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Adam Lambert Rips Fan - Get Off the Damn Phone

2/16/2010 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert put one of his own fans on blast yesterday -- in the middle of a live performance -- after the rude fan was caught yapping away on her phone while the "American Idol" alum was trying to sing.

Adam Lambert

It all went down while Adam was performing a song for iheartradio in New York when Adam heard the girl talking, stopped mid-song and said, "Can you get off your phone?! You're yelling into it ... wait, sorry, we're going to start over."

Lambert then continued to go after the fan saying, "Really?! Dominoes ... we deliver!" He continued, "You're not watching TV honey ... it's a live show."

Can ya hear me now?


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Wow - is all I can say to all the Adam "hate." I do understand that people use their phones to webcast Adams performances for his fans, but I have yet to hear about a person "sitting in the front row of a quiet audience using a cell phone like they were at home!!!" All I have to say is that person is extremely rude, and I hate that Adam had to embarrass her but she deserved it. Had I been sitting next to her I would have asked her to get off her phone...

1679 days ago


He's pulling an Axl Rose

1679 days ago


wow TMZ is full of homophobes. Get with the program people, and get your facts correct.
1. It was not a PAID FOR CONCERT.
2. Adam Lambert has thousands of fans that WOULD HAVE PAID to see that live recording. That girl should have been so grateful to be there.
3. People that are saying he should have been grateful people tuned up to watch. Hello thousands of people would have gladly taken the rude bitches spot at the front of the stage.
4. If she thought the concert sucked so much she should have left. It was not a concert by the way. It was a live recoding session. STFU and listen to the artist there is no reason to be on a phone. Adam never said he didn't want phones in the studio. My goodness people you just sound like a bunch of homophobic losers.
5. To the gay person that is embarrassed Adam is representing him. You don't deserve to have someone as kind and sweet as Adam Lambert representing your gayness-FU!

1679 days ago


About time someone called out the people that think they HAVE to communicate every moment of their lives to someone else!!

1679 days ago


Adam are fking kidding me? Get off the phone? She should have told your @ss no I am no getting off my phone who the fck are you to be telling me to get off the phone? A real artist would have just continued with it's performance.... What an EGO!!!

1679 days ago


I think Adam was very classy and funny.I can't believe how rude she was.You Adam haters really need to get a grip!!! He is a wonderful singer and human being,you must be jealous.As for his voice,you know NOTHING about music.On American Idol Adam recieved several standing ovations from famous artists like Smokey Robinson.I can't wait till he goes on tour.

1679 days ago


Good for Adam! I'm tired of this new generation that would "die" without their cell phones! It's even frustrating to try to walk nearby or be stuck in a line or elevator with someone on their cell and you have no choice but to hear their conversation. You can't go to a movie or concert without someone interrupting your attention because they feel the need to answer their phones and even better, yell into their cell phones to distract everyone around them, let alone texting. Then you have the "adults" (at least in the state I live) attached to their phones while driving and for some reason they cannot drive and speak at the same time which frustrates the rest of us behind them.

1679 days ago


This no-talent Queen thinks he's Liza Minelli. He doesn't sing ... he screams. Awful!

1679 days ago


"A lot of Adam's fans were using cell phones for cellcasts/live streams during Adam's other concerts. Now they are defending Adam saying it's rude to use a cell phone during a concert. What's up with that?"

What's up is pretty simple- doing a "cellcert" you call someone and leave the line open so they can HEAR the concert- or you use your phone to get video clips (not always legal in all venues) But you DO NOT chat on the phone while someone is performing.

You have to turn the cell off at the movies and at the theater- why do you think that is? Because it is disruptive to other concert/movie/play patrons and it is disrespectful of the performer- other performers have done the same thing and not always in a polite way either.

1679 days ago


Hey Mr. Moveover,you must be really jealous to post your comment twice.Adam is a GREAT singer and MANY famous artists think so,but your probably right and they are wrong.This site is not for lame haters like you.

1679 days ago


I would do the same thing Adam did. Cell phones have their place, and this was not one of them. The girl was lucky to be there and should have left her cell phone turned off!

1679 days ago


he wasn't being rude you idiots, it was an acoustic performance and he could hear her talk when he was doing that performance, which was also being taped. he had every right to say that and i'm glad he did.

1679 days ago


Hey #64 grow up, stop yelling and learn English please.
Why bother to comment on the story if your homophobia is all consuming? Don't like Adam then move the hell along- it is that easy.

1679 days ago


errr isn't it a bit too early in his career for him to be pulling divatantrums? I mean I know the girl's actions were rude but you're trying t build a career...wait till you get to a beyonce, rihanna, lady gaga, barbara streisand level before pulling one of those...just saying *kanye shrug*

1679 days ago


Why are people paying any attention to this drag queen.

1679 days ago
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