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Joe Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray Got Off Easy

2/9/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson isn't sitting pretty with Joe Jackson.
Joe Jackson: Click to watch
After Murray's arraignment, a disappointed Joe went to "Larry King Live" to say this was murder, not manslaughter.


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Fred Farkel    

Every one of you is a d@mn fool.

If Mika was alive, Murray would be earning $150,000 per month. Uh, so why would he kill him???


And who is paying Myrray's legel fees?


Because he is still a doctor and still seeing patients.

And no one here can figure that out????



Every single one of you is a d@mn fool.

1720 days ago


Judging by the amounts of propofol found in MJ's blood, I think it was indeed murder, but not the type of murder that is planned, just the type that happens when a person panicks and tries to cover up their tracks..

Here's my theory:

Murray gives MJ six different kind of drugs trying to get him to go to sleep. They don't work, so then he gives him the propofol. This causes MJ to stop breathing. Any moron knows that giving someone that many pills and then topping it off with propofol is highly dangerous. MJ suffers an adverse reaction from the normal does of propofol mixed with the other medications, but such an adverse reaction would not have caused his death in a hospital setting because all the equipment necessary would be available at hand, but murray didn't have this equipment. He knew he couldn't revive MJ so rather than calling for help, he decided to finish him off by turning up the dose of propofol. This is what caused the "acute intoxity"..Propofol doesn't show up in normal autopsies so he probably felt confident that no one would know the truth. This would explain why he didn't want paramedics to pronounce MJ dead at the house and why he felt the need to hire a lawyer just 2 days after MJ died...makes sense, doesn't it?

Read more:

1720 days ago

Fred Farkel    

At best Murray is making $20,000 - $30,000 per month in his practice as a cardiologist. That's enough to pay his rent and his baby mommas with money left over for lawyer fees and a nickel for lunch everyday.

He would have much rather had the $150,000 per month doing what Mika axed him to do.


1720 days ago


Murray was not paid by Michael, he was being paid and still being paid by AEG. Who do you think is paying his bail? There are others behind Murray and I believe Joe and LaToya when they say the police should look into Tohme, Phillips, Sony, and DiLeo.
Geraldine Hughes has come out with another bombshell: Murray was visiting a prostitute 4 hours after administering MJ with propofol.I believe what Geraldine is saying she would not make this up. Why aren't the police looking into this?
I do believe MJ was an addict, my opinion of that will not change, but you don't keep giving an addict everything they ask for.
Murray is the scapegoat, there are bigger fish to fry in this death.

1720 days ago

Fred Farkel    

And another note to you d@mn fools.


"Oh Doc Murray ran off and hired 2 lawyers, so he must be guilty."

H3ll no!!!

He does what any man with a 3 digit IQ would do.

Cops ring your doorbell - hire a lawyer.

Period. Have a nice day.

1720 days ago


The coroner noted the absence of any life-saving equipment at the Jackson house. I think it's possible that Dr. Murray had it and removed it; he left Jackson's house after his death and the police did not search it until day's later. If he felt that whatever was there (eg. defibrilator, medications that he could inject) was sufficient to revive a patient than he would not be guilty of manslaughter. Also he has tons of money for experts who are going to dispute the cause of death. I think there is a chance that he'll get off completely.

1720 days ago



I honestly don’t understand why you people keep calling MJ a drug addict when his autopsy report clearly stated he was healthy, and not to mention he passed his physical for AEG as well as a drug test for his nurse cheryl Lee..He was a CHRONIC INSOMINIAC, not an addict. Unless michael told Murray, “give me lethal amounts of propofol and then leave me unattended for 30 minutes so I can die”, then its not his fault. Michael hired this guy to take care of him, not kill him. He didn’t hire murray to feed him drugs and enable him. He hired murray because he was a 50 year old man with many health problems doing a 50 concert tour, and he needed a docter to be with him...

1720 days ago


The only person who killed Micheal Jackson is in fact Micheal Jackson...this dr. is just a sympton of a far greater disease which is the Jacksons. They are all just pissed about the money and Micheal's will says it all. Sorry old man Joe, you are not relevent so bugger off and go find a new group to make famous and hurry because I can't imagine you'll be with us very much longer are a money monger, always have been and thank god Dr. Conrad was there to to take the rap for your family's inability to get your son the help he needed. You enabled him when he was molesting children and you enabled him when he was clearly a drug addict..I think for you Joe, the greatest loss was that you were not in the will in your eyes.

1720 days ago


Dr Death patients are low-income, poor and on goverment Medicaid.

Now, who is/have been paying his legal team, security, child support payments and personal living expenses for the past seven months????

1720 days ago


See, Michael was a genius. And he was different. He did not fit in in this often so cruel and heartless world. People are programmed to hate and destroy things that are too deviant. That´s what happened when the tabloids and media sliced him to pieces.

Read more:

must 2nd this


1720 days ago


MICHAEL WAS MURDERED , the Doctor went to hiding after MJ died, He cleaned and sanitized house to hide evidence, the Mansion’s Security Camera’s destroyed ,it recorded the murder, THERE IS OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED, MJ owed dangerous people money, Michael had people he fired on his WILL as executers.

1720 days ago


MICHAEL WAS MURDERED , did everyone forget the Doctor went to hiding after MJ died, He cleaned and sanitized the house to hide evidence, the Mansion’s Security Camera’s where destroyed that recorded the murder, THERE IS OTHER SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE INVOLVED, Michael owed dangerous people money, Michael forgot had John Branca and John Mclain in his WILL as executers and fired them in 2003, giving them a reason to want him killed to become executers and own Michael’s ESTATE! This is Dirty KRAP Michael was no druggie he took medication for his illness, MURDERED!

1720 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

Dr Death patients are low-income, poor and on goverment Medicaid like me.

1720 days ago


I had this brought to my attention on vindication site:

transcripts from nancy disgrace show:

have a look what Dr Panchali Dhar says:

"Murray talking on phone. Turns around, MJ is white. Doesn’t know if it’s from bleaching his skin or because he’s dead. Takes him a while to figure that one out."

Dr Panchali Dhar tell her how very unprofessional her comment was. She has a book out “Before the Scalpel”. Might be a good place to expose her petty immaturity and lack of professionalism.

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1720 days ago


It wasn't murder..that is just stupid. Doesn't even make sense and I am sure he did destroy the video because it will show that he was not standing over Micheal every second and the tape would show at the very most "carelessness"..Micheal was destined to die young, this Dr. happened to be the one person around but if we are blaming people, let us blame the Jackson family, it was their family member, they knew he was a molestor and protected him and they knew he was a drug addict and turned a blind eye. The best way to get Micheal to go into treatment would have been to use the press, put it out there about what Micheal is really up to and that would have forced him to address his issues but they didn't do that because they were afraid they would lose the money train. The true killers are Micheal and his family..end of story.

1720 days ago
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