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Kevin Smith -- Southwest Should Fit Wide Loads

2/15/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Kevin Smith, "fat people" don't need to lose weight -- Southwest Airlines just needs to build "thicker" seats to accommodate the wider American clientele!

Kein Smith: Click to listen

Smith, who was booted from a plane this weekend for taking up too much space, tore into the airline yesterday on an hour and a half long SModcast -- blasting them for not catering to people in the USA, where "more people are fat than thin."


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phew! and all the comments trashing fat people!!! and kevin himself... jeez louise people!!! you take yourselves soooo seriously. Some people are saying that "in europe, people don't overeat" (wrong) and that fat people are the bane of America's existence... my goodness. You all must feel so big about yourselves for trashing people so vehemently.

Oh, and, btw, I'm not overweight (by any means), nor is it my hobby to stand up for the obese... I'm just a normal person who doesn't feel the need to spread hate in order to feel better about myself.

1713 days ago


I hate fat people.

1713 days ago


Buy two seats you fat F! No one wants your fat disgusting rolls intruding on the seat they paid for.

1713 days ago


He wants the airlines to put in bigger seats??

They already's called "First Class"...

1713 days ago


People who are obese claim that obesity is an addiction. If airlines cater to this addiction then they should cater to all addictions. They can no longer kick people off the plane for being to drunk or beligerant and they should allow people to shoot up in their seats. Hoarders should be allowed to carry on as much luggage as they need and sex addicts should be allowed to get it on in the bathroom during takeoff. Obesity is a huge (no pun intended) problem. Obesity should not be catered to!!

1713 days ago


You should check out some of the other airlines, Kev - they have jumbo seats for your jumbo keester - these seats are called first class.

1713 days ago


I've sat next to more than one fatty in my travels. And nothing is worse than teir hot sweaty fat rolls pushing their way under the armrest, which they never lower, into the seat I paid for and press against me for the entire flight.
When I travel I pay for the entire seat, not 2/3 so the fatty next to me can encroach onto me.
Perhaps airlines should have a limited # of seats where instead of 3 across they only have 2 and those who do not fit into the reglar seats purchase those for a premium.
The seat width should have a regulated minimum width so the Airlines can't suddenly shrink the width to increase revenue.
I like Smith's movies and career, but why is he flying Southwest and not one an airline that have business or first class seating.
Is he really that broke?

1713 days ago


I rather be chubby/fat than skinny or a meat head on roids.

1713 days ago


Let's say fat people have a sickness that they can't stop eating. Ok, let's give them that. Let's give them that they can't control their eating habit. But what they CAN control for sure is what they put in their mouth. Instead of a Big Mac, eat 2 salads. Instead fried chicken and 2 soft drinks, have 2 bottles, heck 4 or even 5 bottles of water and 10 salads.

1713 days ago

June Gordon    

"BTW, Southwest doesn't allow preboarding with infants or children anymore. My husband and I thought this policy was discriminatory and vowed never to fly Southwest again."

Entitled much? Why should you get preferential treatment just because you squeezed out a brat from you lady hole? Get in line with the rest of us, darling.

1713 days ago


So.....he originally buys TWO tickets because he knows he can't fit in ONE and then wants to change the world for him because he decides to get another flight and slob over in one seat. What a dumb ass. So, he is blabs to the whole world that he is too fat to fit. And now Southwest is compensating him and giving him a free voucher. I guess buy two get on free next time.

1713 days ago


There are wider seats on's called first and business class. If you are taking up more room on a plane, you should pay for it! I had to sit next to an enormously fat man on a plane once. It was horrible. He couldn't even get the armrest down because his fat butt was taking up 1/3 of my seat. I wish we was kicked off the plane....or asked to buy a business class seat. Then, he was annoyed that I had to use the restroom during the 4 hr it was a big inconvenience for him. I was the one that had to sit next to him for 4 hrs!

1713 days ago


Yous skinny people are all crabby ....yous need a good sangwich.

Leave Kevin alone. He's good people.

-Uncle Paulie

1713 days ago


Perhaps Smith and Michael Moore and any other Hollywood fatties should start their own AIR PORTLY airlines.

They could service those that the established airlines seem to have spurned.

They could have wide seats, food delivered in troughs and other amenities to serve the portly crowd.

I seem to remember that someone said that "Necessity is the mother of invention" and this would be one mother of an invention.

So to Smith and Moore; put your money where your mouths are....

1713 days ago


I think that having obese people on a plane like that is a huge safety hazard. What if there was an emergency on board and they needed to've got some overweight person trying to squeeze down the aisle to the emergency exit with 20 people behind him trying to get to the same exit and it's slowing down the whole process. The airline could end up with 20 lawsuits from the families of all those people that couldn't make it off the plane because there was a person too big to safely get down the aisle fast enough. Better to hurt one person's feelings than endanger the lives of many more.

BTW,to the person complaining about letting people with kids on first...It takes time to get kids seated and settled. You would be the first one complaining if you ended up next to people with kids or you had to wait for your flight to take off because a family with kids got on last and was taking time settling down. Or...they could be let on first and there wouldn't be any delays or issues. God forbid you would have to wait 5 minutes so the children could go first.

1713 days ago
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