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TMZ Gets Jacked -- Camera Thief Busted on Tape

2/12/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This footage is frickin' insane!!!

Stolen camera: Click to watch
Some dude with a pair of brass cojones pulled a classic snatch-and-grab on a TMZ camera Thursday -- and it all went down right in front of an L.A. courthouse!!!

Our camera guy was shooting Dennis Hopper's lawyer when some crook snuck up from behind and yanked the camera right out of our guy's hand while the camera was rolling.

The camera recorded the whole thing as the scumbag went sprinting through a parking lot ... and ultimately ran right into another TMZ cameraman.

The perp panicked and put down the camera but continued to book it down the street on foot until he was long gone.

The whole thing was insane -- but if you recognize ol' Shifty Stickyfingers over there, call the police, stat.


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I Love how the camera guys says he was attack, and to top it off calling 911 saying he needs the cops immediately.... it's LA dude, good luck with that. Besides LAPD has bigger issues than some dopes camera being ripped off

1711 days ago


You bunch of stupid f'ing idiots calling the camera guy a "pussssyyyy" for calling the cops have no idea what those cameras cost. The cameras alone probably run $2,500.. and that's not counting the $200 microphones or $1,500 lenses and adapters that go on them.. plus the potential footage worth thousands of dollars on it.

You dolts would call the cops if someone came up behind you and snagged your purse and ran off with it. This is the same thing. Like someone said, it had to be reported for insurance purposes. Plus, I really doubt his boss would appreciate it NOT being reported.

Get a life, bunch of f'ing naive lunatics.

1711 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Its Harvey Levin no doubt about it.

1711 days ago

chicken head    

so what!

1711 days ago


Don't ya love how he placed the camera down nicely instead of throwing I was hoping for a tackle and it went flying..haha.

1711 days ago


I bet, Eaglewerks and Brian who posted at 10:31am and 11:23am is the TMZ camera man who feels sorry for himself.

1711 days ago


Thank God for imigration ...

1711 days ago


Totally setup.

1711 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

Boy, those were some real rough waves that guy was going through. A real Tsunami!! Next time wear a life vest.

1711 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA that's kinda funny. Karma is a B****, ain't it?

1711 days ago


Why all the talk about immigration still?! We're already talking over cracka!! to late!!

1711 days ago

TMz sucks    

should have shot the camera man then stole the camera everyone on tmz deserves to die a horrible death.

1711 days ago


Possible theft...?? it's LA camera guy... why is that a surprise! lol

1711 days ago


hahahah epic fail

1711 days ago

The dude    

Nice... Considering it was an asian kid (who cares anyway), the fact of you hating on Mexicans (who do all the hefty work for your lazy asses) just shows how single minded, self entitled, arrogant douches most of you are.

1711 days ago
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