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Hillary Clinton Stands by Her Man

2/12/2010 6:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary Clinton went to the hospital last night to visit her husband, former president Bill Clinton, after he underwent a heart procedure in New York City.

Hillary Clinton

Bill was released early this morning and plans on returning soon to McDonald's his work on Haiti relief.


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I love Hillary. I read her autobiography 4 years ago. It changed my life. Then I got an email from her office last week. Out of all the women in history, she's the one I admire most. I hope she will be President someday. Thanks.

1680 days ago


She looks so unhappy anymore... It all started when she found out Bill has been sleeping with another woman and he is in love with this other woman. Not sure if this rumor is true, but I read she found out about it when she was running against Obama. She really needs to start taking care of herself again.

1680 days ago


Glad to see you finally got it right by calling him FORMER President Clinton...there is hope yet for TMZ...

1680 days ago

Papa Larry H    

I'll be darned! See her face? She actually has a look of concern! By golly, she isn't made of stone. I have an all new respect for Hillary. Pay attention, Bill! I think she may still love(or have some affection for)you. Don't worry Hillary, He'll be back in Haiti bfore you know. I heard he is in charge of the reclamation of that country. Can you say "William J. Clinton, President of the Great Country of Haiti". Enjoy the beaches? Hillary!

1680 days ago


I'll bet she had 50 copies of HIS "Living Will", which SHE just wrote, tucked inside that newspaper. I'm just sayin....

1680 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Her man? Nice try, morons. Everybody knows they have a business relationship, nothing more.

I think Billy should go jogging immediately after he's released.

1680 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

You really think she'd shed a tear over this guy? LOL!!! You people are dumber than I thought!!!

1680 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

He's too evil to die. No worries, he'll be around for decades longer

1680 days ago


Aww, I never cared for either of them but she looks awfully tired and strained. I feel bad for her.

1680 days ago

i miss her    

i know people who have had stints several times are they going to start making a big deal about all of them this is an every day occurence. Or are they just gonna make a big deal because they thought we were going to lose a skirt chaser??????????

1680 days ago

Jim Wagner    

It doesn't matter if it is a business relationship now or not - they share a child and, for most civil people, that is a bond that continues for life.

I continue to be amazed at how low people will go to slur others. Did all you Repuglicans know Reagan ADMITTED to cheating on his first wife when they divorced? Should people have wished illness on him for it? According to the Pat Robertson view of God, maybe that is why he languished for a decade with Alzheimers, eating his own excrement and talking like a baby - because he had to pay for the sin of cheating on his wife.

1680 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

LOL!!! Now the crazies are lying saying Reagan admitted to having an affair?!?! This is rich!! The radical leftist nutrags truly have no shame. They are so jealous and envious of Ronald Reagan they will stop at nothing to try and demean the second greatest President in US history. First would Lincoln of course, yet another Republican :)

Clinton is probably even more vile and evil than you are, Jim Wagner. You should be proud of yourself.

1680 days ago

arte help    

These 2 will do anything for some press! I don't believe he was even sick. 2 evil, evil people!

1680 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Liberals must get dumber with age. The funniest thing about Clinton is that he was almost more Conservative (with the enconomy) than either Bush was. Yet they celebrate him as a "liberal" President. He also put into law "Dont ask, don't tell" and the Defense of Marriage Act. Both of which oppose the homo lifestyle.

Clinton was a very good Conservative.

1680 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Imagine if Newt hadn't been in Congress to stop Clinton's Nazi healthcare plan. Old Billy would have been regarded as much of a failure as Obama is.

1680 days ago
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