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Murray's Patients: Manslaughter Shmanslaughter

2/11/2010 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayOne involuntary manslaughter charge later ... and Dr. Conrad Murray's patients in Las Vegas still can't wait to put their lives in his hands.

One of his patients -- Marietta Lewis -- claims Dr. Murray is responsible for saving her life, and she told us, "I made sure to call and have my name added to his patient wait list, so that when he comes back, I will still be under his care."

Well he's back ... Dr. Murray was photographed going into his Las Vegas office yesterday, just two days after he was freed on $75,000 bail.

We also spoke with Robert Day, who said he called Dr. Murray's office on Monday -- the day he pled not guilty in the Michael Jackson death case -- to schedule an appointment for today.

Luckily for them, Propofol injections are not an option -- because as part of the terms of Dr. Murray's freedom, he isn't allowed to administer anyone with powerful anesthetics.


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Murray's lawyers may not be doing this pro bono. doing some digging on this one. see excerpt

Murray paid for Chernoff’s $1,200 last-minute flight by credit card. “I didn’t even have time for a Google search before heading to the airport,” recalls Chernoff. Sitting in the rear of a packed plane, he did a lot of “you’re kidding me” to two strangers who turned out to be Jackson-obsessed; he got enough details during the four-hour flight to realize how serious the situation was for his new client.

Posted at 3:14PM on Feb 12th 2010 by Who is paying

Murray can put $1200.00 on a credit card but not the $75000.00 bail or the multi million dollar defense this will add up to.

1712 days ago


Dr. Murray is completely responsible for Michaels death. I am a nurse, and when you take on the responsibility for a patient their life is in your hands. Even if Michael had a problem with drugs it doesn't matter. All the more reason for Dr. Murray to help or get some help for him. You don't give a patient with a drug problem all the drugs he wants! Have any of you ever had surgery? Did you expect to wake up? Did you trust the Dr to take care of you, and make sure you didn't die? SO DID MICHAEL! The fact that Dr. Murray is a well educated man makes this even more tragic. Who do you think was more educated on the fatal dangers of profonol, Dr. Murray or Michael. I don't think medicine was Michael's field of expertise! All Drs that do this kind of stuff for money need to loose their license to protect the public. You should be able to TRUST your doctor! Michael is in heaven and nothing can hurt him now no matter what anyone says or does. Dr. Murray has to face his court judgement, and public judgement, and his FINAL judgement day. I thank god I am not him. We fans will always love you sweet Michael. RIP

1712 days ago


Of course his patients like him and back him....they're still alive...for the time being.

1712 days ago


Dr. Murray’s patients know it will be soon that Dr. Murray may not be able to practice medicine and write prescriptions so they want to be immediately placed on the wait list, as Dr. Murray is desperate for patients and will give out any patient requested prescription he is able to write.

1711 days ago


To arty ziff,
Oh come on all of the slanderous charges and allegations are fabrications by the media!! Get over it and get a brain! Think for yourself with some facts to back it up. Were you there?
Read this!

Not to mention this article is a fabrication as well!
Murray didn't murder Michael, he is alive and soon we'll see the BAM!!

1711 days ago


It would be nice if Michael could get up, have breakfast with his children and go to work, like this piece of murdering crap is doing.

1711 days ago


If Michael had been given a choice on whether he wanted Dr. Murray to overdose him, I think he would have declined.

1711 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

A CLAP FOR DR MURRAY now the children of the world are save,THE WACKO JACKO is gone to THE HOT SPRINGS OF HELL.burn baby you set your pants on fire not your hair this time.

1710 days ago


Of Mice and Men - Pt. 2...
Okay so if you believe this, I have a piece of the Chattahoochee I'd like to sell you. All of this PR his people are coming up with, dredging the sewers and gutters for "Marietta Lewis" and her ilk--if that's even a real person, it's probably someone they hired to proclaim their undying love for him, is totally ridiculous. Then again, I'm sure some of his patients do want him back because he's their "connection", after all. I've read where most of his 'normal' patients have stated they will NOT be going back to him. Why would they and risk the chance of him giving them the wrong treatment or some other screw up. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if even the addicts don't go back to him--after all, they only want to go on a temporary trip, not permanent.
Anyhoo, whoever's setting up these stories may want to rethink their strategy, they're only succeeding in getting people upset and reminding them of how he's been a deadbeat dad to 7 children--that he knows of, failing to keep up his loans on his homes and offices and the worst of all, his total lack of integrity and disregard for human life as a doctor. And because he's only going to get a minor rap for taking Michael's life, I hope the family goes after him with a civil suit regardless of the payoff, it would send a clear message to Murray and the world that you can't do what he did and then just go back to business as usual as if nothing happened.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here's a few things:
1. Conrad Martyr: All of Murray's standing behind him in support of what? Selling his soul for money? Failing to claim responsibility for his actions yet again by claiming he's not guilty? His own testimony in the LAPD affidavit is the source. It's his unadulterated statement on the crime he committed BEFORE his lawyers reminded him of how shady he could be. Murray took something called a Hippocratic oath which dictates he perform his duties as a doctor with integrity and do everything in his power to SAVE LIVES, not end them. There is no excuse in the world for what he did as a doctor or a friend for that matter. Actually, it's even worse if you say he was Michael's friend because in that case, he should've cared enough about Michael to tell him no if he asked for the Propofol.
2. Murray the not so great: Murray's PR team has been pontificating about how great he is, but they left out his true story of how he became a doctor then proceeded to prostitute himself to women, making babies he doesn't support and administering drugs to the highest bidder.
Finally, some say Murray is going to get off scot-free because he's being charged with Manslaughter, but clearly this man doesn't want to be charged with anything. He wants to be able to go back to scamming all of his half-witted patients asap, but most of all, Murray wants back his title of "Doctor" complete with the God complex. After all, that's what got him all of those babymama's (who do you think would even be able to look at him for 2 seconds, much less than sleep with him if he wasn't a doctor) and unfortunately, it's what connected him to Joe the Hawk and then to Michael...
So in essence regardless of whether or not this guy does prison time, he will lose the one thing he seems to have valued the most and has based his lifestyle on--being a doctor and all the frills and adulation that comes with it. Look at his face at the arraignment when the Judge tells him not to give anyone Prop or anaesthesia, you would think the judge had already passed the sentence...and to a degree, I guess he did. His mandate gave credence to the fact that Murray administered the Propofol fatally, a fact that he and his team seem to want us to forget.
No peace till JUSTICE!

1709 days ago


THE PUPPET MASTER HINTS::The PM is the coolest ever a big THANK YOU for all of your hard work.Someone in the house did in MJ.Was it his BRO++

1646 days ago
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