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Chris Brown Cracks a Big, Fat Joke

2/16/2010 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown hit the hardwood for a pickup basketball game with his friends in Hollywood last night -- but when he was done, CB was still in the mood to talk a little trash!

Chris Brown: Click to view!

On his way back to his ride, Brown started joking around with our camera guy -- who, when it comes to fitness, is more Kevin Smith than Kevin Sorbo -- and insisted that our pap get his ass in the gym.

Hey, when he's right ... he's right.


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arte help    

Like I'd listen to this lowlife moron. Please just die....

1713 days ago


I can barely understand one word coming out of any of their mouths......Geez.
ToofastforWHO? Artie seems to be toofastforyou! Better up your game.

1713 days ago


The reason why Chris is in such great shape is so he can beat on women. What a guy.

1713 days ago

arte help    

Bobbityboo, that guy TOOFASTFORYOU is a loser. He was on here like 8 months ago and he disappeared. Just some jackass who talks about his Mom's tunamelts.

1713 days ago


Ike Turners kid is so funny? will someone beat this punks ass?

1713 days ago


the camera guy should had told CB that he'll lose weight when CB stops using skinny jeans that droop down in the crotch area, which looks gayish.. Wear men jean CB, not lady skinny jeans.

1713 days ago


Can someone please push this DB off a cliff already? Chris Brown, do us a favor and JUMP for the sake of humanity

1713 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Say what you want the majority of you all bashing this kid over a situation that happened a year ago and BOTH he ahd RiRi have moved on from most likely are Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, Michael Vick, Eric Roberts shut up and move on. The kid is WAY more talented then any one of you haters will ever be and that is a fact!!I am an adult and I even know people deserve a second chance... Im going to give him that.... Christ Jesus died for ALL of us! And none of us can point a finger at anyone else with out three others pointing back at us... We all sin ad fall short of the Glory of God MANY TIMES!!! Chris Brown... Do what you have to do and move way beyond the haters.... they are all sorry ugly people anyway!!! And the kid has a point, excersize is good for EVERYONE.. so why dont some of you computer jockies get out and go jogging... I'll bet you all could use it... The HATERS that is!!

1713 days ago

what dah f    

the hater just hate to see chris smile and he keep killing them with it omg...i love how chris keep looking happy in a good spirit and steezin on these haters...keep smiling chris because i smile when you smile..

1713 days ago

Just sayin'    

Getting in shape to beat your next girl friend to a bloody pulp?

1713 days ago

Just sayin'    

Photograph you in the gym? No, but I'd be more than willing to punch you while in the gym, or any place else for that matter.

1713 days ago

Just sayin'    

I wish Rihanna had pressed charges and prosecuted him to the fullest extent of the law. I wish he was in a jail cell right now rotting and being butt raped.

Give it time. It will probably still happen.

1713 days ago

Just sayin'    

"I should crack you right in your forehead! Let me take a breath, and regain my composure..."

1713 days ago


Good Job Chris!!! I'd tell these retards to go get a real job!!! Haters suck and you should all die!!!!

1713 days ago


Them skinny jeans will never be on my radar, damn who wear em.

1713 days ago
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