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Tiger Woods On the Run

First Photo

2/17/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods is back in black.


We got this photo, taken earlier today, of Tiger jogging near his home in Florida.

He's wearing his Nike shirt and shorts -- important because Nike stuck by him.

Tiger is not wearing a wedding ring.

It feels like this was a photo op ... taken by Getty Images. It's not a paparazzi agency. If it were, it could have been worth millions. The photo was taken by Sam Greenwood, a Getty sports photog who's pretty famous.

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No Avatar

ex lax    

NEWS UPDATE.. tiger is now chasing after one legged tranvestites

1706 days ago


lol @Joe that was a good one made me laugh.

1706 days ago

dirty diana    

i thought that was a woman too, but radars calling it a guy, maybe he can hang with the guys, so he picked one that looks womanish.... idk

1706 days ago


Did he bleach his hands and legs?

1706 days ago


maybe a condom will be his next sponsor

1706 days ago


Anyone who buys a product a celebrity endorse is a mindless drone. I have never in my life look at a commercial and said I want to buy that because Heidi Klum told me too. That is what is wrong with America and that is why we are seen as a big joke around the world. We sat back and let this country almost come to the brink of collapse and did nothing, but since Tiger sold us on a squeaky clean image and lied it's time to assembly. It's official we can stop calling our country a Super power when all we care about is a damn athletic cheating on his wife. Hell if you are going to get upset when some cheat they write your local Congressman or Senate that is where your anger should be.

1706 days ago


Tiger has been running for 3 months...

I hope he runs into a Waste Management Truck!

Find a new hero to worship idiots, this guy got a porn star pregnant, twice....Ouch!

1706 days ago

Bradley Barnes    

There was golf before Tiger and there will most definitely be golf after Tiger. I have never liked him from day 1. He acts like an immature brat on the course. I hope he gets booed off the golf course.

1706 days ago

happy day    

HAHAHAHAHA TO ALL YOU TIGER HATERS!!!! And you money hungry media Idiots, now you didnt make any money off of tiger the last 3 months so now go stick your heads up you ass!!! Fat ladies take note: Go jogging tomorrow, Instead of making comments all day!!

1706 days ago


What a JOKE this "press conference" is. It's stage managed PR, and nothing but. Tiger just invited friends, etc. so there will be NO HARD QUESTIONS, and the gutless media will cover it everwhere without him having to answer a single hard question. The Ramseys pulled this CRAP before him, when they didn't want to handle hard questions about the murder of their daughter, JonBenet.

1706 days ago


If Elin takes him back she's one insecure women. Only women that have respect for themselves will breakup with a cheater like him.

think about it!! He was fcking ho's

1706 days ago

Pat M    

Everything about this guy is scripted and phony. Friday will be just another joke to him, he'll be ready to lie through his ugly teeth. Nike..I hope you sink just like your spokesman. I will bever believe a word he says and never buy another Nike product.

1706 days ago


68. forgiver: what I find funny is that you must be the fat one here. Obviously you're a loser that sits around reading gossip 2.

1706 days ago

Tammy Bostick    

I have always admired the Gift that God Has given unto Tiger Woods to excel in the Sport of Golf. My Deceased mother always taught me to see the Good in Everyone and to encourage a Person to be the very best that they can be in life. The One thing that I want to share with Tiger Woods and the entire World is that I want Tiger to utilize the Gift that God gave him to play Golf to help children, youth to learn to excel in the sport of Golf, Academics and Business just as You Have Tiger. You See Tiger God is going to give you Strength to better and achieve better in the game of golf than you ever have. God gave me an idea for you concerning your gift to excel in the game of golf. God Bless you and I will see you thru the Eyes of God and I will lift you up just as Jesus Lifted up those whom he ministered too on the Seashores of Galilee.

As God has allowed me to encourage many people over my life I am encouraging you today Tiger to be encourage and know that Jesus will never forsake you nor leave you. Be Blessed.

1706 days ago


Six more weeks of winter Tiger saw his shadow

1706 days ago
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