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Adam Lambert Rips Fan - Get Off the Damn Phone

2/16/2010 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert put one of his own fans on blast yesterday -- in the middle of a live performance -- after the rude fan was caught yapping away on her phone while the "American Idol" alum was trying to sing.

Adam Lambert

It all went down while Adam was performing a song for iheartradio in New York when Adam heard the girl talking, stopped mid-song and said, "Can you get off your phone?! You're yelling into it ... wait, sorry, we're going to start over."

Lambert then continued to go after the fan saying, "Really?! Dominoes ... we deliver!" He continued, "You're not watching TV honey ... it's a live show."

Can ya hear me now?


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He is so ridiculous. I can't believe that he is still getting booked with ANYTHING! Out of all of those people watching him, he focuses in on the ONE person that isn't paying attention to him? What does he care? The ticket has been paid for, so who gives a crap what they are doing? Anything would be better than listening to that a$$ clown screaming. Total douche.

1520 days ago


I say good for him! I hate being at a show and some ass is behind me or next to me talking on their cell. Its disrespectful to the people around you and the performers.

With ticket prices being what they are- I want to hear the performer- not what your boyfriend said to you earlier in the day. If you can't live without your phone for an hour and half- stay home or go outside.

I wish more entertainers did that.

1520 days ago


Holding a cell phone up to record audio or take pics is A LOT different then yakking loudly away on your phone during an ACOUSTIC concert that is being filmed.

Once Adam told the girl to STFU they got a perfect, beautiful acoustic recording of his song "Whataya Want From Me".

1520 days ago


I love it when Adam takes control of a situation. He knows how to control his bitches. Keeps them in line! Cell phones are okay during a performance, just don't be screaming into them like she was and interrupting everyone else's good time. His performances were EPIC! He is a phenomenal performer and singer! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!!

1520 days ago


This is what you guys call news?
ROTFL! I found it quite funny.
Concert rule 1:
Don't talk on the phone while the artist is singing!
Or at least talk quietly if it's that important!
LOL! "Dominoes... we deliver!"

1520 days ago


Its always a girl on the phone. Most men don't like the phone... I hope the girl was not pregers cellphones are rumored to cause autism

1520 days ago


get this idiot off the stage.... why do all gay people have issues with everything. he isnt so important and the concert must have sucked.

1520 days ago


Adam was way too NICE, I would have shoved the thing done her throat.
@justme...big difference between taking pics and outright talking loud in the front row...your mentality is questionable.
I see the jealous folks are on board again today..

Get over it calling just shows your childish mentality.

1520 days ago


He shouldnt rip fans who pay to see his show. As long as the rules of the arena state that cell phones are allowed, he has no right to rip that fan.

1520 days ago


Did he snap in a Z formation ? What a queen...

1520 days ago


You obviously eliminated the facts in this story. It was an invite only taping for iheartradio - the few people lucky enough to go did not want to be interrupted by some fool on a phone. Since it was being taped and she was talking loud, he had to ask her to stop. Adam was very cool about it. All these fools commenting don't know what they are talking about should really be quiet. TMZ you didn't give the facts - how unusual!!!

1520 days ago


Adam Lambert's p.o.v. is 100% right.

And his decision to call her out -- at HIS live performance that SHE, after all, was attending -- was absolutely his prerogative.

1520 days ago

unashamed woman about sex    

Adam had every right to ask the girl to get off the phone. Hello?

This was a small intimate performance which was also being professionally recorded. The professional cameras and audio would have picked up this girl screaming into her phone.

Adam is professional enough to know he needed to start over for the camera's sake. Then they still had to do the song he was singing over a 3rd time for the professional crew.

All you people calling Adam, names like Madam and she/he are low lifes. When are you guys fifteen minutes gonna be up? Cause Adam's here to stay.

1520 days ago


Anyone defending the rudeness of that audience member probably does the same rude thing themselves. Believe it or not, you can actually get through the day without talking on the cell phone in a crowded elevator, while driving, while at a counter paying for things, and yes, while attending a live concert in a small setting. It's called consideration for the people around you. Get some manners! We unfortunately live in a society that is increasingly self-involved.

1520 days ago


Just proves that he is a boring singer and someone would rather talk on the phone instead of listening to this nasty homo who cant sing a lick! Just goes to show you.....he aint nothing but sleazeball!

1520 days ago
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