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Kerrigan Family: Medical Examiner Is Full of It

2/9/2010 5:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kerrigan FamilyNancy Kerrigan's family is lashing out at the Medical Examiner who ruled Dan Kerrigan's death a homicide ... according to the family's attorney.

The lawyer, Tracy Miner, says "The Kerrigan family is extremely disappointed that the medical examiner would release a cause of death without having all of the relevant facts. We believe this finding to be premature and inaccurate."

The Kerrigans are also standing by Nancy's brother Mark -- who was arrested and charged with assault and battery and could now face more serious charges -- saying, "The Kerrigan family does not blame anyone for the unfortunate death of Dan Kerrigan, who had a pre-existing heart condition."

The M.E. ruled Daniel died from cardiac dysrhythmia after suffering a neck injury during the struggle with his son.


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dirty diana    

yes help him go free nancy, then ask him to baby sit your daughter.

1680 days ago

Miss Dawn    


1680 days ago



PTSD is just a name for a cluster of symptoms. You don't have to see combat to have it. There are too many vets that are messed up with "mysterious illnesses" to ignore. Easy to say lock him up and forget about him. But what if one of these vets kills *your* family member? What if it could have been prevented by understanding what makes a person go off the rails after serving in the military?? Just asking..

1680 days ago


This is what happens when bad behavior is enabled by parents and family instead of correcting it.

1680 days ago


Oh please. Denial. Not just a river in Egypt. This is the exact thing that kept the son living off his family. Enabling. Someone please open your eyes.

1680 days ago

Melrose, MA    

And no one is saying anything about the fact that the Kerrigan son had a well known problem beating his ex-wife and former girlfriends. He's a very troubled person who at 40 was living in his parents basement. That tells you all you need to know about him.

1680 days ago


Are you kidding me, Nancy? Mark is responsible for his death. It may be hard to face, but he did it and he needs more care and supervision than your mother can manage. You can't be there all the time, what if he goes after her someday? He needs serious help..... because he killed his father.

1680 days ago

Melrose, MA    

I live in the next town over from where the Kerrigan's live and everyone in this area is well aware of how trashy they are. Something like this while sad, isn't surprising considering what the family is like. Nancy started a sexual relationship with her present husband who was married to someone else at the time the relationship started. The son has a huge drinking and drug problem, not to mention his issues with women. They're trash, pure and simple.

1680 days ago


Let your brother go to prison where he belongs! This exact scenario happened to my family, my spoiled, brat, drug addict brother choked the life out of my father. My father lasted a few weeks before the blood clot traveled to his heart. Then this perfectly healthy man was dead. Noone called the cops, my brother sniveled all the way through my fathers funeral. Now a few years later my brother almost murdered his wife, she had to get a half million dollars worth of surgery, and may be blind eventually. But he is still free, hopefully justice will finally be done..Let your brother go to jail and get the help he needs, don't baby him!!! Our family will never be the same.

1680 days ago


This is a classic case of enabeling an abusive person, because they are family. Denial is always the thing that keeps the blinders on. This man should pay for what he has done to his father.

1680 days ago

um, no thanks    

I think that finding sounded crazy and seems highly unlikely.
Sounds like someone was not competent or was told what to find as opposed to letting the evidence speak for itself.

An elderly father had some serious health issues and a argument/scuffle happened after the father would not let the son use the stupid phone.

If the exact same thing had happened a hundred times in a hundred different situations and locations I doubt it would be ruled a murder twice so it will be very interesting to see the facts as they come out.
That needs to be looked at with a fine tooth comb by someone who knows what they are doing because that sounds like a false finding.

1680 days ago


Ohh wow, are they doctors now?? Who perform autopsy's every day??

1680 days ago

Elvis Twin    

These medical examiners and district attorneys are out of control. They have been watching too many episodes of CSI and Law and order.

Enough already.

1680 days ago


There is no excuse for how long it is taking for the aid to reach the Haitian people. You have individuals and small groups out there getting the job done with a lot less than what the U.N. , various militaries and large aid groups have at their disposal! When they go to disperse this food they claim that the people start getting rowdy or whatever and so then take off without handing out the supplies. What a load of crap! As long as these aid workers are not in danger-and they're not because they stay on the vehicles-just throw the supplies out already! It's a chance they have to take! They claim to be afraid the people will injure each other or whatever but what is the alternative? The people will just sit there and die or turn on each other anyway-there's nothing to lose!

They can drop these people food! They can if they want to-there's no excuse why they can't! If they can drop bombs on innocent people in war, they can drop these people some food! Why are people so blind to what is going on over there! They have DONATED food and supplies sitting there and making people sign for it-tying everything up in red tape! There is no time for that foolishness-time is of the essence. Stop taking inventory and get that stuff out there! The media is already starting to lose focus on this and so many of us have short attention spans-we're missing what is going on over there. We need to put pressure on our governments, the media, these aid groups, etc. to let them know that we are watching and what they ae doing-or not doing-is totally unacceptable! Haiti needs help NOW!!!

1680 days ago


I don't get this. Is this family SO disfunctional that they think the son did nothing wrong here? There is no reason for the coroner to lie about his findings. He has nothing to gain (or lose). I'd think they'd want justice for the father.

1679 days ago
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