people are probably right now on their way just to be part of the festivities - I wish I could go there RIGHT NOW!

So, to the pathetic Whocares and Who Dat of this world, if you really think that major tourism money going straight to Bourbon Street doesn't the Big Easy, you're just being dishonest to yourself.

1717 days ago


Drew Brees is extremely generous. If you watched ANY of the pre game stuff before the Super Bowl, you would know that. He is so down to earth. When he comes back to Purdue in the summer, he is so incredibly nice. He has time for everyone and he will pose for pictures. He is an awesome guy. I could not be more proud of him.

1717 days ago


Big ups to whoever left that sixer. Drew lives in the city, with the people, that's why he's the people's champ. Sorry Rocky, your title is taken.

1717 days ago


The New Orleans Saint's story began after Katrina. We have hard working people who are still displaced, and our local, state, and national political machine is still sits idle. Haiti does need our help, but New Orleans still needs SUPPORT. The same weekend the Saint's won, New Orleans elected a new mayor. The children of the city are getting a better education and Mr. Bree's and his wife have done given so much help to the city by living there and putting their money to good use.
We have loved Saint's for more reasons other than football. It's call having PRIDE.

This isn't about football.

1717 days ago


My team didn't make it so it really didn't matter much to me, but in the end I am happy to see the St. win---if it were "fixed" they would have won last year. While the aftermath of Katrina is still felt, it is old news now. It happpened several years ago. I also think although there Mother was must be so proud, the Manning brothers are a bit to "big for there britches." I think this was a humble experience for them both. They BOTH experieinces the S.B wins before I am glad someone else got the glory. I think this is what Peyton Manning needed. Wasn't he shocked???? Dreews was the Q.B for the Chargers they got rid of him--I am glad to see the nice humble underdogs go all the way!! That is my 2 cents worth---

1717 days ago

Mrs. Who Dat    

There sure are some haters on here. Who cares is an idiot, the season was fixed give me a break LOL. If it were that we would have won the season right after Katrina, and no one is saying wining the superbowl is going to fix all that is worng with new orlenas. It just makes us feel good to finally have something positive comming from our home town. Also its the media who repeatdly brings up Katrina, a fair portion of the dvastated areas are back especially Downtown. Until you live through a natural disaster sitting at a relatives house or hotel wondering if you still have a house or not you have no right to be an ass. A natural disaster can happen anywhere not just in an area thats below sea level. Well anyways I am so happy that the Saints won.

1717 days ago

#1 who dat    

Some of you need to get a life. The New Orleans Saints are our team and if you don't like it then who cares? Sore LOSERS are you? Damn, we beat the team that everyone said was unbeatable!! Yea Manning is good, just not as good as The Saints. GET OVER YOURSELF and your ignorant comments, at least down here in New Orleans we support each other and never give up.

1717 days ago


We love you DREW! Thank you!!!!

1717 days ago


I found some of the NFL's background stories on New Orleans and their pleas for help for New Orleans to be insulting. Many of us average people donated money to help and don't have near the money or power of the NFL or it's players. I can't imagine if they wanted to, that organization and it's players couldn't have paid to rebuild lots of homes themselves.

1717 days ago

Nora Caye    

This is in response to #26.... This is how the Saints winning the super bowl helps New Orleans rebuild.... First, we are getting positive recognition which means people will come to New Orleans and spend there money which helps our economy and keeps people working. And as for the players and coaching staff, they have all helped in the rebuilding of the city, by donating money, helping out when they can as for creating charity functions that raise money that goes straight to the city. And if you followed football at all and really knew the game, you would have see the refs trying to knock the Saints out long before they even got to the super bowl, and while in the super bowl. And if you need someone to blame for the Colts losing, it all started when Hank Basket dropped the ball in the beginning of the second half. And the Saints were the underdogs going into this game. Face it, the Saints won that game fairly, on no matter what you say, you will never take that away from us. Our boys did us proud, and we are very grateful for what this will do for the city and state. And for those of us who live here and see what goes on day to day we appreciate everything they do. And now that the Saints win has brought some positive press our way, you might see what happens with your own beady little eyes...

This from all of us here in the WHO DAT NATION.......

1717 days ago


The Saints won,get over it all you haters.
The win will help the city in so many way.
Our players fought hard and won.Fair and square.
We are the WHO DAT nation and we could not be more joyful!!

The answer is nobody.
Bless you boys!!!!

1717 days ago
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