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Angelina Jolie in Haiti --

All About the Kids

2/10/2010 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from her make out session with Brad Pitt at the Super Bowl, A-list UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visited injured children at a hospital in Haiti on Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Jolie and Pitt have reportedly donated $1,000,000 to the rescue operations in Haiti.


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Has anyone else wondered why Angelina only started her 'do-gooding' AFTER the uproar over her sickening Oscar kiss with her brother and the blood-wearing thing with Billy Bob? It was when she was getting HORRIBLE press. After all, there were plenty of needy kids in the world BEFORE that, but when did she ever do anything to help them? Did she suddenly wake up one day and decide she wanted to save the world? Give me a break! She saw it as a way to refurbish her tarnished image and she has played it to the hilt. I'm not denying that she has done some good -- but taking a camera crew to Haiti wasn't necessary. It isn't like no one knew about the earthquake's devastation until SHE showed up! She did it for the positive press -- just like her public makeout sessions with Brad are for the press' benefit. Makes you wonder if her acquisition of the kids didn't have ulterior motives too! I hope not for their sakes, but it seems suspicious. I agree with the post that she is trying very, very hard to fill Princess Diana's shoes -- but whereas Diana seemed very sincere from Day One, Angelina seems more concerned with how it will all reflect on HER.

1715 days ago


how many of these kids will she ry to steal?

1715 days ago


Here we go again.All Angie wants is attention. It's great that she would leave her 6 kids to go sit with the poor innocent children of hati,, But was there a need for the Camera's? I would like to know when all these Celebs are going to donate to ALL the USA kids who need help too...What about them??

1715 days ago


Someone asked why should Angie and Brad sue the tabloids for saying their relationship is over. Well probably because they go to grocery stores with their children and those things are everywhere and they are CONSTANTLY saying BS about them. I mean I am so SICK and tired of seeing it myself and I dont even know them. Every freaking week I go to the store and there are at least three tabs saying... Oh no its over or Brad storms out, or something along the lines. They have to be the most tabloided couple in history. I lose respect for all magazines that do that and dont buy them. Because I know its just massive horrendus lies. Seriously the kids read that and they're like... WTF mom why do they keep saying that. Don't they have anyone else to pick on? Why are those two the constant targets? I personally hope they grow old together. I didn't like that Brad was with Jennifer. I was like why is he with that person?! He can do better than that. And I actually hoped for the longest time that he would hook up with Angie and they did I was like COOL! I came here for the sole purpose of ranting about it because if people wouldnt buy that garbage they wouldn't print it so much. So people rise against tabloids and don't give them your money. You are essentially paying them to LIE to you. You are like Oh plz take my money and tell me sweet little lies about people I dont know. Insanity. STOP!

1715 days ago


And I'll betcha she had her own personal photographer right there with her to take these "photo op" pics...

1713 days ago


10. Yo, dumba$$ at #5. Jen donated $$$ and worked a telethon for Haiti. Keep up, honey

Posted at 11:38AM on Feb 10th 2010 by Angie stinks

Since when is answering some phone calls on par with traveling to a devastated country, and getting hands on with the poor and needy?

Please! While Jen went home to 1000 thread count sheets, Angie was sleeping in makeshift shelter. The luxury hotels were decimated in the earthquakes, plural, earthquakes.

Please keep up.

Angie's the best.

1713 days ago

Astell Collins    

Where is the love?

After so many years
And way too many tears
Why is poverty
Still a reality
Where is the love?

And even in the 21st Century
Hunger plagues both babies and the elderly
Who is responsible, who will take the blame
And will they have the capacity to remove this stain
Where is the love?

Could it be political ambitions?
Or is it the globalist manipulations
When will enough be enough?
And why are their lives so rough?
Where is the love?

They have suffered for years without anyone making a fuss
So who can they really trust?
They ate mud cookies to survive
Yet no one bothered to assist them in their fight to stay alive
Where is the love?

Why weren’t their cries heard?
And should tragedy always evoke the love of the world?
Why can’t we love from where we are with what we have?
Sharing the little we have
Where is the love?

We are the light of the world positioned to make it better
Just a little consideration can take your brother from the gutter
Hopelessness and despair was what they were fed
And the impulse to survive was how they were led
Where is the love?

1708 days ago
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