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Murray's Patients: Manslaughter Shmanslaughter

2/11/2010 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayOne involuntary manslaughter charge later ... and Dr. Conrad Murray's patients in Las Vegas still can't wait to put their lives in his hands.

One of his patients -- Marietta Lewis -- claims Dr. Murray is responsible for saving her life, and she told us, "I made sure to call and have my name added to his patient wait list, so that when he comes back, I will still be under his care."

Well he's back ... Dr. Murray was photographed going into his Las Vegas office yesterday, just two days after he was freed on $75,000 bail.

We also spoke with Robert Day, who said he called Dr. Murray's office on Monday -- the day he pled not guilty in the Michael Jackson death case -- to schedule an appointment for today.

Luckily for them, Propofol injections are not an option -- because as part of the terms of Dr. Murray's freedom, he isn't allowed to administer anyone with powerful anesthetics.


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To Butterfly:

I'm glad you watched This is it and got a glimpse of the great artist Michael. And still, that movie was only made from rehersals when he was holding back. Please go to Youtube and watch all the clips there, they form an incredible treasure. Watch Dangerous, listen to Speechless, listen to the sweet joyous Liberian Girl. You have so much bliss ahead of you!

1678 days ago


good morning mimi, well we all know he failed all those questions on his medical tests.i can tell you this if he had been my doctor first of all he would have not been practicing in many different states for me to go to him, he would need to be in one location or at least in the same state so as i would know he would respond to my needs in a timely fashion. dr murray was in it for what money he could get from mj, because with him and his patient load being on goverment assistance per medicaid he wasnt making a whole lot of money in the first place. he sure wasnt making enough to pay child support or pay his other bills was he?? he was probably on welfare along with his patients if the truth be known.sue from tampa

1678 days ago


Gronvik (Grönvik?):

I don't know if this holds true, but it seems Murray mainly had poor patient who were just happy to meet someone who cared at all. He is well-behaved and sounds warm an caring, at that goes a long way. Those who were not satisfied probably just never came back.

Still - I am wondering myself, because Murray's "mistakes" were too many to be believable. If you happen to take the wrong vial, or give 500 ml of something instead of 50 ml, it's very bad but it happens. But ALL of the mistakes Murray did?

1678 days ago


Good Morning sue

I wonder if Murray has ever been investigated for medicaid fraud?

1678 days ago


Get over it, MJ wanted it or he would have not just laid down and had the good doctor give it to him, he was hired and paid 150,000.00 a month to keep mj happy, did you all forget that part? MJ was a mess! No hair, changing color's and all you people look at it, that bad doctor did this to my MJ. Get real!

1678 days ago



1678 days ago



sorry to burst your bubbles, but everything that was found in MJ's system is what murray ADMITTED to giving him that day. No other drugs were found in his system. So technically murray DID kill him. Do I think it was intentional? no..Its just a simple case of negligence. You don't leave an IV in someone's arm and then leave the room to go talk on the phone for several minutes with your girlfriend or god knows who. Thats kind of like leaving a syringe in a patient's arm while you go out and party with friends.

1678 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

113. Get over it, MJ wanted it or he would have not just laid down and had the good doctor give it to him, he was hired and paid 150,000.00 a month to keep mj happy, did you all forget that part? MJ was a mess! No hair, changing color's and all you people look at it, that bad doctor did this to my MJ. Get real!

Posted at 9:19AM on Feb 11th 2010 by Pat

Because he was 50 and losing his hair makes Michael a mess?? Ever heard of aging???? Baldness is a common thing for a man! Geez....
Whether Michael paid him a million dollars a week...Murray is a DOCTOR and should have said NO..he took that oath has a DOCTOR, he put that aside has a DOCTOR and drugged his patient to his death and wasn't even a bright enough DOCTOR to have the proper life saving equipment on hand in case anything happened...See it is people like you who judge the patient and not the DOCTOR, that is why this keeps happening cause it seems to NEVER be the DOCTORS fault!

1678 days ago

Common Sense    

Harvey's little people are at it again. We have a system in this country to prove guilt. Let the system judge before you do.

1678 days ago

Gone too soon    

A.B. (Yes, it is Grönvik...) Are you in Scandinavia?
Well, that´s my point. Too many mistakes. And such absolutely idiotic mistakes...not just something that COULD happen under stress.

I still think something is very odd.

1678 days ago


lol where do people get this idea that MJ hired Murray as his drug pusher?..Did it not occur to any of you that the man had legitimate health problems and needed a docter by his side? Keep in mind that this $150,000 a month was coming from AEG..Not MJ..The docter was there to keep him fit for his 50 concert tour. People keep calling MJ a hard core drug addict but fail to realize that all the drugs the media and his friends claimed he was "addicted" to wasn't even found in his system...smh

1678 days ago


Hej Grönvik - Sweden or Norway?

Yes, too many mistakes. I have been hoping since end of June that a couple of smart journalists would investigate this whole story from beginning to end. I'm still hoping.

1678 days ago


It strikes me - pun intended - that Michael would have been better off, had Murray just hit him over the head with a baseball bat to make him sleep.

1678 days ago


hey pmiller,per pats post-- if the case is mj was 50 and bald, damn what does that make me i am 53, my hair is already turning gray, my eyes are terrible and i am all but getting around without the help of a wheelchair LOL!!! although i do still have all my teeth, my god aging just sucks and i never knew it would be so terrible for society to accept people of the older folks... some people just cant see there own self in the future they think they will be young forever!!!sue from tampa

1678 days ago


One thing that has not been discussed lately is the amount of propofol that Murray claims to have injected Michael with. Harvey stated on TMZ Live the other day that they found way more than the amount Murray claims to have given.

Does anyone recall if the level of propofol found was included in the autopsy report? If so, I would be curious to know how much proprofol would be needed to create that level.

1678 days ago
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